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Weekly Tech Roundup: SAP Augmented Reality Apps, Dell Mobile Workspace and Apple WatchKit Developer

12 Sep 2014

The past couple of weeks saw Samsung enter the Virtual Reality universe, introducing the futuristic Galaxy Note Edge and Google rebranding its enterprise division as Google for Work. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times with Apple, Dell and SAP being in the news.

Apple Introduces WatchKit Developer Platform for Third-Party Apps

Apple unveiled its long-rumored and probably over hyped wearable, Apple Watch, the last Tuesday. Apple Watch will function with third-party apps but only via Apple’s new platform for developers who wish to create apps its first wearable: WatchKit.


Apple announced WatchKit after unveiling of the Apple Watch at iPhone launch event

WatchKit will allow developers to create custom notifications and home screen apps for the Apple Watch. The platform can be used by developers for creating everything, starting from custom interactive watch faces to new versions of the app. The company has reportedly already tied up with a few companies on early versions of apps for Apple Watch.

Augmented reality a step closer to enterprise with SAP app duo

SAP has unveiled two forthcoming augmented reality apps viz. SAP AR Warehouse Picker and SAP AR Service Technician. Both these AR apps are said to be aimed at simplifying and also improving user experience and work processes by offering a hands-free working experience.


A senior executive from SAP said that “The new augmented reality mobile apps from SAP are intended to enhance the user experience by providing access to enterprise information from anywhere while helping users stay focused on their work and environment. The envisioned potential and use cases expand far beyond consumer apps. These planned AR apps from SAP are aimed at creating efficiencies for organizations across various lines of businesses by enabling real-time access to data for field workers and service technicians.”


The AR Warehouse Picker app will allow warehouse workers to do their tasks using smart glasses, which will help in improving situation awareness along with efficiency and workplace security. The AR Service Technician app will allow field service technicians to have hands-free access to visual enterprise model instructions.

Dell Adds Business Phone to Mobile Workspace for BYOD

Dell has been beefing up its Dell Mobile Workspace. In its bid to support enterprise content collaboration, Dell has tossed the Dell Business Phone that is powered by Vonage Business Solutions into the mix with the already existing features like Microsoft Office 365 e-mail integration and access to Box for Dell.


Dell Mobile Workspace is a cloud based solution that promises secure access to enterprise phone, e-mail and storage apps from an employee’s personal smartphone or tablet. But this is possible only if the person has an iOS or Android device to use it.


Dell, with this business phone, aims at providing a compelling end-to-end user experience while removing some of the biggest BYOD security, manageability and cost hurdles that most of the companies face. Dell also plans to continue to curate and pre-integrate productivity apps and services into its EMM heterogeneous mobile cloud offering to ensure that their customers have what they need to keep pace with the rapid adoption of BYOD and mobility.


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