Weekly Tech Roundup: Leverage-Fiberlink Partnership, Google-HP Partnership and Mobile Enterprise Market Share

15 Aug. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw Apple patent a system for wireless power, Google buying Emu that is a siri like app and IBM building a scalable chip inspired by the human brain. Let’s take a look at the general tech news of more recent times with Leverage Mobile and Google in the news.

Leverage Mobile Partners with Fiberlink, an IBM company to Offer Enterprise Mobility Management EMM

Leverage Mobile LLC, an IBM Premier Partner, announced that they have partnered with Fiberlink, an IBM company and leader in enterprise mobility management to provide “turn-key” mobile solutions for organizations of all types. With this new partnership, Leverage Mobile will offer MaaS360, a comprehensive mobile management and security solution, and critical component of IBM’s MobileFirst portfolio.

In addition to mobile applications and integration as a service, Leverage Mobile subscribers will get MaaS360 as part of the package with no up-front costs in a SaaS model.

Google strengthening enterprise roots with HP

Google is said to be in talks with Hewlett-Packard about expanding the Google Now voice recognition software to be able to search through corporate data, according to a report published earlier this week. The move would be an attempt to encroach on Apple’s popularity among business customers.

Google-HP Partnership

Google-HP Working Together for Google Now – Corporate Virtual Assistant

The partnership would allow Google Now – which serves as a “virtual assistant” that lets users ask it about restaurants, driving directions or sports scores – to do the same thing with company data. For example, an enterprise user on a device running Android, Google’s mobile operating system, would be able to ask the software about financial information or inventory data. HP would be valuable to Google in this case because of its wealth of relationships with corporate customers.

Mobile enterprise: iOS drops, Android grows and Windows Phone stays stagnant

A report by Good Technology reveals the mobile OS market share for the enterprise segment. This report does not include the data for Blackberry devices as the publisher did not have access to the data.

Apple’s enterprise market share may have fallen by 5 percentage points, but it still takes the first spot with 67 percent total device activations in Q2 2014. On the other hand, Android device activations have increased by the same amount and now account to 32 percent of total activations in the last quarter. Interestingly, Windows Phone activations have remained stagnant with the five previous quarters at 1 percent.

The use of technology and the round of new announcements and acquisitions continue to rise across the globe.

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