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Data Engineering Services

We help design and build data architecture for your business with specialized data engineering services.

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Experienced data engineering company to help you unify and navigate data

We cover the full cycle of data management from acquisition, cleansing, conversion, data interpretation & deduplication. With our experience, you can easily tackle data challenges that allow your business to explore opportunities to scale & grow.

We provide data discovery & maturity assessment, data quality checks & standardization assistance. Our team offers batch data processing with database optimization, creation of a data warehouse & more. We can develop data architectures by integrating new & existing data sources for efficient data distribution & consumption.

We can help you build a strong foundation of data and help generate insights from data mining.  Our data engineers have hands-on expertise with cloud technologies  – AWS & Azure platforms. Our experience with big data technology helps you rapidly process massive volumes of data while ensuring its availability, integrity & precision.  We can help integrate Extract Transfer & Load (ETL) pipelines, data warehouses, Business Intelligence (BI) tools & governance processes.

Data Engineering Services & Solutions by Rishabh Software

Data Engineering Services We Offer

Data Modernization

Data Modernization

We apply an efficient and smart approach to move business data to/from on-prem legacy systems onto modern databases, including cloud storage infrastructure (data lakes or warehouses) or new target platforms. We help you to take stock of your current data environment and help to optimize & transform. Our team builds and implements smart platforms that facilitate real-time exploration & analysis of data from disparate systems. We help you migrate, modernize & manage your databases and dataflows on scalable cloud-based systems.

Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines

We can help build production-grade, independent data workflow pipelines to facilitate seamless movement, transformation & storage of data. Our team utilizes various data management tools and techniques for batch & real-time data processing. We’ve expertise in ETL & data warehouse services to develop data pipelines, either from scratch or using the services provided by major cloud platform vendors, including Azure or AWS. Our cloud experts efficiently design, develop, optimize, and test modern data architectures that meet your analytics needs without risking data quality.

Data CI CD

Data CI CD

We can help you access & process data by implementing continuous integration (CI) & continuous development (CD) into your cloud-based data lakes and data warehouse systems.  Our team helps you automate the way you design, test & deploy your apps while ensuring timely delivery of high-performance software. We have hands-on experience in developing efficient production build and release pipelines based on infrastructure-as-code artifacts, reference/application data, database objects (schema definitions, functions, stored procedures, etc.), data pipeline definitions & data validation & transformation logics. We use a comprehensive data ci/cd orchestration framework for data ingestion, staging & transformation.

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

We help you extract & refine structured and unstructured data from varied sources (streaming & batch) for further exploration & analysis. We collate data from all your applications, systems, and databases to cloud data warehouse destinations for easy access when needed. You can rely on us to realize the full potential of combining big data from your cloud-based apps, mainframes, databases, and file systems to find new insights faster.



Our data modeling specialists work with you to build a comprehensive data architecture roadmap that is fundamentally based on industry standards, best practices, and proven techniques. Our end-to-end ETL capabilities help you combine data from multiple systems into a single database, data store, data warehouse, or data lake. Rishabh’s data engineering team ensures that you don’t have to struggle with complex ETL jobs for streamlining data exchange. Our ETL services ensure data integrity for accurate reporting & decision-making even while performing multiple operations.

Data Lakes & Data Warehouse

Data Lakes & Data Warehouse

We help bridge the gap between data lakes and data warehouses for efficient data management. We help you move from rigid on-premises data centers to scalable cloud-based data repositories for addressing your evolving data needs. We support you with data lake implementation for storing and processing high-volume data irrespective of its source & format. With our data warehouse consulting and development services, we assess & design the architecture in line with your business needs without risking production SLA and data quality.

Real-Time Processing

Real-Time Processing

We leverage data streaming tools like Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka & Azure Stream Analytics to ensure faster streaming & processing of information on the go. Our teams have expertise in implementing real-time and batch data processing systems across distributed environments. We can help ingest processed data into the reporting layer for further analysis, historical reporting, dashboard visualization, and business intelligence. Our team has hands-on experience in addressing data sharing challenges through software solutions for fraud prevention, UX personalization & automated recommendations.

Tools & Technologies

Open Source

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Fast-track your data-driven decision-making with our data engineering consulting services


Why choose us as your data engineering services partner

Our data engineering experts assist you with end-to-end data lifecycle management – from planning & strategizing to implementation. We also help you with replacing your siloed data infrastructure with data pipelines and data management platforms.

Experienced Data Engineering Company
Accurate Data Strategy

Accurate Data Strategy

We help you assess data architecture to provide recommendations& prepare fit-for-purpose architecture, a bulletproof batch processing solution, or expand your capabilities
Data Governance

Data Governance

We help catalog your data sets while tracking their data lineage to set up the right data governance practices for your organization.
Accelerated Delivery

Accelerated Delivery

We help you select the right tools to establish good data engineering practices to right data is available at the right time to serve your rapid business needs.
Experienced Data Specialists

Experienced Data Specialists

Our skilled data experts bring their experience and skills to help you create a strong foundation for data-driven processes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is data engineering?

    It is the process of designing and deploying systems for collecting, storing, transforming and transporting massive volumes of business data into a unified format for in-depth business analytics. The data is extracted from several disparate sources, processed & collated into a centralized warehouse that acts as a single source of truth and delivers data uniformly for further exploration and analysis.

    Why do I need a data engineering service provider?

    What would you do if you had a goldmine in your backyard? Your business data is just as lucrative but is lying untapped! An experienced data engineering company, like Rishabh Software, can help you refine this resource and leverage it in so many ways ranging from market research to customer service to sales & more.

    What are the business benefits of big data engineering services?

    Professional service providers can efficiently take care of collecting, collating, parsing, managing, monitoring, analyzing & visualizing massive volumes of data sets. This helps you save a ton of your time and money while enabling you to make better decisions and achieve your business goals.

    Can you cite a few data engineering use case examples?

    Automated pipelines – fetching data via push/pull mechanism using file transfers or APIs

    • Data deduplication – standardizing, comparing and merging or eliminating data records for effective marketing and efficient data analytics
    • Data lakes – To store all the data, transform it and collate it as necessary for further exploration in a BI software
    • Data transformation – transform data to ensure it conforms to common vocabulary, standard format & compliance
    • Data Marts – to provide visibility into specific areas complete with key performance metrics
    • KPIs – define, compute & store metrics that are essential to tracking business performance & health
    • Cloud deployment – used in the latest cloud technologies to facilitate swift and scalable data collation with minimal coding
    What are the advantages of pipeline automation?

    Data pipeline automation helps you simplify and speed-up cloud migrations, eliminate the need for manual coding and create a secure and scalable platform for real-time decision-making. Read this blog to learn how you can leverage automation to create a data-driven ecosystem and its business benefits.