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Cloud Application Development Services

As certified service partners for AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Microsoft Azure, we offer app development & modernization along with consultation, managed services & migration.

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Our cloud app development services can help optimize – time, budget & resources

We offer full-cycle development services to create applications from scratch by leveraging SaaS & PaaS models as well as modernizing them.

As a cloud app development company, we cater to businesses of all sizes and across geographies. We’ve over two decades of experience offering end-to-end services from tech consulting to deployment, maintenance & support.

Our team combines their strong technical knowledge with holistic strategies to support you with migrating your applications & workloads to virtualized environments or refactoring them for more efficient utilization of cloud-native services. We can develop custom cloud applications & even deploy them in public, private, or hybrid environments for you.

We build SaaS products and cloud solutions from scratch by utilizing AWS or Azure using open-source cloud technologies and languages, like Python, .NET, Node.JS & Java.

Custom Cloud Software Development

As part of modern software development best practices, we utilize cloud microservice-based architectures to consolidate applications into independent components. This provides you with enhanced agility, performance, and scalability. And, to ensure your business is cloud-ready, we develop cloud-native apps using DevOps tools & approaches, including Kubernetes, Containerization, Docker, Gitlab CI/CD, and many others, to enable automated management across the public, private, and hybrid cloud. We serve customers from different industries like fintech, media & entertainment, travel & hospitality & more.

Cloud Application Development Services We Offer

Cloud App Development Services

Cloud App Development Services

We cover the full spectrum of cloud development capabilities, helping you create holistic strategies, migrate your applications and workloads to virtualized environments or refactor them for more efficient utilization. Whether you need fast integration with AWS or Azure or want to create cloud applications from scratch – we’re here to help.

  • Architecture Design & Development by combining components & pooling resources that are spread across the network
  • Cloud-Native App Development to build and run applications by leveraging distributed computing as per the cloud delivery model
  • SaaS-based App Development to create solutions used via mobile apps or browsers with a centrally hosted subscription plan

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

We develop strategies after considering factors like performance, cost & security. Our team has extensive experience with cloud migration, be it from legacy app to cloud, or moving apps between cloud platforms. We seamlessly migrate databases, servers, business apps & business processes to cloud platforms that support organizations and their workflow needs. Further, we even monitor and maintain them around the clock. This is while helping you increase data storage capacity, maximize computational power & ensuring cross-platform optimization of the applications in the most efficient way possible.

  • Legacy App Modernization to re-engineer your applications using cloud-native services
  • Infrastructure Migration to migrate virtual-only workloads from on-premises to cloud infrastructure
  • Data & Services Migration to move data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

With our cloud-first consulting approach, we manage your public & multi-cloud environments, including deployment on AWS and Azure while helping you design, build & optimize applications. From basic application customizations to massive infrastructure migrations, our dedicated cloud architects can monitor and manage any IT environment that requires professional excellence.

  • Maintenance and Monitoring for security, issue remediation, and management of cloud
  • PaaS (Compute, Database, Storage) with cloud-based platforms like AWS and Azure for building and running applications
  • Cloud Optimization to select & provision right-size resources spent on specific workload or application

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

We help you with your data integration journey while moving to the cloud to ensure there are no hiccups by integrating APIs, processes, databases & network resources while enabling seamless data flow across different systems.

  • Cloud Service Integration that connects various applications, systems, repositories, and IT environments
  • Cloud Data Integration from different sources within public or private clouds, or between cloud-based and on-premises systems
  • Cloud Process Integration between multiple diverse systems -servers, storage, databases, networking & analytics
  • Cloud Application Integration to connect apps to transform and orchestrate the data required for business workflows

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

We assist businesses with technical cloud consultation for architecture, infrastructure, deployment, integration, optimization, delivery & support. It starts with an end-to-end assessment of your project requirements and current infrastructure. It would include your computing resources while identifying potential risks, costs, opportunities, and other factors that would impact cloud development. And, the result is the strategy that addresses your business priorities.

  • Cloud Strategy Development to embrace distributed cloud to enable hybrid cloud architecture
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment with an itemized list to ensure data & applications movement with limited business disruption
  • Cloud Migration Assessment by examining resources and IT environment to determine cloud feasibility
  • Implementation Assessment to assess the capacity and preparedness qualitatively

Cloud Maintenance & Support

Cloud Maintenance & Support

As an experienced cloud application development company, we use industry-standard tools to ensure that your cloud apps perform optimally. With dedicated SLA, we monitor, detect & remedy issues impacting the health of your cloud-based systems.

  • Application & Middleware Server Management to enable communication and data management for distributed applications
  • Managed Storage & Database Services to build and scale databases for application & workload management

Tools & Technologies


Data Warehouse & Storage

Data Processing



SaaS Platforms

We can build customer-focused solutions by leveraging the scalability, efficiency and security of the cloud for you


Why Choose Rishabh Software for Cloud Development Services

As a cloud development company, we at Rishabh Software support organizations with a clear cloud implementation roadmap, robust yet flexible cloud architecture, continuous maintenance & real-time application support.

