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Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Leverage the expert guidance of our data warehouse consultant on planning, implementation, migration, and modernization to optimize the performance of DWH.

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Result-oriented data warehouse consulting services to assist enterprises in navigating their data needs

Our DWH consultant will assist you in consolidating disparate data sources to unearth valuable business insights to support your BI and AI initiatives.

As your reliable data warehouse consulting company, we can help you unlock the full potential of data assets from one-off consultation to end-to-end data warehouse solution development. We help companies like yours navigate their Data Warehouse (DWH) journeys, from implementing a scalable data warehouse to upgrading the existing one. Our data warehouse services cover all four phases: strategy, design and development, and ongoing support.

Our multidisciplinary data warehouse consulting team comprises architects, consultants, data quality specialists, BI consultants, data engineers, and more. The team closely works with you to solve complex challenges related to data quality & master data management and also recommends the most suitable warehouse alternatives, like data lakehouse, to shape your data strategy.

Consult, Design and Develop a Data Warehouse (DWH) with Rishabh Software

Our cloud data warehouse development team is well-versed in building comprehensive DWH solutions, including enterprise data warehouse (EDW), Operational Data Store (ODS), and Data Mart. We have hands-on experience managing DWH components, including the central database, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and access tools such as query & reporting, application development, OLAP, and data mining tools.

Our team has sound experience with leading data warehousing tools like Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and more. We specialize in data modeling & solution architecture development by utilizing multiple relational database management systems (RDBMS) technologies. It would include – SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more.

We have experience with NoSQL architecture DWH, such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra, and more. Further, we’ve working knowledge & experience in implementing on-premises, multi-cloud & hybrid data warehousing solutions and data warehouse migration. We have served businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to enterprises across industries like Adtech, Fintech, Healthtech, Retail, Digital Manufacturing, and more.

Data Warehouse Consulting Services We Offer

Our data warehouse consultants assess your data sources & existing infrastructure to help you decide whether to upgrade, migrate, optimize, or create a new DWH. We assist you through every step of your DWH design, implementation, and evolution project to reinvent your business intelligence.

Data Warehouse Migration

Data Warehouse Migration

Our data warehouse consultant can help you migrate your legacy and existing DWH to the cloud with minimal downtime and disruption. Our experts will guide you through the potential pitfalls by analyzing your existing DWH setup to identify the right migration strategy and make the transition hassle-free. Our experts will assist you in developing a migration strategy, selecting the optimal cloud tech stack, integrating the cloud DWH with your existing data environment, and conducting post-migration data audits.

  • Assessment & planning based on the technologies used in your existing DWH
  • DWH migration approach selection between lift & shift or complete redesign on the new platform
  • DWH optimization by monitoring data availability, data transformation correctness

DWH Design and Development

DWH Design and Development

Our data warehouse development services start with requirement engineering and business case creation for DWH solution architecture development. We support end-to-end data warehouse implementation from design to build & testing to launch. Our team excels in designing and developing ETL/ELT processes and conceptualizing data models for seamless integration into your IT ecosystem. Further, we work with you to create data integration strategies for multiple sources. It would include internal & third-party sources, new apps, services, and analytical & BI processes. We build your data governance policy by considering your data’s quality, security, availability, backup & recovery framework.

  • DWH architecture approach by evaluating top-down, bottom-up, hybrid, and federated approaches
  • DWH deployment by evaluating on-premise, cloud, and hybrid
  • Data modeling to optimize relational, dimensional, entity-relationship, network, object-oriented database, and object-relational models.
  • Data integration and ETL services to extract, transform, and load data from disparate sources, ensuring quality and integrity

Data Warehouse Modernization

Data Warehouse Modernization

Our team specializes in modernizing your existing DWH by re-architecting both on-premises and cloud data warehouse solutions. We can help resolve potential modeling issues while improving the query’s response time. Further, we help you re-engineer and modernize your ETL processes by building an advanced data lake and migrating your big data to the cloud. Our team also supports you with integrated analytics by empowering your AI workloads at scale.

  • Re-engineering & modernizing the ETL process to reimagine & integrate enterprise applications data with external systems
  • Data lake development to store and process structured and unstructured data at any scale.
  • Big data to Cloud migration to migrate analytics, data processing (ETL), and data science workloads from on-premise to cloud

Data Warehouse Support

Data Warehouse Support

Our dedicated support team provides extensive ongoing support services and scheduled maintenance to quickly identify and resolve DWH performance issues. We provide comprehensive data warehouse testing, L2 – L4 level SLA support, and a ticketing process that enables issue analysis and priority mapping. Our DWH support team is well-versed in optimizing solution architecture, database schemas, data loading, and more. The team ensures to maintain data quality & availability while minimizing downtime.

