Mobile Application Testing

Rishabh’s focus on the mobile goes beyond just developing mobile apps. For us to know if an app is ready for the market, it needs to be rigorously tested which is why we also help you do mobile app testing. We will check to see if your apps can endure high loads, working as expected each time and yet easy to use for your customer base.

Rishabh’s app testing methodology covers three main areas

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing


By making sure that the app passes our rigorous specs on all of these, we ensure that your app is ready for the marketplace.

Through our app testing services, we can make sure that your app will be

  • Reliable: It will be tested to the level that it is accepted for the App Store whether it is the iTunes App store, Android Marketplace or any other listing location.
  • High performing: It will have been tested to perform atleast at the level of concurrent traffic you expect
  • Intuitive: The app will be easy and intuitive to understand with the main features distinctly standing out.
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