Weekly Tech Roundup: iOS Enterprise Apps Share, HP Economical Data-center and Apple iWatch

09 May. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw Adobe announce ColdFusion 11 for rapid web and mobile enterprise development along with IBM expanding its MobileFirst Application Development portfolio. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times.

Apple’s iOS takes 93% share in enterprise apps; iPad takes 92% of business tablets

A trustworthy enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology has come out with a report stating that companies are continuing to shy away from RIM and are now taking a liking for Apple’s mobile platform. This shift in preferences has ensured that the iPhone and iPad’s share of business devices is holding steady in dominating device share despite significant growth in the segment, and in particular, custom app development standardizing on iOS.

Tablet Activations Q1 2014

Good’s Report on Tablet Activations (Graph Source: Apple Insider)

In view of Apple’s dominant 72 percent share of mobile devices, not surprisingly, iOS enterprise app activations mirror the stronghold iOS continues to have and recorded 93% of total app activations this quarter. It has been also reported that custom app activations grew 77 percent quarter over quarter, a significant jump in the 55 percent growth reported in Q4 2013.

HP to introduce economical data-center facilities service

HP is rolling out what it calls its Facility-as-a-Service data-center approach that aims to provide an alternative means of sourcing data-centers by going beyond current colocation models. The primary aim of introducing this FaaS data-center model for HP is to shift initial capital expenses related to data-center construction directly into operating expenses for the data-center. This will enable the customers to gain more flexibility and control over data-center operations.

HP has stated that FaaS will enable them to switch costs from a capital to an operating expense, and provides the CIO with their own operated data-center which has the flexibility to expand as the business grows.

Apple’s medical tech hiring spree may hint towards iWatch plans

Apple Inc is building a team of senior medical technology executives, raising hackles in the biotechnology community and offering a hint of what the iPhone maker may be planning for its widely expected iWatch and other wearable technology.

Much of the hiring is in sensor technology, an area chief executive Tim Cook singled out last year as primed “to explode.” Industry insiders say the moves telegraph a vision of monitoring everything from blood-sugar levels to nutrition, beyond the fitness-oriented devices now on the market.

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