Below are some of the key features of the Partership program. As a Partner, You can:

  • Offer leading-edge technology solutions
  • Operate like a Fortune 500 company by utilizing our dedicated pre-sales, market research, technology consultants, and development team.
  • Increase YOY revenues while reducing operating expenses.
  • Work with other partners to create a unique marketplace to sell solutions.

The RISHABH Advantage

Rishabh is an enterprise-focused technology services company, with over 100,000 sq ft of its own development space in Vadodara, India, Rishabh supports its clients globally. Having done over 1000 projects of various sizes around the world, we pride ourselves in offering the best client experience and satisfaction.

  • Offering End-to-End technology solutions from simple websites, mobile applications to Enterprise class product development and Industry defining solutions such as Digital Transformation, Data Sciences, Block-Chain programming and such.
  • Experience in full SDLC projects of various sizes starting from just a few hours to multi-year, multi-resource engagements.
  • Offering solutions worldwide, serving global customers in North Americas, Pacific Rim, Europe and Aus/NZ.
  • The highest level of integrity, advanced delivery capabilities along with strong IP protection and state of the art security controls to help clients enable their technology vision, without compromising on quality.
  • Some unique features that Rishabh avails are Best in class, pre-sales, advanced delivery engine, specialized Learning and Organization Development Division that constantly enhances our employee skills and challenge them to learn new and emerging technologies.
  • Various industry awards and accolades along with accreditations such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for process-driven delivery and world-class security.
  • Rated as a CMMi Level 3 software company, practicing advanced and most optimized programming methods.
  • Rishabh works closely with its partners delivering high-value solutions across all industries, backed by its strong and proven implementation methodologies.
Advantages of partnering with Rishabh Software

Rishabh Channel Partner Program – A mutually beneficial relationship which enables a partner to use all of Rishabh capabilities to offer solutions to its client and prospect base.

Benefits to the Partner

  • No cost quality market research along with business consulting, market positioning, and product & solution advisory support.
  • No cost pre-sales support, assisting a partner in bidding, proposals, RFP, RFI and such.
  • Advance knowledge base including tons of case studies, white-papers, and solution resources.
  • An advanced delivery engine including strong governance and oversight to ensure 100% success.
  • High-quality post-delivery support including maintenance, production support, and implied warranties.
  • Programs to train partners on emerging technologies and relevant market opportunities.
  • Flexible delivery models to support entrepreneurial projects allowing multiple financing options.
Benefits To The Partner

Features of Channel Partnership

  • Simple agreement that is nonbinding with no performance requirements from a partner.
  • White labeling opportunity that uses Rishabh’s extensive knowledge base and project repository.
  • Almost no overhead and scalable relationship.
  • Global alliance possibilities to span across continents.

Types of Partnership

Rishabh Channel Partnership engages in below business models to suit a specific opportunity for partners. A Channel partner can engage in any of these models or all of them:


  • In this model, a channel partner is the prime contractor and Rishabh will be a sub-contractor servicing the end client.
  • Rishabh can be identified as partner resource and will not be evidently visible to the end client.
  • Typically works with simple, well-defined projects and T&M projects.

Agency relationship

  • In this model, the partner will be a commission agent and will be paid for referring projects to Rishabh.
  • Preferred by partners in compliment lines of business like Accountants, Lawyers and such.

Tri-party Agreement

  • This model establishes an agreement amongst end-client, partner and Rishabh, wherein each party is actively engaged in project execution.
  • Preferred in cases where a partner avails deferred financing and in cases involving joint venture and other equitable relationships.

Success Stories


Partnered with Rishabh to develop their internal projects. However, upon learning more about our white label partnership, partner has successfully engaged in adding other technology services to his portfolio. The partner grew his business by 300% YOY with this relationship within the first year of his engagement with Rishabh.


Partnered with Rishabh to create unique service platform. The partner doubles his business within a year of his engagement with Rishabh.

Become a Partner and Grow your Business

Alternatively, you can also write to us at or call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224)