Weekly Tech Roundup: Nike to Stop Wearable Devices, Nokia to Sell Device Business and Apple-Google Game Battle

25 Apr. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past week saw the wearable hardware industry take a major hit with the Nike FuelBand going down. With phones and wearable smart devices taking up majority of the tasks of the band, it was just a matter of time. There were a couple of other major happenings too in the tech universe. Let us take a look at them.

Nike to stop making wearable hardware

The sportswear giant Nike is making moves to close down its wearable-hardware efforts. The sportswear company fired the fires majority of FuelBand team this week. According to insider sources, CNET got to know that this was the team which was responsible for the development of its FuelBand fitness tracker.

Nike FuelBand

70-80% of the dedicated 70-person hardware team will leave after this decision

Nike was planning to release another iteration of the FuelBand — an even slimmer version — as early as this fall. However, the project got cancelled. And by the turn of events it now appears to have shelved all future physical product projects under the Digital Sport helm. Nike will not, however, stop selling the second-generation FuelBand SE for now, the company confirmed.

Nokia to cash in on its money losing device business

Since Rajeev Suri is to be named Nokia’s new CEO soon, maybe the timing is right for Nokia to sell off its device business to Microsoft. Due to its slagging device business Nokia was foundering under a big debt load. Microsoft has deep pockets and tens of billions in the bank to withstand losses to seed the market with Windows devices.

This deal will free Nokia of this rapidly commoditizing business and as a result they will probably have more cash to take themselves into some new directions and ventures. The key for Nokia will be to deploy the cash in a proper direction as it will be an opportunity for Nokia to reinvent itself yet again and look forward to a happy future. On April 25, Microsoft will officially welcome the Nokia Devices and Services business as part of the Microsoft family.

The Apple-Google battle over mobile game exclusivity

On the similar lines of the exclusivity battle between Sony and Microsoft for their gaming platforms, it has now emerged that Apple and Google are now engaged in a battle over game availability in their respective app stores.

As per a WSJ report, people familiar with both tech giants have reported that the companies are said to be in talks with prominent game developers to explore the opportunities of gaining exclusivity on titles or, at the very least, get new releases in their own app marketplaces first. For that exclusivity, both Apple and Google will give the games ideal placement within their stores.

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