Weekly Tech Roundup: Samsung Enterprise Services, Hewlett-Packard Splits and NetMotion Mobility Commercial Edition

10 Oct. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw the launch of BlackBerry Passport, Apperian’s new enterprise app store and the launch of Windows 10. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times with Samsung, HP and NetMotion being in the news.

Samsung’s Mobile Enterprise Services and Support Program – Samsung 360 Degree Services for Business

Samsung has unveiled a mobile enterprise services and support program viz Samsung 360 Services for Business services. The aim of this suite is helping enterprises in supporting, managing and bringing their mobile as well as other core technologies together in an easily manageable system. The primary purpose of this new service is to help enterprise customers improve delivery of mobility support, enterprise mobility management (EMM), device deployment, security, applications and device care to end users. In addition to this, it will also simplify the coordination of all the related pieces for IT teams.

As per company sources, the new Samsung 360 Services for Business suite is being tested in pilot projects with a number of Fortune 1000 companies, and will be launched globally in early 2015. Samsung says that the new services and support offering will have a “mobile-first strategy”, and will later on expand to include technical support, service desk functions, application support, security support, deployment support, enterprise mobile management (EMM) support and extended device repair and warranty support through Samsung MobileCare for Enterprise.

Hewlett-Packard Splits into Two

HP Splits into Two Companies

HP separating computer & printer business from its corporate hardware & services operations

HP has announced that it has plans in place to split the company into two companies, with one solely focusing on consumer technology. This division, at the grass root level, will separate its computer and printer business from its server and storage business. This is said to be a move in a bid to reinvigorate the PC maker’s push into the mobile devices market.

HP said that it’s computing and enterprise units will become separate publicly traded companies by the end of fiscal 2015. The company’s computer and printing businesses will be housed under HP Inc and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will include technology infrastructure, software and services. The move is seen by many as a Wall Street tactic and is expected to provide HP’s enterprise business with additional cash to pursue organic growth and potential acquisitions. It may also free up some cash for new product development.

NetMotion Launches Mobility Commercial Edition

NetMotion Wireless has launched NetMotion Mobility® Commercial Edition Mobile VPN for the enterprise to provide mobile workforces with reliable, secure wireless connectivity to on-the-move corporate data. NetMotion Mobility is primarily aimed at improving the mobile worker productivity by creating a consistent, secure connection to applications and corporate assets, regardless of location, device, platform or network. It is said to improve performance by upto 60 percent by eliminating common mobility challenges such as frequently dropped signal connections and lost data.

NetMotion Mobility has gone beyond the traditional approach to VPN and MDM solutions and has created a virtual, always-on connectivity environment for enterprise workers who rely heavily on mobile devices to get their jobs done.

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