Weekly Tech Roundup: IoT Pioneer Jasper Partners With SAP & Salesforce.com, Google’s Wireless Services, Windows Server Nano

06 Mar. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features an emphasis by SAP & Salesforce.com on Internet of Things for smarter use of data, Google’s innovative shift by entering into wireless services and Microsoft’s plans to launch its “Nano” version of Windows Server.

Internet Of Things Partners With SAP & Salesforce.com For Smarter Use Of Data

Internet of Things

This week at the Mobile World Congress, information and data are planning to come together in smart and new ways. Talks are going on between IoT veteran Jasper Technologies with Salesforce and SAP to empower the IoT data. This would be one of the most powerful ventures into the nascent IoT industry where combination of information with knowledge would help to add impact to the users. Jasper is a SaaS based platform that monitors and controls IoT equipment in the field. It handles all types of data involved in making money from a device or just using it within an enterprise, including setup, ongoing service and data collection. The partnership is formed to help the enterprise users to get real-time information about its customers empowering the team with increased opportunity in sales.

Google Plans To Enter Into Wireless Services Market To Revolutionize Communications For Future

Google Plans To Enter Into Wireless Services

Google is modernizing its technology curve by experimenting in the wireless cellular services market. Such strategic moves have a way of morphing into something far bigger as it involves tampering with the infrastructure that drives the internet. The service will be primarily focused on small-scale users and not intended to compete with major U.S. national carriers. Sundar Pichai – Google Executive, shared the news at an industry conference in Barcelona.

Microsoft plans to improve web scale ops by introducing “Nano” range of Windows Servers

Windows Servers Nano Version

To achieve scalability in web operations, Microsoft is currently working on launching its new version of Windows Server titled “Nano Server: The Future of Windows”. The new series will be eliminating web ops difficulties like patching and rebooting of operating systems. Although Microsoft’s widely accepted Cloud platform – Azure is fairly scalable but it still requires disruptive updates. Nano server is described as “The next step in our Cloud journey” and appears to be designed with cloud-native apps in mind.

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