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Data Engineering Services

Leverage Rishabh’s end-to-end data engineering services & solutions to accelerate time-to-value and reduce cost-of-quality.

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A professional data engineering company to create custom, flexible & scalable data platforms

We help tackle data challenges that keep your business from exploring opportunities to scale & grow.

For us, data management & analysis is a means to enable businesses to monetize and maximize the value of their data by taking a curated approach. We cover the full life cycle of data management – data ingestion, data quality, catalog & data provisioning. We help organizations to advance to the next level of data usage by providing data discovery & maturity assessment, data quality checks & standardization, cloud-based solutions for large volumes of information, batch data processing with optimization of the database, data warehouse platforms and more.

Our team can develop data architecture by integrating new & existing data sources to create more effective data lakes. Further, they do not focus only on structuring the database & testing operational efficiency but also enable you to rapidly & reliably implement the solutions so you’re able to deliver in domains crucial to your success.

Data Engineering as a Service

Our data engineers have experience with both on-premises solutions and cloud technologies – they possess hands-on expertise with AWS & Azure platforms and leverage them for complex data engineering work. They can help integrate ETL pipelines, data warehouses, BI tools & governance processes. We build a strong foundation of data and help generate insights from data mining. Our primary goal is to tackle critical technology issues that prevent businesses from exploiting opportunities to transform themselves into a data-savvy company.

Services We Offer

Data Modernization

Data Modernization

We create smart platforms that efficiently help modern enterprises to grow. In a planned approach our team helps migrate your business data from legacy data warehouses & on-premise systems onto cloud-based data lakes or warehouse. This offers numerous opportunities for businesses to conduct real-time exploration and analysis.

Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines

We can help build production-grade, independent data workflow pipelines that enable swift movement, transformation & storage of data. This is achieved by utilizing various legacy, Big Data and/or cloud orchestration and data management pipeline tools and techniques like DF, Databricks, Synapse & more to process data in batch and real-time. We can also run serverless pipeline architecture from Azure or AWS to enhance scalability & uptime while reducing your cost per instance.

Data CI CD

Data CI CD

Our CI/CD services help you automate the way you design, test & deploy your apps while ensuring cost-efficient and timely delivery of high-performance software. Our team has proficiency in developing efficient production build and release pipelines across both legacy and cloud-based deployment services. This is based on infrastructure-as-code artifacts, reference/application data, database objects (schema definitions, functions, stored procedures, etc.). Regardless of whether your DevOps build & release environment needs negligible amendments or a total overhaul, we’re ready to assist you.

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

Businesses make data-driven decisions and the value of that data depends on their ability to ingest it. With Rishabh, you can extract structured and unstructured data from all sources (streaming & batch) to refine/cleanse it while making it available on legacy systems or cloud systems in a consistent format that enables data scientists & business users for further exploration and analysis. Go from ingestion to insights with a smart approach and make the right decisions at the right time!



Modern businesses generate and store massive amounts of data daily. However, the potential of all this data often remains untapped due to its sheer variety & volume. With our data engineering team, you don’t need to struggle with complex ETL and ELT jobs. It will save you time, effort & money without compromising on the scalability and agility needed for data integration. Our ETL services ensure data integrity that is beneficial for accurate reporting & decision-making even while performing multiple operations on the data as per business need. We have helped many enterprises efficiently manage their DWH projects with our end-to-end ETL capabilities that ensure data is ready to boost business growth.

Data Lakes & Data Warehouse

Data Lakes & Data Warehouse

We help build data repositories rapidly to support essential business functions. Our team can help rapidly consolidate data in a single place for enabling quicker analytics and data insights from copious amounts and varied types of data (relational, logs, JSON) with thoughtfully designed data lakes, warehouses, or data marts. At Rishabh, we have a team of DWH professionals who’ve experience in building enterprise-grade data repositories rapidly that support essential business function(s). With us, you can start small and expand the storage capacity as your business data increases. Whether you want to implement a new data lake or modernize an existing warehouse; you can count on us for enhanced performance & speed with quick disaster recovery.

