Weekly Tech Roundup: SAP Enterprise Mobile App Store, AWS Mobile SDK 2 and Amazon Mobile Card Reader

01 Aug. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw Oracle ship 57 mobile apps for JD Edwards enterprise suite, Sprint partnering with Google for an enterprise cloud push and Dropbox boosting its enterprise features. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times with SAP and Amazon being in the news.

SAP Brings Secure Mobile App Store to Enterprises

SAP has announced that it will be expanding its Mobile Secure portfolio with the addition of mobile application management. According to the company, the new localizable and secure enterprise app store is aimed at enabling and making it easy for enterprises to provide mobile apps for their employees, partners and consumers by giving users access to a simplified and streamlined purchasing experience.

The newly added mobile place feature will enable SAP users to deliver apps, services and content for both managed and managed services in an easy-to-use way thereby eliminating additional work for IT administrators.

Amazon Web Services Mobile SDK Version 2 Brings in Enterprise Features for Better Development

AWS Mobile SDK 2

Amazon has updated the Web Services Mobile SDK with support for iOS, Android and Fire OS. It also introduces several new tools such as Cognito, Mobile Analytics, Kinesis Recorder and S3 Transfer Manager in addition to enhancements and bug fixes.

The Amazon Web Services Mobile SDK provides a wide range of services and tools that enable developers to quickly build apps as and when they require with no up-front fees and long term commitments.

Amazon.com Getting into Payment Business with Mobile Card Reader

Amazon.com, on the lines of their strategy to get revenues through multiple channels are expanding into multiple businesses.They recently launched their mobile wallet app, Amazon Wallet, in addition to their venture into the Smartphone sector through their Amazon Fire phone.

They are planning to get into the payment business by launching their newer and cheaper mobile card reader. Amazon.com mightroll out their new mobile card reader in a few weeks to compete against the similar products like Square and PayPal.

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