Enterprise Tech Roundup: Windows Server 2016, IBM brings IoT to Enterprise, Azure Marketplace Updates

10 Apr. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features the Windows Server 2016 launch, IBM’s investment of $3bn USD to connect IoT to the enterprise and how the Azure Marketplace is now catering to a larger variety of enterprises.

Windows Server 2016 launch

Microsoft Windows Server 2016
With the older version nearing expiration, Microsoft has announced a newer version of the Windows Server to be launched in early 2016. A technical preview of this version will be available from May of this year. It is interesting to note that Microsoft hasn’t released any previous builds of servers to the public since October 2014 and has quietly focused on encouraging the public to try out the Windows 10 builds. It was discovered earlier that Microsoft was not planning to time the release of the Windows Server alongside with that of Windows 10. So, it is understandable for them to be keen on getting the desktop OS tested first in the market. While a precise date for the Windows Server Technical Preview isn’t available yet, an announcement is anticipated at the BUILD 2015 conference to be held on April 29.

IBM bringing IoT to the Enterprise

IBM is planning to invest $3bn in the next four years to “connect the Internet of Things to the enterprise.” This investment also include a plan to construct a cloud platform to enable partners to build IoT applications. It is clear that through this initiative, IBM is aiming to assist enterprises who wish to expand their data analytics capacities. IBM is cloud development platform, Bluemix, is also undergoing a transformation as a part of the IoT effort. New IoT services are being added to this platform to help channel real time data into cloud-based development of IoT apps.

Azure Cloud Platform updates it Marketplace

Azure Marketplace
Microsoft has made it possible for educational and government organizations to purchase apps through the Azure Marketplace and place them on the company’s cloud platform. The decision to include these organizations is an important one for Microsoft.

Another change is companies who had enterprise agreements with Microsoft in the past can now be billed for the Marketplace apps by resellers than Microsoft directly. Announced at the end of last year, Azure Marketplace is one of the many major announcements by Microsoft with regards to the Azure platform. The company has been periodically adding new services and features to position Azure as a competitive fit for different apps. Through Marketplace, about 3000 Azure-compatible products can be bought.

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