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Enterprise Tech News: Windows 10 Preview with WSL 2, Apple’s SwiftUI Framework, Microsoft Wave 2 Rollout

20 Jun 2019

This tech news roundup features the Windows 10 preview with new WSL 2, Apple SwiftUI framework release, and the introduction of Microsoft Wave 2 plan.

Microsoft Released First Windows 10 Preview With Its New WSL 2


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Microsoft announced WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2) at the annual Build Developer Conference in May 2019. The Windows 10 Insider Preview Frame 18917 with updated WSL2 from its 20H1 branch is available for testers on the Insider Fast Ring.


Linux 4.19-based Microsoft-built Linux Kernel enables WSL2. It helps to improve the I/O performance of the file system and Linux compatibility. It also increases the native ability to run Docker containers. The custom Linux Kernel reduces the boot time of Linux and delivers better use of memory. Microsoft encourages users to put the files in the Linux root file system for WSL 2. It will help them to access the system faster.


This 20H1 build brings key improvements like:

  1. The Windows 10 Narrator accessibility feature can now efficiently read table information on a spreadsheet.
  2. Users can now select an absolute value in Mbps to access throttling updates. It will especially help users who have low connection speeds. For that, go to
    Settings> Update & Security > Delivery Optimization >Advanced Options.
  3. Windows ink Workspace is now smaller than it was in the WSL 1.
  4. Microsoft Whiteboard app has the support to the whiteboard component. It contains optional backgrounds, infinite canvas, multiple pages, and other improvements.

Microsoft says that the WSL 2 will optimize file system performance and full system call compatibility. That will allow users to run more apps like Docker.


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Apple Releases SwiftUI Framework For Building UI For Apple Platforms


Source: Wikimedia


Apple has announced the new SwiftUI revolutionary framework at WWDC. It includes a set of APIs and tools that will help developers to build compelling user interfaces for Apple devices.


SwiftUI is a new paradigm for UI development using Swift language. It helps in making the development comfortable, faster, and more interactive. It works with Xcode design tools. It is available in the Xcode 11 beta IDE.


It automates large portions of the process and provides real-time previews of how UI code looks and behaves in-app. The development teams can now integrate SwiftUI with views from UIKit, AppKit, or Watchkit framework objects. It will allow them to use platform-specific functionality. Further, they can even use the SwiftUI’s easily understandable coding environment to build full-featured user interfaces.


SwiftUI offers some automatic functions like;

  • Dark Mode,
  • Interface Layout,
  • Internationalization,
  • Accessibility, and
  • Right-to-left Language Support.


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Microsoft Wave 2 Plan Introduced With New Features For Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP

Dynamics 365 New Enhancements

Source: Wikimedia


Microsoft will roll out many new features for Dynamics 365 & Power Platform in its “Wave 2” plan. It is expected to roll out anywhere between October 2019 and March 2020.


The Microsoft Wave 2 features will include improvements in its HR, Finance, Marketing, Field Service, Business Central, Project Service Automation, Customer Service, Retail, and Sales applications. It will also highlight the features of Artificial Intelligence in the Power Platform products. For example, the AI Builder introduced by Microsoft will help to solve daily tasks like form processing, object detection, and text & binary classification in PowerApps and Flow.


Microsoft is planning to provide the general availability of the first features of Wave 2 plan on October 1, 2019. However, the company is eyeing to deliver “early access” to some of the elements from August 2, 2019. The Wave 2 will cover new features for Power BI analytics, Flow, and PowerApps. Further, it will also include Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP applications & services.


Also, the Power BI user interface will get a face-lift to provide it a similar look to Office 365 applications. Officials at Microsoft said that the company is planning to make availability of blockchain tools to PowerApps and Flow. Microsoft will deliver “hundreds” of other new features in its “Wave 2” roll out.


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