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Business Process Test Automation Solution

Business Process Testing (BPT) helps businesses to streamline their processes with practical problem-solving methodologies while creating software or applications. It enables quick turn-around for application releases. With a blend of comprehensive manual & automated testing practices, Rishabh Software helps organizations become future-ready by scaling greater heights.   For delivering exceptional customer services, businesses focus on process excellence...

Remote Team Work Management Tools Development

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the face of operations for organizations across domains to adapt to the new era of remote working. With strategic practices and the right tools, they enable employees to work in a virtual, collaborative environment and ensure business continuity.

Mobile Workforce Management Solution For Utility Sector

Mobile workforce management software aids companies in the utility sector with a 360° view of their business operations. It assists them with efficient management of on-premise/on-field assets & personnel.

Online Event Planning App Development

An online event management software facilitates easy supervision of end-to-end event planning & execution efficiently. It includes registration to e-ticketing, sponsorship to live activity feed, attendee tracking, and more.


Embrace Data-Driven Decisions With Sports Data Analytics

Data science and analytics have changed the sports landscape across the world. It enables teams and companies to aid decision-making and develop strategies for growth.

Online Exam Software Development To Simplify Evaluation Process

An online exam management system helps simplify and automate the evaluation process. It assists institutions in assessing the aptitude and knowledge of the students remotely.

Predict & Optimize Food Delivery Time Using Machine Learning & Analytics

While an on-demand food delivery model connects merchants, delivery riders, and end customers, machine learning clubbed with accumulated data from past food orders.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions, along with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), is transforming the healthcare industry. A remote or home patient monitoring system helps leverage digital technologies to offer personalized care and attention to patients.

Enterprise Tech News: Releases of Microsoft .NET 5.0 Preview 2, Laravel 7.4, and Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1

Microsoft announced the .NET 5.0 Preview 2 recently. This latest release comes with a new set of features and performance enhancements.

Homecare Portal Development Using Drupal For The Elderly [Case Study]

Elderly citizens are particularly vulnerable during such testing times, like the recent coronavirus outbreak. Special care needs to be taken for their well-being.

Deep Learning EHR Application to Aid in Coronavirus Response

The Novel Coronavirus is spreading across the world. Amid this pandemic, deep learning in the healthcare system helps track the virus spread and take further action.