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Business Intelligence Services

Rishabh offers a full range of BI services to capitalize on information and drive business decisions, performance improvement, sales and overall business growth independent of size, segment, industry or nature.

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Delivering the expert-level data & insights to boost intelligent business decisions

Get a detailed view of your business performance and a focused vision of your technology roadmap with Rishabh’s BI application development expertise.

Rishabh’s expertise in developing business-centric and data-first business intelligence solutions help make critical and informed decisions, and sound strategies backed by technology.

Our solutions integrate data intelligence into your operational processes and deliver timely insights used across industry verticals like healthcare, retail, finance, marketing, and manufacturing.

Our key differentiators for BI software development include effective data management, precise data visualization, and intelligent data interaction. Our comprehensive tech stack includes data visualization technologies like Microsoft Power BI, Knowage, SQL reporting services and data warehousing using MySQL, SQL Server, Hadoop, Talend and more.

Services We Offer

Our BI service offerings can be customized for intelligent data mapping, enhancing data quality, KPI monitoring & historical data analysis and advanced reporting & visualization.

BI Consulting

BI Consulting

Rishabh houses experts in business intelligence application development and consulting to address the unique needs of organizations through the creation of SWOT analysis, overall business strategy evaluation, forecasting, product analysis, or competitive analysis. You can rely on our advisory team for new BI solutions implementation and integration into your systems.

  • Detailed roadmap building
  • Architecture consulting
  • Maturity assessment
  • Technology assessment & recommendation

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Enterprise Data Warehousing

As a business intelligence solution provider, we help maintain the integrity and accuracy of your data warehouses with the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) and Master Data Management strategy. We leverage automated data aggregation for large transaction volumes using OLAP engines to enable multi-dimensional queries. Rishabh specializes in integrating data warehousing solutions with data viz tools to create dashboards and periodic reports.

  • ETL design & development
  • Data modelling & data mapping
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Master data management

Reporting & Data Visualization

Reporting & Data Visualization

Rishabh’s business intelligence development team helps you pivot from raw data through the benefits of data visualization. This includes reporting where discovering key patterns, trends, correlations and translating information into value is done. With data visualization, we make discrete reports more collaborative, self-service-driven and mobile-friendly for relevant departments regardless of their analytics expertise.

  • Executive & other user reports
  • Self-service dashboards
  • KPIs set-up & analytics
  • Report scheduling & automation

Data Migration

Data Migration

Rishabh provides systematic and reliable migration support for your BI Solutions in addition to our business intelligence implementation services. We help you navigate the challenges due to demand changes or technology innovation with services for moving to newer platform/application or version upgrades.

  • Data migration
  • Platform migration
  • Technology upgradation
  • Database version upgradation

Tools & Technologies

Rely on Rishabh’s business intelligence implementation for the next level of transformation in business-data.


Creating a Data-driven Culture with Enterprise-Scale Business Intelligence using Advanced Analytics

Rishabh’s unique position in crafting custom business intelligence solutions is attributed to our best practices in visualization frameworks, tools, metadata strategies, accelerators, and performance tuning services.

Data Integration Capability
Data Integration Capability
Rishabh fortifies its stand as the top business intelligence development services company through its Data Integration Capabilities. With a single unified and accurate view of multiple streams of data, we help produce actionable insights with data management methods like OLAP, Statistical Analysis, Data Mining, and more.
Security Compliance
Security Compliance
Rishabh embraces the security community and follows a responsible facilitation of security vulnerability reporting in BI. We understand the growing need, complexity, and importance of data security compliance for an enterprise environment and thus implement industry-standard encryption and secure connections. We keep up with trends in IP whitelisting and multiple authentication protocols with focus on data integrity and security.
Strong Technology Expertise
Strong Technology Expertise
Our business intelligence software development is powered by our strong expertise in tools / technologies helping clients harness the power of data visualization, ETL and warehousing. Our team comprises of professionals with experience and deep knowledge of various BI tools helping business achieve data excellence.
Transparent and Consultative Engagement
Transparent and Consultative Engagement
Right from our business intelligence consulting services to implementation, Rishabh offers the most business-friendly and consultative engagement models that serve your most-pressing enterprise-specific needs. We uphold transparency in all our communications and client-specific workflows with progressive tracking, collaboration, and project status and expense monitoring tools.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How would you help to implement Business Intelligence (BI) in my organization?

    BI ensures that you have the most accurate and actionable information to make informed decisions. We at Rishabh with our BI application development approach help develop tailor-made solutions that provide seamless reporting so that no bad/late decisions affect your business.

    Is BI reporting better than conventional MIS reports?

    Conventional MIS reports can help in providing simple management reporting, while BI reporting covers a more detailed aspect. The standard report generally shows you format-based reports from single data source while BI integrates multiple-data sources, establish data relationships, and provide intelligent insights. Also, the regular reports are suitable for front-line executers to perform daily tasks better, but BI reports help business-level decision making.

    Do I need to modify my existing IT systems for seamless integration with the BI system?

    The answer could be yes or no. While business intelligence system implementation doesn’t require the intervention of any used systems, yet at times it still might require an additional configuration of networks to connect them with other BI tools.