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Why Outsource – The Benefits of Outsourcing

30 May 2011

Over the years, many articles have been written on why outsource, who to outsource and what to look for in an outsourcing vendor. India, China and the Philippines are now a hub of outsourcing vendors, who will do everything, from your application development to data entry operations.

As you go through the process of decision making in outsourcing different areas of your operations, there is a definite need to consider the benefits of outsourcing. As it has been said, when done right, the benefits of outsourcing go beyond money. If you are not sure whether outsourcing is right for you, read ahead to know some of the key benefits of outsourcing:

  1. Cost savings: Every outsourcing company will vouch for this one…cost savings is one of the top 5 reasons to why outsource.
  2. Knowledge: You can get access to a wider, experienced and knowledgeable talent pool.
  3. Operational expertise: You don’t have to worry about operational best practice since it is difficult and time consuming.
  4. Quality: You can be assured of the best quality of services.
  5. Focus on Core Business: Don’t worry about the resources (human and financial), let a specialized IT company do your support work for you.
  6. Reduced Overhead expense: Outsource simple operations such as outbound telemarketing or data entry operations.
  7. Staffing Flexibility and Scalability: Bring in the additional resources on board based on the skills required during anytime of your business cycle and release them when not required…you do not need to worry about the overhead payroll expenses.
  8. Catalyst for change: If you are not sure if your organization can handle a major change within the organization, bring on an outsourcer to act as that catalyst or a Change agent.
  9. Enhance capacity for innovation: Have a new idea but not sure how to bring it to the market? Hire knowledge service providers who will guide you and free up your time.
  10. Reduce time to market: Supplement your existing talent pool with talented resources from the outsourcer to bring your innovative product to the market faster, before your competition does.
  11. Create leisure time: Optimize your work-leisure balance and take it easy.
  12. Liability: If there are liabilities in specific business processes or services that are outside of your core competency, outsource it.

Having said this, always remember, that the success of an outsourcing engagement depends on how well you manage the process too, before and after signing the deal. Do go through a complete vendor selection process and do not always rely on the lowest bid. Make sure you know what you are measuring and track it well to know if an outsourcing relationship is working for you. If you are not sure, hire outsourcing consultants and seek their guidance.

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