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Weekly Tech Roundup: Zebra eyes Motorola Solutions, Google’s Titan Aerospace Acquisition and Microsoft’s Data Focused Tool

18 Apr 2014

It may be termed as a week of acquisitions, launches and announcements with Motorola, Google and Microsoft being in the news for the right reasons. Our roundup this week will cover what these 3 giants in the tech space have been up to.

Zebra Technologies Corporation to buy Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise Business

Motorola Solutions has finalized a deal to sell most of its enterprise business to the Zebra Technologies Corporation for $3.5 billion, while aligning and focusing itself towards government and public safety products.


About 4,500 Motorola Solutions’ employees will join Zebra’s workforce

As per the deal, Zebra will be acquiring a number of Motorola Solutions’ product lines which include enterprise mobile computing, bar-code scanning technology and wireless LAN, or local area networking. Motorola Solutions has said that it will keep its iDEN product line, which was part of its enterprise business.

Google buys Titan Aerospace – The drone maker company

Google has acquired the drone maker company Titan Aerospace that was in the news after supposedly being courted by Facebook. This acquisition will be aimed at achieving advance delivery of the company’s data services and mapping applications.


Titan’s solar-powered aircraft has the ability to fly at 65,000 feet and in turn, act as “atmospheric satellites.” They are designed in such a way that they have the ability to stay in the air for years and can also provide voice and data services, according to Titan. Additionally, these drones can also take images of the Earth and carry atmospheric-based sensor systems.

Microsoft Announces New Data Focused Tools

Microsoft has announced several new data-focused tools out of which two new tools worth noting are Azure Intelligent Systems Service and Analytics Platform System. Azure Intelligent Systems Services is an attempt to unite the cloud and the Internet of Things. According to Microsoft, the service collects data from “line-of-business assets” and gets that information onto the cloud safely.


Secondly, Analytics Platform Systems is a tool that appears to allow companies to query their data using Microsoft’s SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and the company’s Hadoop distro, HDInsight.


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