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Application Modernization & Re-Engineering Post COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has wrecked a havoc on businesses. While companies across the world are working on embracing the latest in technologies with “digital everything” - a consistent upgrade for archaic applications and software with application modernization & reengineering is imperative to ensure business continuity.

Business Analytics In Insurance Industry

Insurance companies generate and hold a wealth of data. It comprises of consumer information, product details & pricing information, underwriting practices, and much more. Insurance data analytics helps leverage knowledge by converting it into actionable insights. Rishabh Software empowers insurance firms with efficient predictive analytics based models & data visualization tools that accelerate business outcomes to drive competitive advantage.

Field Service Management Solution

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies require nimble field service operations to improve service quality & speed. A field service management (FSM) software enables them to streamline processes, effectively utilize assets & resources, and drive efficiency.

IT Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies continuously strive to tackle challenges of increasing market demands, stricter legislation, and supply chain efficiency to stay competitive. With the help of advanced technology & tools, they can ensure holistic process optimization for mission-critical operations. Rishabh Software enables digital transformation for the pharmaceutical industry with the development of innovative & turnkey IT solutions.


Remote Project Management Software Solution

Remote project planning and management software enables companies to manage teams to serve the customers virtually with an online collaboration tool that helps maximize project efficiency. Learn how Rishabh Software helps global organizations create a unique line of sight across their business operations by simplifying the workflow, and accomplish goals through custom solutions.

Business Process Test Automation Solution

Business Process Testing (BPT) helps businesses to streamline their processes with practical problem-solving methodologies while creating software or applications. It enables quick turn-around for application releases. With a blend of comprehensive manual & automated testing practices, Rishabh Software helps organizations become future-ready by scaling greater heights. For delivering exceptional customer services, businesses focus on process excellence...

Remote Team Work Management Tools Development

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the face of operations for organizations across domains to adapt to the new era of remote working. With strategic practices and the right tools, they enable employees to work in a virtual, collaborative environment and ensure business continuity.

Mobile Workforce Management Solution For Utility Sector

Mobile workforce management software aids companies in the utility sector with a 360° view of their business operations. It assists them with efficient management of on-premise/on-field assets & personnel.

Online Event Planning App Development

An online event management software facilitates easy supervision of end-to-end event planning & execution efficiently. It includes registration to e-ticketing, sponsorship to live activity feed, attendee tracking, and more.

Remote Workforce Solutions To Ensure Business Continuity

The coronavirus outbreak seems to have changed priorities for organizations across the world. Its long-term impact is driving the trend for the usage of digital platforms to ensure business continuity.

Meeting Management Solution

A meeting management software helps various teams across organizations to improve meeting effectiveness with an interactive interface.