  • Solution architecture optimization to make queries and updates run faster and maintain optimal performance
  • DWH tools optimization for tuning query performance for maximum efficiency
  • DWH design optimization by reducing the number of duplicated data across parallel databases

Tools & Technologies

DWH Services & Databases

Cloud Storage

Cloud Services

Data Integration

Big Data

Data Visualization

Machine Learning Libraries

Build a custom data warehouse that meets business needs & reporting expectations of end-users

Key Industries We Serve




  • Optimize inventory management and supply chain operations
  • Gain insights into customer behavior for personalized experiences
  • Enhance demand forecasting and identify growth opportunities




  • Unlock insights for data-driven decisions and campaign optimization
  • Streamline data management, ensure data quality & compliance
  • Enable advanced segmentation & targeting capabilities

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

  • Improve inventory visibility and warehouse management
  • Optimize route planning and reduce transportation costs
  • Enable real-time tracking and predictive maintenance of assets




  • Improve patient outcomes through data-driven insights
  • Streamline clinical trials and research processes
  • Enhance operational efficiency and reduce healthcare costs

Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Improve risk management and fraud detection capabilities
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and reporting processes
  • Enable data-driven decision-making for better financial performance

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

  • Optimize production processes and reduce operational costs
  • Enhance supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Improve quality control and predictive maintenance capabilities


Why is Rishabh Software a preferred choice for data warehouse consulting services?

We help you build custom data warehouse solutions and can also assist you with your migration and modernization requirements. Our data analyst, AI, and DWH specialists collaborate with you to tackle your unique data challenges, providing secure and scalable solutions that simplify complexity. Our cloud data warehouse consulting helps you leverage the benefits of Azure & AWS platforms.

Leverage our Data Warehouse Development Services
Cloud Specialists

Cloud Specialists

Our data warehouse consultants are well-versed in cloud-based tools such as Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, EMR, Dataproc, Cloud Composer, Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, etc.
Full Suite of DWH Services

Full Suite of DWH Services

With an agile project delivery and development methodology, our comprehensive services include data profiling, standardization, acquisition, transformation, and more.
Multidisciplinary Data Warehousing Team

Multidisciplinary Data Warehousing Team

Our cloud data warehouse consulting team brings diverse expertise in DWH modeling, data management, data governance, and BI consulting. which helps us address the complex challenges of data warehousing to the table.
Compliance Certification

Compliance Certification

We are an ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified company committed to delivering top-quality data warehousing consulting services that help you meet industry-specific requirements and & data solutions. We follow the highest standards of quality and security management processes and ensure the highest standards of security.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can my business benefit from a data warehouse?

    A data warehouse can benefit your business in several ways:

    • Informed Decision Making: Integrate data from various sources to gain a comprehensive view of your business and drive data-driven decisions.
    • Improved Efficiency: Eliminate data silos, streamline reporting and analysis, and reduce time spent on data gathering and reconciliation.
    • Enhanced Business Intelligence: Enable advanced analytics, empower users with self-service BI tools, and gain deeper insights into customers, products, and operations.
    • Competitive Advantage: Quickly adapt to market changes, identify new opportunities, and make faster, more informed decisions than competitors.
    • Scalability and Performance: Support growing data volumes and complex queries with a scalable architecture optimized for analytics.

    As a data warehouse company, we can help you leverage the benefits of a data warehouse. You might also be interested in reading the steps, approaches & use cases of data warehouse development.

    How can I benefit from your data warehouse consulting services?

    We have skilled & experienced data warehouse consultants who will discuss & understand your business needs & expectations. They include data architects, administrators, profilers, ETL developers, & BI consultants.

    Our services will include the following:

    • A preliminary assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, including applications, architectural design & technologies
    • An initial analysis of all your data sources, data quality, data structures, data types, design types & data permissions
    • An outline of high-level system requirements
    • A broad scope for your data warehouse, including the desired features, technology integrations, upgrades, migration, etc.
    • Recommendations on the most appropriate platform for your DWH, tech stack, design & approach
    • Presentation of project scope, budget & timelines
    Which data warehouse deployment options do you provide?

    As a proficient data warehouse service provider, we provide three deployment options:

    1. On-premise- Any technology platform
    2. Cloud- On Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platforms
    3. Hybrid- A combination of both on-premise & cloud platforms
    What is the implementation process of data warehousing?

    The typical process follows a structured, multi-phase approach:

    Planning & Design:

    • Engage stakeholders to define business requirements, KPIs, and data sources
    • Design a scalable architecture and create logical and physical data models
    • Develop a project roadmap with scope, timeline, and resources

    Development & Testing:

    • Design and develop efficient ETL processes to integrate data from various sources
    • Implement the data warehouse infrastructure with optimized data structures and performance
    • Develop intuitive BI interfaces, reports, and dashboards for users
    • Conduct thorough testing for data accuracy, performance, and user acceptance

    Deployment & Maintenance:

    • Deploy the data warehouse to the production environment
    • Implement backup, recovery, and ongoing maintenance processes
    • Monitor performance, gather user feedback, and continuously optimize the solution
    • Provide user training and transition to ongoing support

    The process emphasizes collaboration, iterative development, and a focus on delivering business value through a well-architected and quality-assured data warehouse solution.

    What are the three types of data warehouses?

    The three main types of data warehouses are:

    Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW):

    • Centralized repository that integrates data from across an entire organization
    • Provides a single version of truth for enterprise-wide reporting and analytics
    • Typically follows a normalized schema design optimized for data integrity

    Data Mart:

    • Subset of a data warehouse focused on a specific business function or department
    • Designed to meet the specific analytical needs of a particular user group
    • Often follows a dimensional model optimized for query performance

    Operational Data Store (ODS):

    • Stores real-time, operational data from transactional systems
    • Provides a consolidated view of current data for operational reporting and analysis
    • Typically retains a limited history and is updated frequently

    Each type serves a different purpose – the EDW is the central source of enterprise data, data marts for specific analytical needs, and the ODS for real-time operational reporting. Modern data warehousing often combines these types in a layered architecture to meet diverse business requirements.