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Being a Channel Partner with Rishabh means that we can offer cloud and mobile solutions with confidence, knowing we have an extension of our development team that we can trust. Our partnership allows HCXP to extend our portfolio and include additional services/solutions that we were not equipped to offer before. We believe this partnership will add real value to our existing clients and allow us to offer new solutions to their existing pain points. Backed by the strength of this relationship, HCXP is setting up a dev arm to our existing team and will concentrate on moving new projects forward with our new Channel Partner, Rishabh Software. We look forward too many years of good work together.
Wayne Kelly,
Founder, HCXP Inc.
I had the pleasure of working with the Rishabh group throughout the entire year of 2017. I found their process to be excellent, their entire team (sales, developers and leadership) to be very professional, responsive and capable of delivering on time and to spec. I have visited the new Rishabh facilities in Vadodara in person and must say that I was treated incredibly well - with utmost courtesy, hospitability and professionalism. I was also very impressed with their infrastructure and security process. I would most certainly recommend the Rishabh organization to anyone.
Dimitre D.,
Founder, Galena Hill Systems
Over the last few years, Rishabh Software has consistently demonstrated the true value of customer intimacy and operational excellence in our business environment. Their ability to adapt to the social, structural, procedural, financial and technical needs of our business has made them a true partner of choice year on year. The quality of people, processes and solutions provided has always been of highest standards. It is a pleasure to be working with a team that has high values that are not confined to the boundaries of contract or service levels but integrated to the successes of the client. A truly reliable, efficient and integrated partner..
IT Director,
Leading Eye Healthcare Provider
Rishabhsoft grasped the concept of my project very quickly and began working on the initial skeleton design, completing this in great time. The next phase, statistics coding, was always going to be time consuming but again, I was very happy that they got back to me with any little queries that ultimately saved time on the project. The UAT testing results were also resolved very quickly and even though, I'm still going through the deployment stage, I don't think my project would have taken this short amount of time had I worked with anyone else. Project management has been superb, great communication and understanding and all very professional and friendly. I think you would go a long way to finding a company that are as financially competitive, thorough and dedicated than Rishabhsoft.
Sports Technology Company
RishabhSoft did a fantastic job. They corresponded with every step. Before I knew it , the job was completed, 100% perfect. I will be working with RishabhSoft again. They had great knowledge of the work to be done. Excellent job.
Geolocation Solution Company
My first work with RishabhSoft and I must tell you this is a different experience. First - very professional. I worked directly with their project management who was very professional, very experienced and bridged any communication problems we had. We had all kind of IT problems on my side, but they were able to manage around them and fulfill the project. This was a test project for me and I will sure to be working with them again.
Mobile App Marketing Agency
This is by far the most professional company I have used so far. Absolutely brilliant with speed, price and communication. I highly recommend RishabhSoft to anyone wanting a job done properly.
Blown away by the speed that RishabhSoft completes jobs. Professional and excellent quality of work. Guaranteed plenty of future work from me
Printing Company
Throughout the project, from the initial gathering of requirements, to defining solutions and development and testing, I recognized that the resources allocated to the project were attentive to the deliverables, committed to ensuring appropriate solutions were assessed and have endlessly worked to achieve a quality product. The Rishabh team excel in providing great customer service, work with integrity and honesty.
Occupational Health and Safety Consultants
We have greatly enjoyed the financial benefits of working with Rishabh and have, with your assistance, been able to easily overcome the risks usually associated with using offshore resource. The people provided under this arrangement have proved to be highly productive, technically competent and conscientious. All have been very conscious of quality, and have made concerted efforts to adapt quickly to our quality requirements. In addition to this they have demonstrated good flexibility, with many putting in extra hours at weekends and on holidays when required.
Group IS Director,
Top Tier Private Insurance Provider
Their first task was to make our existing order management system fully functional. Something we had been trying to achieve for over two years. Let me tell you, they did just that! Not only did they "make it work", but they automated additional tasks that were not part of the original design, made the application more user friendly and perform better. I have been in the Telecommunications industry for over 16 years and have dealt with many different Vendors. Rishabh is by far the best Vendor I have ever experienced. Their expertise, customer service and honesty are beyond measure. I sleep easy, knowing they are our IT Solution provider.
Managing Director,
Leading US East Coast Telecom Company
From the start of the project, about 1.5 years ago, all (sub)releases have been perfectly in time and of a decent quality. With quality and time secured, the most important elements of a successful cooperation are in place. Next to this communication has been very smooth and efficient. We are constantly up to date on latest progress and questions from our side are answered usually within a day. Where the team stands out most is their pro-active thinking and acting. Whenever something can be done more efficient, more user friendly or easier, the team doesn’t hesitate to share their thoughts.
Dutch Application Development Company
I must admit that when we first contracted with Rishabh we were sceptical that the time we paid for would not always be used to good effect, or that our deadlines would not be met. I am pleased to report that you have exceeded our expectations in all regards. Whether it is new application development, design services, maintenance or troubleshooting - your programmers have always done a superb job and delivered on time.
It is extremely refreshing to work with a designated contact who is our "go-to" man for everything we want done and is always fair and equitable in his dealings with us. No matter what the project or difficulty involved his reply is "we can do that" and he makes it happen. Our assigned programmer's strengths with C#, Visual Studio and all the other languages are amazing to say the least. As a team we have made substantial progress in updating our existing applications and delivering new ones.
Healthcare Solutions Provider
When we first approached Rishabh, we wanted them to design an easy to implement Content Management Solution that we could deliver to our clients. However, as the project progressed, Rishabh's proactive team made some brilliant suggestions like designing the system using open technologies like JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
Rishabh has not only created a ready-to-market software application as per our needs, but indeed helped us realise our ultimate goal of building a feature-rich, comprehensive and easy to implement Content Management Solution that we could proudly offer to our discerning clients.
Mid-Market Solutions Provider
What impressed me the most was Rishabh's understanding of the requirements of the Bill Tracking Solution we needed, and the ease with which we could communicate with Rishabh's teams. We had selected Rishabh as they came well-recommended, and Rishabh scores 10/10 for Response Time, Application Security and Quality of After Sales Training and Support provided to our users.
Business Controller, Swiss Power & Automation Conglomerate