Weekly Tech Roundup: SAP and Ericsson Partnership, iOS 8 for Enterprise and Red Hat Aquires FeedHenry

19 Sep. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw SAP release a couple of augmented reality apps, Dell adding business phone to mobile workspace for BYOD and Apple introduce the WatchKit developer platform. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times with SAP, iOS and Red Hat being in the news.

SAP and Ericsson Partner for Enterprise Mobility

SAP and Ericsson have entered into a partnership that will help top securely deliver network-enabled cloud solutions to provide users with secure access to their business apps and content on mobile devices.

SAP Ericsson

Ericsson will offer a set of cloud-based solutions, ‘SAP Mobile Secure’

For the growing EMM market—which is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2016 according to various sources — this joint offering will help businesses across various sectors for an improved management, secured organizational effectiveness and ultimately better employee productivity.

Ericsson will offer SAP Mobile Secure, a set of cloud-based solutions, combined with an IT managed service offering. An enterprise of any size will be able to strengthen its overarching mobile strategy with this kind of EMM solution that would help promote, publish and configure apps for stakeholders—both on non-managed as well as managed devices.

Impact of iOS 8 Release on the Enterprise

iOS 8 became available for download just recently thereby giving iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users access to the new mobile operating system and its slew of new features. A couple of highlighted features and platforms are touted to have a considerable impact on the enterprise.

One of the most highlighted features of iOS 8 is Handoff. It is a function that allows users to seamlessly move documents and items from one device to another. For instance, if Pages is being used to write an important report, or Numbers to look over or create a complex spreadsheet, users can now leave their Macbook or Mac workstation and “handoff” a document that they have been working on, to a different Apple device, such as an iPad.

HealthKit and HomeKit are two highlighted platforms that come with iOS 8. HealthKit charts and manages a user’s health information, while HomeKit is a platform that is said to be Apple’s entry into the Internet of Things. It allows the users to turn on and off home security systems and lights or lock and unlock their doors. These two new iOS 8 platforms are important to enterprise mobility management because they introduce the factor of privacy.

Red Hat’s $82M acquisition: FeedHenry

Red Hat has completed the $82 million acquisition of Ireland-based FeedHenry. This acquisition enables the Hatters to accelerate its move into mobile computing.

With the acquisition of FeedHenry, Red Hat will now be able to offer enterprise mobile application platforms. Enterprises can build, deploy, and manage open, flexible, and scalable applications for mobile devices, with the power and flexibility of Red Hat’s open source infrastructure, cloud, and middleware solutions.

Enterprise applications need special mobile services for security, notification, and data synchronization and that’s where FeedHenry comes in. FeedHenry provides a cloud-based mobile application platform that enables companies to build these rich mobile applications, while complementing Red Hat JBoss Middleware’s enterprise capabilities.

The use of technology and the round of new product announcements continue to rise across the globe. We at Rishabh Software will help your organization stay competitive. Our customized enterprise solutions will empower your organization to keep pace with the new and ever changing trends. Contact us today or Call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) to learn more about our service offerings and solutions.

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