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Drive Digital Transformation for your business by leveraging next-gen technologies like AI & ML.

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We are a data analytics services company that builds custom solutions to enable smarter decisions

Partnering with Rishabh enables you to optimize operations, reposition offerings & open-up new sources of value!

We adopt a dynamic approach aided with our experience in next-gen analytics technology for a deeper view of data to fulfill current needs & foresee future demands.

Regardless of how you choose to engage with us, we offer AI/ML-based development, business intelligence, data science & engineering services so you can maximize business value and develop differentiating capabilities.

You can derive insights from your business information and take smarter decisions, reduce market risks, and increase throughput. Implementing apt analytical solutions can give you a much-needed competitive edge. Rishabh works with businesses like yours to understand the actual business need, build the right solution and carefully implement it so you can rake in all the benefits.

Our series of data and analytics services help create solutions that let you monetize your data & unlock multi-fold outcomes amid digital transformation, from forecasting and performance analysis to strategy & optimization consulting.

Data Analytics Solution Provider

Services We Offer

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We can help you supercharge your analytics & reporting capabilities to generate fast and accurate insights using feature-packed BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Apache Superset. No matter which BI tool you prefer, our team will build custom visualizations that reflect up-to-date information in real-time to help you identify trends, uncover opportunities and make profitable decisions. Rishabh’s service focus includes multi-dimensional analysis, reports automation, warehouse development, BI implementation – all of which lead to an information-rich experience that goes way beyond the dashboard to propel your growth.


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  • Data Visualization
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis (OLAP)
  • Report Scheduling & Automation
  • BI Integration, Migration, Support & Maintenance

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

We specialize in migrating legacy warehouses (DWHs) to serverless data lakes for real-time analysis and accelerated time-to-value. Drawing on our experience in master data management, we enable a reliable 360-degree view of critical information & eliminate costly inaccuracies caused by the records lying in disparate silos. To support your transformation strategy and business goals, our engineers streamline data provisioning & connect disparate data structures across your value chain. Rishabh empowers organizations with leading-edge data technologies, data platform management, workflow automation, and software development expertise for accelerating intelligence into business operations. Partner with us to master the way you manage your data and start making decisions that drive differentiation and growth.


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  • Data Lake & Data Warehouse
  • Modernization, Integration & Migration
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Lifecycle Management

Cloud Platform Analytics

Cloud Platform Analytics

Your existing business information has answers to your current & future challenges! And now with the availability of cloud data analytics as a service, enterprises can quickly perform complex analysis on enormous data sets and extract smart insights. Our data analytics implementation service is tailored to streamline your migration journey and helps you modernize the data warehouse whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. We also help businesses analyze their reports and build ML models that can be leveraged in building cognitive applications to drive efficiency and discover new revenue streams. Team up with us to make faster decisions & optimize business outcomes with real-time intelligence. Whether you choose Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or other custom cloud platform to leverage its analytics service, Rishabh can help you fully capitalize on its speed, scalability, agility, and economics while avoiding common pitfalls.

  • Data Modelling
  • App Development Support
  • Migrations & Integrations
  • Data-led Transformation

Data Science

Data Science

Regardless of the size, complexity & nature of your business, you can gain a comprehensive view of your consumer journey, their pain points, any inventory management efficiency, and supply chain operations to augment business value. Delight your customers at every touchpoint by knowing what exactly they want, ahead of time. The fusion of emerging technologies like NLP & Deep Learning enables our team to create intuitive solutions for targeting customers, predicting potential strategy outcomes, and foreseeing market trends with predictive modeling. We build data pipelines from different sources, warehouses, and third-party software, which are fed via customized models and visualized. The result is an all-embracing solution that empowers your people with actionable insights and strategic recommendations for bigger business leaps.


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  • Data Mining
  • ML Model Life Cycle
  • Text Mining & NLP
  • AI solutions

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

In today’s high-stakes business landscape, companies that quickly adapt to customer needs & optimize offerings faster than their competitors count on big data analytics! Rishabh can help your organization implement data lakes, perform relational analysis, develop analytics software, visualize information and generate intelligent reports. This will enable you to uncover practical insights to optimize customer journeys, iterate profitable products, minimize financial risk and achieve operational excellence.

  • Big Data Engineering
  • Stream Analytics
  • IoT System Integration
  • IoT Intelligence

Tools & Technologies

Data Science

Big Data

Data Services

Business Intelligence

Looking to improve decision quality and speed from data silos?


Data and analytics solutions that drive optimal outcomes from valuable business insights

To boost performance, you need a data analytics service provider with the right technologies and top talent. With us, you can harness the best minds in analytics and a full suite of capabilities to transform data dumps into goldmines that give you an edge.

Transfer Data into Actionable Analytics with Rishabh
Proven Delivery Model
Proven Delivery Model
Make informed decisions right from input selection to evaluation and visualization. Our proven data analytics consulting model helps you navigate the complex information structure and scale with high accuracy & faster turnaround.
Transparent and Collaborative Approach
Transparent and Collaborative Approach
Simplify your journey from data to decision-making with transparently derived solutions. We collaborate to generate practical insights that drive profitable decisions & quick actions.
Consultative Working Model
Consultative Working Model
Solve challenges & speed-up innovation with a skilled workforce that becomes an extension of your team. We consult with you at every stage to arrive at solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.
Data Integration Capability
Data Integration Capability
We can even support to integrate the actionable data into existing platforms and unlock new avenues for exploration. Take your business to the next level of growth with our knowledge-driven and problem-solving approach.

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