Real-Time Processing

Real-Time Processing

We specialize in implementing solutions with technology to perform real-time data processing across environments. This ensures faster streaming & processing of information on the go. The processed data can also be ingested into the reporting layer for further analysis, historical reporting, dashboard visualization and business intelligence. Our teams have hands-on experience in helping enterprises like banks to overcome data sharing challenges by solutioning for fraud prevention, personalization of user experience and automation of relevant recommendations. We can also help you move & transform data via batch processing techniques.

Tools & Technologies

Open Source

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Fast-track your data transformation with our data engineering consulting services


Enterprise data management to accelerate your digital evolution for effective decision making

Rishabh helps businesses solve their data challenges with sound business strategies that are based on accurate insights. Our data engineering experts assist clients with end-to-end data lifecycle management – from planning & strategizing to implementation. They also help with replacing the costly & siloed data infrastructure with big data pipelines and data management platforms that are fully prepared to implement & maintain AI & analytics.

Data Engineering Services & Solutions
Result-driven Approach
Result-driven Approach
Unlike technology-driven companies, Rishabh’s data engineering practice is result-oriented. We focus on building resilient data model foundations with entities & elements that go beyond documented use cases to drive optimum value for your business.
Cloud Data Engineering Advisory
Cloud Data Engineering Advisory
Our team utilizes the latest in cloud technologies to support fast and scalable data aggregation with a minimal code build-out. From cloud assessment and BI enablement to data warehouse & managed services, we help you overcome every challenge with our data engineering capabilities.
Engagement & Partnership
Engagement & Partnership
At Rishabh, we work with clients as their long-term development partner with an agile approach spread across visioning to planning, delivery & support while managing, maintaining a dedicated team of specialists as their virtual staff.
Best Possible TCO
Best Possible TCO
Our data engineering solutions leverage robust, customizable, and reusable runbooks, frameworks & templates for data governance, classification and quality management. This helps optimize costs while accelerating the adoption of next-gen analytics.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is data engineering?

    It is the process of designing and deploying systems for collecting, storing, transforming and transporting massive volumes of business data into a unified format for in-depth business analytics. The data is extracted from several disparate sources, processed and collated into a centralized warehouse that acts as a single source of truth and delivers data uniformly for further exploration and analysis.

    Why do I need a data engineering service provider?

    What would you do if you had a goldmine in your backyard? Your business data is just as lucrative but it is lying untapped! An experienced data engineering company can help you refine this resource and leverage it in so many ways ranging from market research to customer service to sales & more.

    What are the business benefits of data engineering services?

    Professional service providers can efficiently take care of collecting, collating, parsing, managing, monitoring, analyzing & visualizing massive volumes of data sets. This helps you save a ton of your time and money while enabling you to make better decisions and achieve your business goals.

    What are the biggest data engineering challenges?

    Based on our experience here are three key challenges:

    • Complex multi-cloud environments pose difficulty to integrate & ingest data.
    • Re-engineering of data codebase across legacy platforms in a cost-effective manner
    • Right integration across multiple data systems

    Having dealt with almost all of them we can help overcome these for any data project.

    Can you cite a few data engineering use case examples?

    Automated pipelines – fetching data via push/pull mechanism using file transfers or APIs

    • Data deduplication – standardizing, comparing and merging or eliminating data records for effective marketing and efficient data analytics
    • Data lakes – To store all the data, transform it and collate as necessary for further exploration in a BI software
    • Data transformation – transform data to ensure it conforms to common vocabulary, standard format and compliance
    • Data Marts – to provide visibility into specific areas complete with key performance metrics
    • KPIs – define, compute & store metrics that are essential to tracking business performance & health
    • Cloud deployment – used in the latest cloud technologies to facilitate swift and scalable data collation with minimal coding