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Multiple Event Management Portal Using SharePoint [Case Study]

Planning and organization are important for successful event management. A unified platform for events can help simplify & automate operational processes.

How Mobility Is Transforming The Education Sector [Infographic]

Today, online education is the new norm over the traditional classroom model. Clearly the demand for mobility solutions in learning has seen a steep rise due to COVID. It offers limitless possibilities for the knowledge ecosystem.

Modernizing Legal Document Management System For A Law Firm [Case Study]

In today’s fast-paced digital world, almost every industry leverages technology to streamline its workflows. For the legal sector, documentation of various forms is the lifeline. An all-inclusive document management system (DMS) offers multiple benefits while managing compliance.

Collaboration Portal Development To Streamline Financial Operations [Case Study]

Communication and collaboration is an essential component for financial services sector today. With different departments co-existing within one organization, a new wave of digital transformation is much needed to reduce friction and simplify operations.


Online Jewelry Store Migration From PrestaShop To Magento [Case Study]

The rapidly growing e-commerce industry requires website owners to be more flexible and competitive. And, due to lack of features, the owners today realize that online e-commerce platforms no longer serve them, even with the expansion of the online store.

Front-End Modernization For Legacy Enterprise Application [Case Study]

User experience is the most significant focus for organizations in the present day and age. And, it has been improving exponentially with the emergence of new devices and technologies.

Boosting Business in the Cloud with DevOps

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented circumstances on businesses to adapt to a new "normal." And, with this, even IT businesses are under scrutiny for their agility to deliver software products and services. Hence, today the need of DevOps has become more prominent than ever and through this article, we aim to highlight specific benefits that can incentivize customers to migrate with DevOps in the cloud in their adoption journey.

Leverage Our Test Consultancy Framework [Infographic]

Enterprises of today are trying to keep up with the complex business demands while they are delivering quality in software products. With a restricted time-to-market cycle, they want the products to be efficient, reliable and capable of supporting complex composite business processes ensured by a decentralized testing practice.

ROI of Enterprise Application Integration

In today’s volatile business environment, modern enterprises are increasingly adopting newer and smarter applications to improve business workflows. The integration of these apps is even more critical to streamline the functioning of enterprise-level activities. Rishabh Software enables organizations to realize the ROI from enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions that influence business productivity and revenue.

Legacy Application Modernization On Cloud

Amid the rapid change in user demands, organizations are on the lookout for new ways to scale up and get ahead of competitors. A popular and efficient approach to do just this is the reengineering of legacy systems in the cloud environment. Rishabh Software helps modernize legacy applications onto a modern infrastructure while preserving business value and increasing agility.

Application Modernization & Re-Engineering Post COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has wrecked a havoc on businesses. While companies across the world are working on embracing the latest in technologies with “digital everything” - a consistent upgrade for archaic applications and software with application modernization & reengineering is imperative to ensure business continuity.