Weekly Tech Roundup: HP App Testing Tech, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and IBM Analytics Software

31 Oct. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw Xamarin partner with IBM for enterprise mobile app development and SalesForce launching the wave analytics cloud. Also we took a look at the dawn of the digital classroom. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times with HP, Microsoft and IBM being in the news.

HP Launches Enterprise App Testing Tech

HP has announced a new testing tool which is aimed at ensuring that mobile enterprise apps function is as intended on real-world networks and devices. The main purpose of the HP Mobile Center software is to help developers to ensure their apps provide a consistent and positive user experience, regardless of the circumstance. According to HP, mobile applications are increasingly the ‘front door’ for a company’s brand, which provide prospective customers the first impression of their business.

HP announced a new testing tool

HP announced a new testing tool to ensure consistent and positive user experience in apps

The application provides instant feedback to the Develops life-cycle teams which would then help them in understanding how an app has performed across different devices and operating systems. The technology supports simulated and real-world testing which enables the developers to understand usability, design and defects. It also provides information on whether transactional services are working securely and also help in measuring and simulating the impact of load using a combination of real devices and virtual users.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Cozies Up to Office

Microsoft’s cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) offering, which is popularly known as Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), will be extending its mobile data security and identity management capabilities to Office. Microsoft stated that EMS, which is comprised of Microsoft’ Azure Active Directory Premium, Intune and Azure Rights Management offering, will be undergoing a lot of modifications that are meant to simplify and secure the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments for customers. Part of that mission is bringing Office 365 users into the fold.

This will help administrators in managing Office 365 data on iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets, as well as set device policies and wipe Office data without affecting personal apps and files, from the Office 365 admin portal. In addition to this, the built-in MDM for office allows seamless email security.

IBM Intros New Analytics Software to Battle Cyber-Crime

IBM has announced new high-speed analysis and criminal investigation software whose main purpose is to help uncover hidden criminal threats buried deep inside the large volumes of disparate corporate data. IBM says that, IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA), has the capability to find non-obvious relationships that are masked within terabytes of data and trillions of objects in just seconds. By combining these data sources, companies will be able to gain complete visibility into threats across the enterprise, thereby giving them the ability to transform themselves especially in their security measure from sophisticated attacks.

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