Weekly Tech Roundup: Salesforce1 Mobile App, Motorola Enterprise Mobile Computers and Google Acquires Divide

23 May. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw the launch of Mobile-First and Cloud-First tools by Microsoft and acquisitions in the form of Yahoo! acquiring Blink and Apple in talks to acquire Beats. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times.

Salesforce launches new Salesforce1 Mobile App, connectors to SAP data

In accordance to Salesforce’s goal of providing a business app that’s akin to Facebook’s in terms of usage and ease of use, it has launched a new Salesforce1 Mobile App that not only includes improved dashboard drilldowns, community features and offline data access but also connectors to SAP data and internal enterprise systems.

Salesforce1 Mobile App Screenshot 1 Salesforce1 Mobile App Screenshot 2
Salesforce1 Mobile App Screenshot 3 Salesforce1 Mobile App Screenshot 4

Salesforce1 Mobile App iPhone Screenshots

The launch is seen as Salesforce’s effort to empower the enterprises to create and use more business apps. The mobile app includes 30 features aimed at the aforementioned goal of enabling enterprises to manage processes for sales, service, and marketing from mobile devices.

Some of the key features

  • Connectors to back-end data
  • Support for Windows 8, BlackBerry Z10, and Good Access
  • Direct access to reports and dashboards as well as communities
  • Question and answer, email, and social support for service agents

Android-based enterprise mobile computers lineup of Motorola set for expansion

Motorola Solutions has announced that it will be expanding the portfolio of Android-based enterprise mobile computers with the availability of the TC55 touch computer for the Verizon network. This will be in addition to the new options that they plan to offer for Google Mobile Services (GMS).

Motorola recognizes the unique demands and requirements of enterprise smartphone customers. They are well aware that some businesses will value the additional benefits of GMS but some customers will only be concerned about the right enterprise applications. In accordance to these requirements, Motorola Solutions planned to offer an Android smartphone in both these variants and thereby giving customers the option of choosing a device according to their needs.

Google acquires Divide, a mobile enterprise management service

The USP of Divide’s technology is that it helps companies manage the mobile devices that employees are increasingly relying upon to get their work done. Google, owing to its large and ever increasing Android user base, is always on the move to make companies feel more comfortable about allowing their employees to use Android devices for business email and other on-the-job tasks involving sensitive information.

This has resulted in Google acquiring Divide but financial terms of the acquisition announced earlier this week were not disclosed. Founded four years ago, Divide was originally known as Enterproid. The founders who are former Morgan Stanley executives had the vision and belief that the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets would drive more corporate demand for device-management tools.

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