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Life at Rishabh

Rishabh takes pride in nurturing an environment that encourages teams to think on their feet, ideate and detangle even the most unsolvable problems. Our teams of go-getters are adept at molding themselves into the skin of each project, bringing their creative heads together and learning on the go.

A Culture that Speaks a Common Language

At Rishabh, our culture forms the foundation of success. We understand how work plays an integral part in the lives of our people. Acknowledging the same, we go above and beyond to provide our people with the benefits and support that makes them grow and flourish. Add to that an environment where anyone feels comfortable to be their unfiltered selves, communicating their challenges and putting ideas into action.



Benefits of Working at Rishabh

Career Enhancement Opportunities


Investment in Individual Growth

We understand that an inquisitive employee needs to satisfy their knowledge and experience palette. That’s why we identify the right opportunities for you to explore your interests and challenge your skill set at every step.


Leading Skill Enhancing Trainings

We provide an extensive platform for superior technical and soft skills enhancement to help employees upskill and leverage technology or industry changes. Also, with LearnAtRISE, Rishabh’s dedicated training arm for budding talent, we provide an extensive industry-academia connect offering exposure and guidance helping their career launch.

An Ethos of Collaboration


Combining Teamwork and Autonomy

We have a unique culture that supports both autonomy and collaboration. By enabling our people to go beyond their comfort zones, we make you realize your full potential in both collaborative efforts and individual roles.


A Culture of Inclusivity

We are always determining new ways to bring our people together. Our teams share a strong bond and are comfortable with receiving and giving feedback. We nurture transparent horizontal and vertical communication with a vision of ‘One Rishabh, One Family’.

Productive Open Office Space


An Expansive Setup

Our expansive workspace sprawls over 100,000 sq. ft. and enhances productivity by offering open & collaborative space. And, all work and no play is not a recipe for success as the campus features breakout rooms, a game zone.


Eco-Friendly Campus

Our campus is aimed at creating work environments that encourage employee wellness and productivity with an eco-friendly interior that lets in plenty of fresh air, natural light, and allows the building to breathe. It is with a beautiful vertical garden that lets you relax, unwind, and find joy at the workplace.

A Culture of Celebration


Celebrating Life as it Comes

Festivity is deep-rooted in the Rishabh culture. We don’t need a reason to celebrate, and as a family-extension of our people, we celebrate festivals and engage in fun activities to connect better.


Celebrating Collective Success

The sky is the limit when we work together as a team. With an energetic and dynamic team, we are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate through exciting and fun games.

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Why Vadodara?

Emerging Information Technology Hub in India

Vadodara is a leading destination for engineering & IT companies and is fast emerging as the hub for leading technology organizations

Well Connected to Other Cities

Vadodara offers excellent connectivity via air, road, and train with most major cities across the countries and is located in the heart of the state of Gujarat

Affordable Living

Vadodara offers excellent infrastructure, transport, health, and education facility at fair costs. It allows you to enjoy more savings without compromising your lifestyle

Educational Hub

The MS University of Baroda is one of the most renowned institutions in India with a reputation for fostering a creative and individualist approach. Also, the faculty of Fine Arts has been bestowed with various accolades like the Padma Bhushan and Padmashree

Cultural Diversity

The city has an assorted mix of people from different cultures, religions, and educational backgrounds. It is slowly making way for modern development, and you can expect a metro-like vibe even if you are new to the town

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