Where did Time Fly?

22 Jul. 2011 General

I am a regular visitor of the park on weekends. The jogging or walking track is usually utilized by men and women (in their late fifties) and grandparents to take a walk or jog around. However to my astonishment, since the last few months, I have been observing the younger generation on the tracks! Few of them are irregular, but majority of them are regular visitors of the park.

My curious mind compels me to probe into this change further and ask a couple of questions.

Why am I seeing these younger people in the park? for fun? change in their routine? stress management? for energy boost? mental alertness? or mood stabilization? None of the above reasons seem right to me, but they have hit the jogging/walking track. This really surprises me!

So let’s assume that these youngsters are on that track because they are health conscious & their objective is weight loss. Well then why are they just taking a stroll?

If their objective to visit the park was to reduce weight, they should have been jogging instead of strolling. Are they physically challenged? No! And if they aren’t physically challenged and are fitness freaks, a better option would be running! All of us know that, running can burn down around 4 times the calories per minute than walking can.

If we are convinced with the above analogy, let’s take a look at some other facts!

If you were in the park, walking for an hour to burn calories, running would have burned down the same amount of calories in 15 minutes. Wow!! That’s a flat 45 minutes saved in a day!

Time management has taught us to build task lists (to do lists) and prioritize tasks, but these mechanical techniques restrict us from looking into our daily routine for those areas where time can be saved by just doing things smartly and with the right intention. We do not need ‘to do’ lists guiding us there! Furthermore, if we do end up saving time in those trivial routines, imagine the amount of time we have at hand to spare for the more important ones?

Think about it! If we were to apply the same technique of smartly observing how we spend each minute in all our tasks of the day, how much time would we save?

Time is a precious resource that each one of us possesses.  Time management is a process of optimizing you time over specific activities. In fact, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that, how we manage time, tells us a lot about the kind of person we are.

So the next time, you start your day. Ponder upon the previous one and ask yourself the question, “Where did time fly?”

That should give you answers to how the new day can be a better one!

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