Enterprise Tech News: Xamarin Announced New Features To Build iOS Apps, Node.js Version 6.0 Released, Mobile-First Strategy

29 Apr. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Xamarin helps Mac developers to connect with Visual Studio, Node.js releases Version 6, and Mobile-first strategy improves employee productivity.

Xamarin Brings Visual Studio To Mac Developers

Xamarin rollsout new features for iOS app development

Xamarin, acquired by Microsoft, now helps Mac developers connect with Visual Studio. It has rolled out a technological series to tackle Android and iOS application development.

Xamarin Studio IDE 6 brings its user interface and functionality for Mac OS X closer to that of Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Xamarin IDE 6 integrates with Microsoft’s Roslyn compiler platform and enhances support for Microsoft’s F# language. It also includes backing for F# Portable Class Libraries.

The new IDE will include mechanisms that connect Visual Studio to a Mac system. This will help C# developers develop native iOS apps. It will also provide Test Recorder Visual Studio Plugin to generate application tests scripts inside Visual Studio.

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Node.js Updates To Version 6 For Better Speed And Security

JavaScript platform Node.js releases version 6.0

Node.js, the fast growing open source JavaScript platform, released its version 6. It focuses on performance and security enhancements and gets fully compliant with the latest JavaScript standard specifications.

The new Node.js version is 4x better than Node.js v4. Mikeal Rogers, Node.js Foundation Community Manager said: “Imports [of code modules] and startup time [are] dramatically faster than it used to be.” The files searching process has been streamlined, said James Snell, Node core team member.

Node.js 6.0 also includes Google’s V8 5.0 JS engine that enhances support for the ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) specification underlying JavaScript.

Mobile-first Strategy Helps Employees Become Productive

Moblie First Strategy boosts productivity

According to a recent study, each employee who is disengaged costs nearly $3,400 for every $10,000 in an annual salary to an organization. This means every business leader must consider creating engaged employees a priority.

The study also showed that employees adopting mobile technology were more productive. Moreover, it included the following guidelines on what a mobile strategy should entail:

  • Work anywhere, anytime: 49% highlighted this to be the single biggest impact on productivity.
  • Access to mobile information: 42% of employees are more productive due to rapid access to information.
  • Ability to collaborate: 38% rated this as the most crucial factor influencing their creativity.
  • Freedom at the workplace: 29% said a flexible workplace is the biggest contributor to employee loyalty.

In the digitalized business lifestyle, there is no space for non-mobile-centric companies.

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