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Cloud Application Development Services

Capitalize on Cloud-based solutions as a critical part of your Digital Transformation journey.

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Derive maximum value through our experience as a cloud app development company

Harness the power of the cloud to build reliable, secure & scalable applications.

With our custom cloud development services, we help you navigate the possible challenges of developing SaaS-based applications. We put to use our extensive experience & knowledge of the technology to deliver projects of any complexity. We cover all aspects of cloud app development services— cloud app consulting, development, testing and cloud app integration with other cloud and on-premises apps.

Further, we even offer efficient utilization of cloud-native services by developing apps deployed as microservices, running on a containerized and dynamic orchestrated platform by managing elastic infrastructure through DevOps processes and CI/CD workflows. We create holistic strategies for migrating applications and workloads to virtualized environments or refactoring them. We can be your cloud enablement partner in the true sense.

Cloud is considered the cornerstone for any future-ready enterprise. Our continued success with a cloud application development company makes us the perfect partner to take your business to newer heights. (pun intended)

Custom Cloud Software Development

Services We Offer

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Our cloud consulting services cover end-to-end assessment of your project requirements and current infrastructure to develop effective implementation strategies. We help address the changing market landscape by making businesses more agile and responsive. With our data-driven analysis of suitable deployment models, we ensure your transition is seamless across the strategic and developmental phases.

  • Cloud Strategy Development
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Migration Assessment
  • Implementation Assessment

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Accelerate business productivity as we help integrate applications, processes, databases, and network resources. Through an entire suite of on-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud integration, we help maximize your application’s potential. As part of the process, our team enables seamless data flow across different systems; it includes proprietary and third-party software. This leaves no room for error and allows complete flexibility. We help increase the reliability, robustness, and cost-efficiency of the entire IT infrastructure for performing operations.

  • Cloud Service Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Process Integration
  • Application Integration

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development

Leverage the potential of SaaS with Rishabh’s custom cloud application development services. Our cloud engineers design and develop solutions that are infinitely scalable, completely secure, and efficiently built while optimizing the user experience. They make the best use of all private, public, and hybrid cloud services to maximize profitability and augment your ROI for your business. We help develop cloud-native apps to enable the management & automation of experiences across cloud environments. Also, we can help modernize apps to move to the cloud or hybrid apps to work between cloud platforms/on-premise servers without compromising on app quality or security.

  • Architecture Design & Development
  • Cloud-native App Development
  • Hybrid App development
  • SaaS-based App Development

Cloud Migration & Re-engineering

Cloud Migration & Re-engineering

Experience flexibility, scalability, and computing power by moving legacy apps to a microservices-powered cloud-native architecture. Our dedicated team is skilled in all aspects of migration and implementation, right from moving to modern infrastructure, refactoring applications, or creating an agile approach to your development processes. We work with you to prepare an actionable migration strategy and implement it based on your specific business needs. With our customer-centric approach, we assess, re-engineer, upgrade & migrate the entire system empowering you to adapt to the changing market needs.

  • Legacy App Modernization
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Data & Services Migration

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Accelerate business processes, increase transparency and performance by streamlining complex IT operations. We work closely with your IT team and all the major cloud platform providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud to manage the full solution stack with a single point of accountability. This includes managing infrastructure, configuration, and apps relocation using a wide range of managed services which enables businesses to take full advantage of all the benefits that cloud apps offer within a robust and supported environment.

  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring
  • PaaS – Compute, Database, Storage
  • Cloud Optimization

Cloud Maintenance & Support

Cloud Maintenance & Support

As an experienced cloud development company, we proactively track and maintain your app’s performance with industry-standard tools. We cover the top three tiers of quality services – monitoring, remediation, and management to ensure your application offers optimum performance. With dedicated SLA for support and maintenance, we manage & monitor issue remediation and assist with mitigating cyber threats by keeping your business data security a top priority, every time.

  • Performance Optimization
  • Application & Middleware Server Management
  • Managed Storage & Database Service

Tools & Technologies

Leverage cloud as a solution and fast-track your Digital Transformation journey


Drive innovation with our cloud software development services

To increase business agility, lower operational costs, and reduce IT complexity, you need a cloud computing development services provider with the right mix of technical experience, talent and domain understanding. Partnering with Rishabh allows you to leverage just that! Our collective experience in driving the paradigm shift towards the cloud helps businesses drive results.

Cloud-based Application Development
Strong Knowledge of AWS and Azure
Strong Knowledge of AWS and Azure
Our certified developers with a track record of successfully carrying out several transformative projects. We have strong platform experience for building scalable solutions utilizing the power of AWS and Azure.
Secure Development
Secure Development
Data security, scalability, and migration are our top priorities in building flexible cloud-based applications. Our development processes ensure a smooth, secure transfer of information.
Clear Understanding of Costs
Clear Understanding of Costs
Our blueprints are sketched out in a way that optimizes the available budget. This enables you to compound existing costs to achieve a higher growth percentage than ever before.
Agile Processes
Agile Processes
It ensures efficiency and effectiveness that is unprecedented. Being an experienced cloud software development company, we provide project management with monitoring every sprint, code commitment, and design concept with complete quality control.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to make a cloud-based app?

    Though timelines would usually vary for developing cloud-based apps. Based on our experience, the complexity of app features is one of the most important factors. For e.g.- the longer it takes for the designers & developers to create the functionality the longer would be the solution timeline. Though, the best and fastest way to understand the duration & dependencies would be to directly reach out to us. While writing to use do share a bit about your goals, aspirations and more – our team can provide you with options and potential timeline scenarios as well.

    Why should I choose Rishabh Software over other cloud app development companies?

    Rishabh Software team has the experience, technical skills and knowledge to deliver on a wide variety of cloud-based app development projects. We’re the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leverage instant access to the ecosystem of exclusive resources, programs, tools, including Azure. Do check our Azure capability to learn more about how can help. Also, with significant experience with AWS development & deployment, our teams have in-depth exposure from prototyping to continued support to bring your innovative ideas to life. We bring that expertise and drive for excellence to every project, whether it is about creating a simple, fast app for a startup or designing a complex solution for an enterprise. Check out our AWS experience that could help you get the right perspective.

    How do you choose a cloud app development company?

    While considering a reliable partner for success, you may want to look for:

    Execution Experience: Assess their type of work, the kind of people they have and whether they have worked in your niche.

    Technical skills and capabilities: You must consider their familiarity with technologies and cloud-specific skills across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and more.

    Business focus understanding: Check the partner’s processes for determining business requirements and working with clients to strategically develop technology solutions.

    Transparency: Look for partners who are willing to be transparent about processes, milestones and deliverables. Also, communicate about the development progress.