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DevOps Services and Solutions

Rishabh’s DevOps services offer collaborated performance, high-quality software & faster delivery. This enables continuous delivery.

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Achieve higher efficiency in development & operations when you join hands with us

Initiate your DevOps Journey to optimize operations lifecycle and workflows and time to market.

We provide DevOps consulting services for businesses to automate & streamline their software development process. With a two-decade proven IT excellence, our team of specialists offers effective DevOps implementation strategies. It encompasses capabilities such as iterative and incremental development, on-demand workload management, lightweight architecture & automated testing techniques.

Clients choose us because of our ability to bridge the gap between development, quality & operations and implement DevOps best practices. We help with cloud integration by harnessing the potential of AWSAzure.  Our service comprises orchestration and CI/CD, configuration management, Containerization, Microservices and more. We help organizations continuously integrate, deploy, and deliver software faster time to realize better throughput and faster time to market.

Continuously integrate, deploy and deliver software faster with DevOps development company

DevOps Services We Offer

DevOps Implementation

DevOps Implementation

Rishabh serves as the end-to-end DevOps implementation partner to achieve better efficiency, reduce go-to-market time and produce higher quality builds. Right from infrastructure & operational management to deployment and security – our agile strategies help organizations accelerate & automate their business workflows. It involves analysis, design, building, automation and implementation across the identified areas. Using the right architecture & compatible tools, we mitigate risk and make way for a smooth DevOps transformation. Engaging us enables you to stay focused on your business goals and free up your internal resources for managing critical tasks.

  • DevOps Assessment & Strategy
  • DevOps Consulting
  • DevOps Pilot Framework & Tool Stack Construction
  • DevOps Support & Configuration Management

CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD Pipeline

As a DevOps service provider, we help automate and accelerate the entire delivery cycle. Our specialists analyze your environment and work accordingly to ensure optimum utilization of CI/CD services. From readiness assessment & pipeline tool selection to implementation & configuration management, we help fast-track your entire delivery cycle with unaltered software quality. Therefore, whether your DevOps build and release environment needs minor amendments or a complete overhaul, or any process in between – we’re there for you. Our team has extensive experience working across diverse tools like Jenkins, GitLab, Azure DevOps and more.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Maintenance
  • Continuous Monitoring

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Rishabh has a strong experience of working across the cloud ecosystem. With the help of leading platforms – AWS & MS Azure, our enterprise DevOps team works on a range of cloud projects. They always follow best practices by identifying measurable operational goals, infrastructure management, and solution design patterns. As a reliable Microsoft Gold Service Partner, our teams are well-versed with Azure DevOps. We help our customers get the most of their DevOps processes and CI/CD pipelines. Our dedicated team can enable configure services & rapidly rollout changes in app architecture & load distribution to maximize resource utilization. We also assist businesses to leverage the full benefits of AWS automation. The core competencies of which include deployment, configuration & web application maintenance. We support setting up the environments faster and in a standardized manner.

  • Cloud Deployment
  • Network and Storage
  • Cloud Monitoring and Reporting
  • Cloud Migration Services

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

When you partner with us, you leverage our experience in Databases and Operating Systems to create an end-to-end Infrastructure Maintenance and Support ecosystem. We manage everything right from logging support tickets to resolving issues and connecting with OEMs across various technologies for all of your product needs.

  • Infrastructure Management & Operations
  • Hosted VPS management
  • Remote Server Management
  • IT Helpdesk Management

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Build, test & deliver faster than ever with our reliable DevOps services.


Leverage our capabilities for faster development & deployment

As an experienced DevOps solutions company, we help our clients achieve greater business agility. Our job is to enable organizations to build superior digital products by streamlining their development and operations processes to support & achieve a faster time-to-market.

Our DevOps development services ensures quality software solutions
DevOps in Our DNA

DevOps in Our DNA

The engineered products & solutions for our customers comprise a DevOps mindset that prioritizes delivery excellence, agile culture & process orientation. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure adherence to industry-standard practices & principles of BDD, TDD & CI/CD to ensure easily maintainable code, low technical debt with each project.
Complex Delivery Experience

Complex Delivery Experience

As a DevOps services company, our team has years of experience in supporting organizations of all sizes to implement DevOps processes and practices. Primarily, we’ve focused on streamlining the release cycles for a variety of applications – from legacy to agile and more.
Smart Talent Pool

Smart Talent Pool

Our expertise in state-of-the-art technologies is a reflection of what our in-house talent brings to the table. And we ensure a strong commitment to delivery excellence by taking on board such like-minded individuals. Our selection and training practices enable the core engineering team to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving technology curve.
Lean Thinking Approach

Lean Thinking Approach

As a foundation principle, we help our customers optimize money, resources & infrastructure to derive the maximum value from a minimalistic investment. With a metric-driven development approach, we enable engineering teams to become productive, expand coding time and support prioritizing value-based backlogs. As a result, we release high-quality software that maximizes market share.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the core components of DevOps implementation?

    The standard DevOps workflow includes:

    a) Continuous Integration

    • Integration of different pipelines (web & mobile)
    • Preparation of customized builds
    • Configuration of the environment
    • Automation of alerts & reports

    b) Continuous Testing

    • Virtualization
    • Development of test script
    • Automation of test script with simulation

    c) Continuous Delivery

    • Deployment of auto-build on sensors & devices
    • Management of rollback on a live environment
    • An automated alert mechanism for tracking performance issues & failures

    d) Continuous Monitoring

    • Monitoring device health
    • Automated troubleshooting of issues in production & test environment
    What are the business benefits of implementing DevOps practice?

    It allows quick and efficient product deliveries with reduced/shortened development cycles, high deployment frequency towards more dependable releases that are in line with core business objectives.

    What are the KPIs to measure DevOps culture?
    • Lead time: Coding time taken before entering the production environment
    • Deployment frequency: Tracking the number of deployments in a given duration
    • Mean-time-to-recover: Measuring the time taken to restore services post-production
    • Change failure rate: Calculating the percentage of failed deployments and service outage
    • Team performance: Performance measurement of development & operations team throughout
    In which industries do you find the application of DevOps?

    DevOps is the need of the hour for organizations to break the silos between the cross-functional teams – dev & ops. Irrespective of their size and revenues, every organization from SMBs to large enterprises can get benefited from it. At Rishabh, we’ve strong experience of working with companies ranging from advertising to healthcare to IT product ensuring faster software development driven by collaboration and enhanced communication.