Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Unveils Preview Of Xamarin Live Player, Google Releases TensorFlow Lite, Crate.io Launches CrateDB 2.0

19 May. 2017 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft launches Xamarin Live Player for Visual Studio, Google launches TensorFlow Lite, and CrateDB releases version 2.0.

Microsoft’s Xamarin Live Player Simplifies iOS App Development

Microsoft's New Release Xamarin Live Player For VS

Microsoft has released the preview of Xamarin Live Player at its Build 2017 developer conference. This tool is aimed at helping iOS developers deploy, run, test and debug iOS applications straightaway from a Windows systems that run Visual Studio.

By using Xamarin Live Player, developers can download an Android or iOS app and begin coding. All they require is Visual Studio along with a physical Android or iOS device. Installing SDKs and emulators to get started is no longer a requisite. You can simply download the app, sync your device with Visual Studio by scanning a QR code, and just hit “debug” like you usually do. The application will be deployed to Xamarin Live Player in the background, allowing you to build and test the changes without recompiling or redeploying your app.

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Google To Facilitate Mobile Machine Learning With TensorFlow Lite

Launch Of New Version Of TensorFlow Lite

Dave Burke, a VP of Engineering announced a new version of TensorFlow at Google I/O. The new version is called TensorFlow Lite and optimized for mobile devices. It will enable Android app developers to use machine learning for their mobile applications.

While making the announcement, Burke said “TensorFlow Lite will leverage a new neural network API to tap into silicate specific accelerators, and over time we expect to see DSPs specifically designed for neural network inference and training. We think these new capabilities will help power a next generation of on-device speech processing, visual search, augmented reality, and more.”

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CrateDB Announces Availability of Version 2.0

New Enterprise Edition CrateDB 2.0

CrateDB has launched version 2.0 of its database. The tool is now available in both an enterprise and open source version. CrateDB 2.0 introduces a number of features such as clustering upgrades, new SQL enhancements and a number of Enterprise Edition features that include authentication and authorization for improved security, new tools for performance monitoring and support for user-defined query functions which enables more advanced in-database analytics.

“Rapid storage and both frequent and flexible queries of IoT and machine data place unique requirements on databases – requirements that few are specifically designed to meet,” said Jason Stamper, analyst, 451 Research. “CrateDB was built from the ground up for such use cases.”

CrateDB 2.0 Enterprise Edition is available for download here with per cluster-based pricing.

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