Weekly Tech Roundup: Microsoft-Salesforce Partnership, SAP Aims Mobile Platform and Xamarin Third Version

30 May. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw the launch of a new Salesforce app that offers connectors to SAP data, the acquisition of Divide by Google and Motorola announcing an expansion of its android based enterprise mobile computers. Salesforce is in the news again this week. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times.

What will the Microsoft – Salesforce Partnership Deliver?

In what could be a landmark event in the CRM world, Microsoft and Salesforce have announced that the two companies would fuse Microsoft Office with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) apps in a bid to make Microsoft Windows and Windows phone products more user-friendly. This is seen as important partnership as both companies have been at odds on various issues.

This partnership has resulted in some interesting and important features that include the ability to access and manipulate content on Salesforce through Windows, a Salesforce application for Microsoft Outlook and the ability to conduct business through Salesforce on Windows phones.

Satya Nadella and Marc Benioff

Microsoft and Salesforce, longtime tech industry rivals confirmed partnership

Microsft CEO Satya Nadella’s joy was evident in the press release that announced the news. His words were: “We are excited to partner with salesforce.com and help customers thrive in a mobile and cloud-first world. Working together we’ll deliver new solutions that connect the customer insights of Salesforce to the cloud productivity of Office 365, the cloud platform of Azure and the mobility of Windows, so our customers can do more.”

SAP Aims Mobile Platform 3.0 at the Enterprise

SAP announced the release of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 that aims to unify the existing mobile development tools of the company. The SAP Mobile Platform 3 features an open standards-based platform architecture and one common software development kit (SDK). The mobile platform’s architecture embraces a “bring-your-own-tools” (BYOT) strategy through integration with third-party development tools.

This new platform uses Open Data (OData) Protocol APIs and the open-source Apache Cordova software, which is a cross-platform mobile development environment supported by many vendors including Microsoft. SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 makes it easy to build and secure mobile apps for an amazing user experience, while providing unparalleled deployment flexibility.

Xamarin Rolls Out Even More Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Goodness

The need for a platform that offers true cross-platform development that also allows developers to take advantage of platform-specific functionality has been on the wish list for some time now. Enter Xamarin, one of the popular mobile development platforms.

Xamarin is a cross-platform development toolset that covers all the different platforms from a single codebase. Developers can create fully native apps while writing only one set of code. A testament of its success and popularity has been the high growth rate in its short life; it boasts of 600,000 developers and usage within 100 of the Fortune 500 companies. Xamarin has released the third version of its product with more features primarily for cross-platform developers.

New Features

  • Xamarin Designer for iOS
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • NuGet
  • Shared Projects
  • PCL
  • F# Support

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