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Weekly Tech Roundup: Microsoft Open Sources .NET, Facebook Enterprise App Suite and IBM Verse

21 Nov 2014

The Enterprise Tech Space is constantly changing and innovating itself. Disruptive innovation is the key to keep the progress on and to evolve our business environment. Here’s some interesting news from the weeks gone by.

Microsoft Open Sources .NET, takes it cross-platform to Linux and Mac

One of the biggest announcements from the Multi-national giant made this year has to be its decision to make .NET open source and eventually to take it across Linux and Mac. This move helps them get more developers onto the platform as well as let existing .NET developers target a broader user base. Through Mono, it’s open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET framework, the company wants to deliver an open-source, enterprise-ready .NET server implementation to Windows, Linux and OS X.


Microsoft is urging interested developers to join and participate at .NET Foundation Website

Facebook preparing it’s own Enterprise App Suite

Several top consumer–oriented companies are gearing towards getting a piece of the enterprise. Following the steps of Apple who recently partnered up with IBM to deliver more to the enterprise, Facebook seems to be following suite. The social networking giant is busy integrating both home-developed and acquired Intellectual Property in a bid to please the enterprise. The company seems to be working on a new website called “Facebook for Work” which seems would be competing with the likes of Salesforce, Microsoft, Google and Linkedin. We’ll have to wait and watch how the enterprise software market shakes up with this.

Verse from IBM brings Social, Analytics to Enterprise Email

Looking at changing the way people work and collaborate, IBM announced its Enterprise Email Solution– Verse. The solution will be leveraging social, analytics and cloud technologies to deliver a secure and slick environment for employees to collaborate on. By offering freemium accounts, IBM Verse will give enterprise customers, small businesses & individuals a scalable, cloud-based social collaboration environment optimized for the Web and mobile environments.


Companies across the globe seem to be collaborating and converging to make the business environment more productive and efficient. With the new ways of doing business, its almost imperative for corporations to stay updated with technology and partner with the right companies to add value to their IT systems. Talk to us to know how we can drive better value for your business through technology. Call 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill out this form.