Weekly Tech Roundup: Google’s Andromeda, Microsoft’s WinJS Library and Enterprise Mobility Suite

04 Apr. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

Much of the technology news space was dominated by Microsoft’s launch of Office for iPad. However, that’s not all that’s new in the tech space this week, here’s a look at some of the other important tech news.

Google Unveils “Andromeda” for Virtual Networking

Google unveiled “Andromeda”, its software-defined networking stack, at the Interop this past week. The Andromeda network virtualization stack is part of the Google network, and this includes a vast content distribution network along with an OpenFlow-derived wide area network that has been virtualized on the similar lines and both these assets span the globe.

The word is that Google has Andromeda as the default networking stack in two of its several Cloud Platform regions – us-central1-b and europe-west1-a – and that it is also making efforts to roll it out into the other regions as fast as practically possible. This they feel will make their own life easier and give customers higher-performance networking for their cloudy infrastructure.

Microsoft open-sources Windows Library for JavaScript

Microsoft has announced that the Windows WinJS JavaScript library can now be used to help build apps for non-Microsoft browsers.

Microsoft Open Source

WinJS is designed to help build web-based apps, including HTML5

This move to open source the windows library for Javascript will help developers to quickly build cross-platform applications and Windows-styled controls thus saving a lot of their time in the process. This also enables the developers to build web applications for other browsers and platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, Android, and iOS.

The Windows library, now under the care of the Microsoft Open Technologies subsidiary, itself is now under an Apache 2.0 license, and the code base is maintained on GitHub.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite – Comprehensive & Flexible

One of the other announcements that got less attention than Office for iPad, was that of the new Enterprise Mobility Suite by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Brad Anderson announced that Enterprise Mobility suite or EMS is said to be the most comprehensive and complete platform for organizations who wish to embrace the popular trends of mobility and cloud. In comparison to the EMS, the other options across the industry possess more or less disjoint pieces of what the organizations are looking for.

Upon examination of the product that Microsoft has built and is offering, it is probably the only solution that has combined all of the capabilities that are needed to fully enable users in this new mobile cloud-enabled world.

Technology as we know never stagnates and in the process, it compels us to adapt to the changing trends and scenarios.

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