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Data Analytics Services

We provide data analytics & business intelligence services to help you discover new opportunities, hidden threats, identify core audience & their needs.

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Supporting you to transform data into actionable analytics

Our data and analytics services can help fast-track decision-making with data discovery, management, visualization & analysis.

We’re a full-service provider experienced in data management, migration & reporting. Our team offers business analytics solutions tailored to your business needs.

We apply proprietary big data frameworks combined with popular open-source technologies like Apache Hadoop, Spark, Python & Kafka. Our team develops machine learning (ML) and deep learning algorithms to deliver a comprehensive toolset for storing, processing and analyzing large quantities of data. We offer cloud platform analytics based on our strategic partnerships with AWS & Azure to provide solutions across the data lifecycle.

As a data analytics services company, we can help you set up all the required elements of a digital data ecosystem – from the data lake, data warehouses, and OLAP (online analytical processing) to reporting, dashboarding & more. Our experienced team uses ETL & ELT techniques to transform complex corporate data from disparate sources into actionable information. with our data warehousing services, we support you to store this data for conducting further analysis & optimization.

Our Microsoft Gold Data Analytics competency can benefit your business with easy access to the Microsoft ecosystem. This would include tools, programs & on-demand tech support to deliver & deploy your analytics projects.

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Services We Offer

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Business Intelligence & Visualization

As a Microsoft gold partner for data platforms, we can help you with data visualization that turns massive datasets into meaningful information. Our extensive Power BI expertise will enable you to shift focus from data crunching to decision-making. Our specialists enable you to profile your data through dynamic charts, infographics, heat maps, etc. This would enable you to extract insights, generate custom reports & create a decision support system. Our full-spectrum BI consulting, implementation & support services are inclusive of:

  • Data Visualization to offer 360-degree visibility with dashboards for efficient decision making
  • Report Scheduling & Automation for tailored reports to stakeholders & decision makers in your business
  • BI Integration, Migration, Support & Maintenance to transfer & combine data at different sources with a unified view

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

As a data analytics service provider, we cover the full life cycle of data management – data ingestion, data quality, catalog, data provisioning & data governance. Our data engineering team supports you with data discovery & maturity assessment, data quality checks & standardization and database optimization. We cover every aspect of data conversion, including data lakes, ETL pipelines, data warehouses & data marts.

  • Data Lake & Data Warehouse to help you store & process data for analysis to make more informed decisions.
  • Data Modernization, Integration & Migration for seamless data management across data sources & applications
  • Master Data Management supports unifying & presenting the collected data for analysis to end-users.

Data Science

Data Science

Our team helps you with data ingestion, preparation, development of machine learning models and customizing statistical models for different use cases. We specialize in varied data science services ranging from – data preparation & management, development & tuning of ML & data mining models to designing & implementing AI solutions, including computer vision. We can redesign your core processes, systems and business strategies around artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies for strategic business planning and decision making.

  • Data Mining to sort through large data sets to identify patterns & relationships
  • Machine Learning to track trends in customer behavior and business operational patterns.
  • Text Mining & NLP to transform unstructured text from documents & databases into normalized, structured data.
  • Artificial Intelligence deals with working on data by using tools to develop intelligent systems.

Tools & Technologies

Business Intelligence

Data Services

Data Science

Big Data

We can build custom data analytics solutions that provide quantitative & qualitative business insights


Why choose Rishabh Software for data analytics services & solutions?

As an established data analytics company, our capabilities enable you to manage everything under one roof – from data management and integration to warehousing and real-time visualization. We bring together a team of data engineers, designers, developers, architects, and data scientists to deliver your vision of a data-driven digital ecosystem. The result is a modern data architecture comprising technologies such as cloud, AI, ML, IoT and advanced analytics.

Transfer Data into Actionable Analytics with Rishabh Software
Consulting & Data Advisory

Consulting & Data Advisory

We work with you to develop a data strategy and provide technology consulting to choose architecture & tools while supporting you to integrate enterprise data.
Industry Experience

Industry Experience

We have worked across industries, including media & entertainment, retail and more to build custom data analytics-based solutions that integrate data sources & role-specific dashboards to help minimize downtime & untimely maintenance.
Technical Competence

Technical Competence

We have the experience, skills, and tools to collate, manage and analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured datasets for building visualization capabilities and data models.
A Proficient Team

A Proficient Team

Our specialists understand the 4 Vs of enterprise data: volume, variety, veracity & velocity. We leverage their extensive knowledge and the latest technologies to provide practical insights for helping your business to improve the quality, accuracy & responsiveness of work.

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