Why Application Development in the Cloud is Better?

26 Apr. 2013 Cloud Development

As the debate over migrating apps to the cloud has settled, a new debate has started. The new mantra is ‘don’t migrate your apps to the cloud; develop them on the cloud itself.’ Cloud development has taken to a whole new level, with a fresh attitude towards developing cloud apps. There are many benefits of developing apps in the cloud. Let’s go through them one by one.

Cloud Application

1. Saves time in rolling out applications and its mobile versions

Cloud platforms allow developers to roll out applications quickly, in a very revolutionary way. Most of the cloud platforms these days support mobile application development. Developing apps on these cloud platforms enable the developer to create mobile versions of the app more quickly and effectively compared to the traditional ways.

2. Upgrade more quickly and efficiently

Comprehensive applications that take ages to get upgraded are becoming old fashioned. People are now looking for applications that offer one or two utilities and can be upgraded quickly. It is very easy to build such apps in the cloud as they are relatively smaller projects and take less time.

3. Save costs on migrating and building apps

The best part about developing cloud apps is that they are very cost effective. You don’t even have to bear the cost of migrating your application to the cloud as it is developed in the cloud itself. Many companies allow you to build apps and pay for as much data as you use, a service not available with SAP or such other vendors. You also save on updating the application development software tools, which will be updated by the SaaS provider rather than your in-house IT team.

4. Develop robust and scalable apps

Cloud development has removed the barrier between app stacks developed by large businesses and small businesses. Everyone can now develop robust, scalable and feature-filled apps. It is now an open play field for all.

5. You are only limited by your imagination

When it comes to developing apps in the cloud, imagination and audacity, are the only factors that can act as limitations. Your apps can be as great as developed by a 500-person IT enterprise, if you have the imagination and inclination to put your ideas onto action.

6. Supports collaborative environment

If you have a team of developers working on an app, cloud services can prove to be a great asset. Your entire team can work on the app simultaneously and collaborate on it effectively.

In conclusion, some of the main benefits of cloud development are ability to scale your apps as much as you want to, cross internal and external boundaries, go mobile quickly and save cost and time.

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