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Business Intelligence Development Services

Rishabh Software offers a full range of business intelligence application development services to integrate multi-source data and the application of analytics techniques to automatically extract insights from the input records.

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BI software development services to create intelligent solutions

We offer business intelligence development services that cover essentials for data analysis & management of your business information.

Our expertise in developing custom business intelligence solutions helps you understand the data language. This simplifies critical and informed decisions. Custom BI solutions integrate data & deliver insights on what has happened and what is currently happening. These can be easily implemented across domains viz. healthcare, retail, fintech, manufacturing and more.

The key differentiators for our BI software development process include effective data management, precise data visualization and intelligent data interaction. As a specialist business intelligence software development company, we utilize a comprehensive tech stack that comprises data visualization technologies like – Power BI,  SQL reporting service & data warehousing using – MySQL, SQL Server, Hadoop and Talend.

Business intelligence application development

Business Intelligence Services We Offer

BI Consulting

BI Consulting

Our specialists in business intelligence application development guide you through the BI implementation or optimization process. We support you with SWOT analysis, business strategy evaluation, forecasting, requirement analysis, or competitive analysis. Our business intelligence consultant supports you with the review of existing data management practices, BI implementation road mapping with solution conceptualization, architecture design & technology section, BI solution cloud migration & more.

  • BI Strategy roadmap to help visualize analytics & communicate learning analysis
  • Cloud BI consulting to offer data-driven business analytics
  • Technology assessment & recommendation of your current technology ecosystem to discover newer opportunities
  • Maturity assessment of the ability of business processes and operational systems to support BI

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

As an end-to-end BI solution provider, we offer DWH services specific to your business needs. We help engineer central repositories to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data from disparate platforms and applications. Our team leverages automated data aggregation for large transaction volumes using OLAP engines to enable multi-dimensional queries. We specialize in the integration of data warehousing solutions with data viz tools to create dashboards and periodic reports.

  • ETL design & development to help you get the most out of your data assets
  • Data modeling & data mapping to gather & present data elements
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) enables easy selection, extraction & query of data for analysis
  • Master data management enables the creation of a single master record to form uniform data assets
  • ODS Creation to store and process data in real-time from multiple & varied resources

Reporting & Data Visualization

Reporting & Data Visualization

We develop customizable dashboards with robust reporting and analytics tools to pivot from raw data that run on any browser or platform. Our business intelligence development focus enables you to discover key patterns, trends, and correlations. Our team focuses on creating interactive & real-time dashboards that are collaborative, self-service-driven & mobile-friendly.

  • Report scheduling & automation to schedule and run reports in a chosen time frame
  • BI dashboard design and development to create a clear, concise & well-designed dashboard
  • KPIs set up & analytics for a quantifiable measure of performance over time for a specific objective

Migration & Modernization

Migration & Modernization

We provide systematic and reliable migration support for your BI initiatives. Our team focuses on developing a tailored data migration roadmap, data migration to a cloud-based BI environment, on-premises & cloud data integration & legacy data tool modernization. We help you navigate the challenges due to demand changes or technology innovation with services for moving to newer platforms/applications or version upgrades.

  • Data migration to move data from one data storage system between data formats & applications
  • Platform migration to move user’s data from the old platform to the new platform
  • BI solution optimization for performance tuning of data models to make them run efficiently
  • BI solution modernization to optimize your capabilities for leveraging varied data types to make informed decisions

BI Integration

BI Integration

Our business intelligence implementation services cover the development, design & deployment of scalable & robust solutions. We help integrate, process, and analyze historical and real-time data. Our specialists can help you integrate performance tracking, automated reporting, and KPIs monitoring. We offer a unique blend of domain experience and in-depth industry knowledge to provide custom services aligned with your business needs and then iterate as your BI needs grow.

  • Data Integration helps combine data from different sources into a single & unified view
  • 3rd party application integration (CRM, ERP, PMS, SCM, etc.) to connect functionalities from different apps
  • Legacy Application Integration to connect APIs and bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud data

Tools & Technologies

Rely on us for your custom BI software development needs to uncover trends and identify new opportunities


Why choose us for business intelligence services & solutions development?

Our team applies best practices of visualization frameworks, tools, metadata strategies, accelerators and performance tuning services to develop custom business intelligence solutions.

Business Intelligence Services & Consulting
Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

Our BI specialists work with advanced tools to create engaging, interactive & robust dashboards for your business. The user-friendly interface helps view & analyze key business KPIs and their performance.
Strong Technology Expertise

Strong Technology Expertise

Our business intelligence software development approach is backed by multi-domain expertise & industry-leading tools/technologies, like Power BI, Tableau and more.
Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Our professionals implement industry-standard encryption mechanisms. We keep up with trends in IP whitelisting and multiple authentication protocols focusing on data integrity & security.
Quick Turnaround Time

Quick Turnaround Time

We ensure the delivery of BI solutions in the quickest time possible because we understand the value of time & money for your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the application of business intelligence?

    BI uses software to convert reams of information into bite-sized insights to inform decision-making. It is used by sales, marketing, finance and operations departments globally for conducting quantitative analysis, measuring performance against business goals, gleaning customer insights and sharing data to identify new opportunities.

    Is there a difference between business intelligence and business analytics?

    Yes, they are different because the focus is on when events occur. While BI prioritizes descriptive analytics (to provide a summary of historic and present data) to answer the “what” and “how”, business analytics focus on predictive analytics by using data mining, modeling, and machine learning to ultimately determine the likelihood of future outcomes.

    How do you benefit from our BI services?

    As a business intelligence service provider, we can build robust BI solutions to enable data-driven business decisions. They enable you with faster analysis through intuitive dashboards, improve customer experience, and leverage trusted & governed data.

    How does the BI implementation process work?

    With our business intelligence consulting services focus, we offer a systematic implementation approach as listed below:

    • Gather business requirements for BI solutions
    • Collect and integrate diverse data
    • Clean and transform data in an appropriate format
    • Data exploration to get insights
    • Data visualization and reporting