Cloud-based Application Development
Managing Complex Cloud Projects Effectively

Managing Complex Cloud Projects Effectively

We understand the many moving parts of the complex hybrid or multi-cloud environments & integrate them safely to eliminate vulnerability & exposure.
Client-centric Engagement Models

Client-centric Engagement Models

Our engagement models enable the delivery of high-quality solutions as per the customer needs and focus on efficient process management, optimized resource and transparent communication at all levels.
High-Quality Standards & Timely Delivery

High-Quality Standards & Timely Delivery

Our team of certified AWS and Azure cloud developers work with well-defined development, quality-check, deployment and maintenance processes to deliver industry-leading solutions.
100% Transparency

100% Transparency

We maintain complete clarity in keeping you updated with the development progress. And, proactively flag potential disruption and consult on potential mitigation steps.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the different types of deployment models in the Cloud?

    There are 4 deployment models in the Cloud: Public, Private, Hybrid, and Community.

    • Public Cloud: Third-party service providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google own, manage & maintain the entire cloud infrastructure off-site via the internet. They use the “pay-as-you-use” model and are cost-effective compared to private clouds. Public Cloud is an optimal deployment option for small to medium-sized companies.
    • Private Cloud: You can own private cloud infrastructure with proprietary apps & software customized for your business needs. Your internal tech team or an external third-party service provider can manage it. It is costlier than the public cloud but offers more privacy, control & security.
    • Hybrid Cloud: It is a complex cloud infrastructure that combines the elements & benefits of both public & private cloud deployments. High technical expertise is needed to install, manage & maintain it. It is an optimal deployment option for industries storing sensitive information like finance, government, healthcare, etc.
    • Community Cloud: Enterprises with similar regulatory & operational affairs like government agencies, trade associations, etc., share the community cloud to save costs on joint projects, research, or application. The community cloud infrastructure is owned by one or more organizations within the community or by a cloud service provider.
    How long does it take to make a cloud-based app?

    Though timelines would usually vary for developing cloud-based apps. Based on our experience, the complexity of app features is one of the most important factors. E.g.- the longer it takes for the designers & developers to create the functionality the longer would be the solution timeline. Though, the best and fastest way to understand the duration & dependencies would be to directly reach out to us. While writing to us do share a bit about your goals, aspirations and more – our team can provide you with options and potential timeline scenarios as well.

    Could you provide some tips to ease cloud application development?

    Based on our experience, listed below are a few tips to simplify cloud application development;

    • Embrace cloud-specific development platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft’s Azure with cloud engineers who know their ins and outs while leveraging the power of the cloud.
    • Keep an eye out on performance issues by anticipating potential bottlenecks and lag issues with connections between web, database, and application servers. It is essential to account for server load problems that would affect the cloud application performance while meeting the desired performance.
    • Devise a robust integration strategy to understand how to properly integrate the different moving parts of your cloud environment in the safest way possible. And, failing to do will result in increased exposure and vulnerability.
    • Beware of unexpected costs by keeping a check on what’s always happening in the development arena and the average fee paid – every time a new feature is added or whenever you scale up.
    Why should I choose Rishabh Software over other cloud app development companies?

    Rishabh Software team has the experience, technical skills and knowledge know-how to deliver on a wide variety of cloud-based app development projects. We leverage access to the ecosystem of exclusive resources, programs and tools. Our teams have in-depth exposure from prototyping to continued support to bring your innovative ideas to life. We bring that expertise and drive for excellence to every project, whether it is about creating a simple, fast app for a startup or designing a complex solution for an enterprise. Do check our AWS & Azure capability to learn more about how can help.

    What are the essentials of Rishabh’s cloud app development process?

    While the app development process differs slightly for different products & solutions, here are some of the best practices and proven approaches based on our experience. For most of the customers, it helps reduce time to market and ensure a high-quality product.

    The process typically would include:

    • Strategy and design – We take time to understand your business needs, and goals & create business requirements documents with statements of work alongside the subject matter experts. This would help define the scope of the work needed to develop the app.
    • Cloud app development – Our skilled developers along with creative designers work towards putting the strategic plans into action.
    • Implementation and migration – The finalized product are tested by our teams and here’s where the handover process is initiated. This would include the right access to concerned personnel, training assistance, and beta & user testing to troubleshoot any issues with product roll-out. Further, the migration would include importing data into the new cloud solution and enabling seamless integration of the new functionality into organization processes.
    • Monitoring, management and support – Rishabh’s full-scope services include ongoing management of the cloud solution. This means that some of our resources readily work with your staff. They can respond to technical issues related to the cloud app — troubleshooting and resolving them as quickly as possible — so that the customer operations carry on while providing service to their clients.