Weekly Tech Roundup: Microsoft Windows 10 SDK, Android Lollipop Smart Lock and Uber a Big Data Company

27 Mar. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK, Android Lollipop Introduces A New ‘On-Body Detection’ Smart Lock and Uber Turns Into a Big Data Company By Selling Its Location Data

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK

Windows 10 software development kit

Microsoft announced its launch of developer tools in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, including a software development kit (SDK). With the release of Windows 10, developers can now use the new development tools to start creating universal Windows apps for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. With the vast ecosystem of Microsoft devices and operating system, a universal Windows app is needed which can run across PCs, phones, and tablets. Developers can also publish the apps on the Windows Store for Windows 10 devices.

Android Lollipop Introduces A New Smart Lock

Body Detection Lock

Google has added a new feature called smart lock in its Android Lollipop version, which would significantly cut down the number of times users need to enter a passcode to unlock their phones while they are out and about. This feature works with On-body detection that uses the accelerometer in the phone for detecting motions like being held or carried by a person. Once enabled, it requires a passcode to run the feature for first time when the phone is accessed which will keep the device unlocked until it is placed down.

Uber Turns Into a Big Data Company By Selling Location Data

Uber Selling Location Data

Uber is transforming itself into a big data company by utilizing its vast wealth of user information and delivering customized services to its customers by partnering with Starwood Hotels. This collaboration will sync accounts from both companies together and the consumers is benefited while chartering Uber rides, but Uber will share all your data with Starwood. Uber has smartly created a revenue generating channel by selling its data to others.

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