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Developed Employee Performance Tracking System Using SharePoint Online [Case Study]

Explore how Rishabh assisted a fast-growing restaurant chain with performance tracking system development for centralized tracking & management of employee training and promotion approvals.

Healthcare Messaging App Development for Patient-centered Engagement

Improving patient engagement is a priority for healthcare organizations, physicians, clinical practices & care facilities today. While outdated and low-security methods of communication are definitely on their way out, a secure messaging app is the need of the hour. It offers both - patients and healthcare providers a way to quickly and securely communicate with one another.

Digital Advertising Performance Dashboard Development Using Power BI [Case Study]

Learn how we helped a North America-based full-service advertising & marketing consultancy with performance dashboard development. It would help them to analyze the effectiveness of own campaigns to get better revenue and reach more clients.

Farming Equipment Hiring Platform Development [Case Study]

An NZ-based company was on the lookout for a technology partner who could assist with farm equipment rental marketplace platform development. As a web-based portal, the solution would act as a centralized hub for businesses & individuals to hire and rent farming equipment for an array of needs. Rishabh understood the requirement and built a robust platform for the exact needs of the customer.


Data Pipeline Automation To Create a Data-driven Ecosystem

Data is the lifeblood of any successful business. It powers the decision-making process, helps formulate profitable strategies & serves customers better. For forward-thinking organizations, full automation of data pipelines allows extraction of data at its source to transform & integrate while fueling business applications and data analytics. This is an important aspect of a true data-driven ecosystem.

Rishabh Software Bags 9 Awards at World HRD Congress 2022

The World HRD Congress recently announced the winners of the Global HR Excellence and Leadership Awards during the 30th edition of the event in Mumbai. Rishabh Software was recognized across five categories: Best COVID-19 Project Team, National Best Employer Brand, Dream Employer of the Year, Excellence in Learning & Development, and Innovation in Recruitment.

Leverage Healthcare Bot Development to Enhance Patient Experience

If you are a healthcare enterprise, exploring how to go about chatbot development, then this article will help you greatly. Here we’ve covered the varied types, business benefits, use cases & how Rishabh can assist you by considering crucial factors.

Benefits of Angular for Businesses & Web Development Teams

If you’re also someone who wants to learn how with Angular even, you can boost your digital presence then this piece is for you. Here we’ll cover when to use this modern technology, the business benefits offered, the type of application created using Angular and more.

Leverage Banking Bot Development to Improve Customer Experience

For financial institutions, chatbot development helps focus on improving the business processes and providing a better user experience to customers. This article will provide a walk-through on the essentials of developing a custom banking bot along with the key features & interesting use cases and how we can assist you.

Rishabh Features Among Top 20 Best Software Development Companies & Best Web Developers

We’re proud to announce that Rishabh Software was recognized as one of the Best Software Development Companies & Best Web Developers for the San Jose region in 2022 by Expertise.com.

Custom Pharmaceutical Software Development For Better Transparency & Growth

Pharmaceutical software refers to an umbrella term for a variety of technology solutions used by manufacturers, raw material suppliers, wholesalers, including drug stores and healthcare providers. And, as the healthcare industry grows, more & more industry players, including drug researchers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies, face the need to go for pharmaceutical software development.