Our Infrastructure

A Landmark of Architectural Harmony

We believe that happy people hard at work deliver outstanding services resulting in happy customers. We walk our talk.

Our brand new state-of-the-art development center sprawls over 100,000 sq feet. The total capacity of the entire setup is close to 1000 people. It is set up in an Eco-friendly environment with best-of-breed infrastructure that enables our teams to creatively develop solutions for your business needs.

Through this facility we’ve worked on 4 major fronts for everyone associated with Rishabh:

1. Fostering innovation and collaboration

  • Open seating plan for better interaction and collaboration across the organization
  • Informal niches for creative and collaborative work
  • Transparent rooms with whiteboards to promote transparency and teamwork

2. Creating sustainable green energy conservation systems

  • Energy efficient lighting systems
  • Balconies on the south and west façade reduce the heat transmitted through the glass on the south and west windows
  • VRF Air-conditioning to optimize power usage
  • Rainwater harvesting- recharge wells

3. Harmonising mind and body

  • Open ceiling office to avoid a congested feeling
  • Larger than standard tables to encourage productivity
  • Vertical garden with water body
  • Courtyards allowing in natural light and ventilation to rejuvenate
  • 25% of land dedicated to natural landscape for employees to refresh and meditate

4. Human and energy harmony in design through Vastu Shastra (India’s Feng Shui)

  • 99% working desks face east which is considered most productive
  • All seating in the neutral zones of the earths magnetic grid
  • Vertical garden with water body
  • Use of soothing green colored glass which keeps the color radiations of the body in harmony

Other features of the setup include:

  • Network systems integrated within the building to ensure better and faster connectivity
  • 7 large rooms dedicated to training, essential for the knowledge industry
  • IP phones for clear voice calling to international locations
  • Future plans for Gym area, Recreation area and Innovation/ Library room

Contact us today or call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) to know more about why we built this infrastructure ground up for everyone working at Rishabh and our global customers. Read more about the services we provide through our new headquarters in Vadodara.