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DevOps & Infrastructure Management

As a DevOps solutions company, Rishabh’s forte in continuous integration / continuous delivery with optimum infrastructure management unleashes the potential of collaborated performance, software quality, delivery speeds, and cost-efficiency.

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Accelerate your DevOps Journey and Boost Infrastructure Capacity

Outperform competitors with rapid deployments, faster lead times, and better resilience to failure with Rishabh’s DevOps consulting services. Tackle technology disruption with confidence!

Deployment automation, release orchestration, DevOps intelligence, infrastructure virtualization and a mature cloud-based framework help Rishabh bring radical changes to continuous delivery and agile development.

As a DevOps service provider, we break the silos to rapidly build enterprise-scale applications in a ubiquitous testing environment (enabled through our automated testing services) with our experience in technologies like Jenkins, TFS, Docker, Kubernetes to enable CI/CD to the cloud environments through Azure DevOps and AWS Lambda. We enable businesses like you across these services by utilizing the full potential of major cloud providers – AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Count on us to maintain alignment, improve quality, lower costs, and ensure uninterrupted delivery of IT services across your software development chain.


Services We Offer

DevOps infrastructure management merged with Rishabh’s innovative caliber plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations for your enterprise. Our services are designed to gear inter-departmental teams to meet change elegantly by rewiring infrastructure management.
Experience a seismic shift in CI/CD processes, environment build automation, and application release management activities with Rishabh’s top-notch DevOps Configuration Management. Our service offerings for critical DevOps and Cloud infrastructure implementation include:

Enterprise Cloud Management

Enterprise Cloud Management

As a cloud infrastructure services provider, Rishabh implements cloud virtualization, resilience, automation, and streamlined orchestration for public, private, and hybrid clouds. We leverage IaaS and PaaS from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to achieve infrastructure optimization.

  • Cloud Consultation
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Monitoring and Optimization

DevOps Services

DevOps Services

Benefit from improved team collaboration, reduced errors, and the agile delivery of high-quality software. As a DevOps solutions company, Rishabh helps you access important touch points from the as-is analysis to the roadmap of to-be stage. Leverage the capabilities of environments like AWS with our comprehensive DevOps services.

  • DevOps Assessment & Strategy
  • Managed Services
  • DevOps Pilot Framework & Tool Stack Construction
  • End-to-End Implementation

Application Infrastructure Management

Application Infrastructure Management

As an infrastructure management company, Rishabh achieves improved capability, availability, and performance in an agile environment through appropriate app-IT infrastructure mapping. Obtain a holistic view of a single, seamless entity that benefits from unified support. Connect with our infrastructure consulting services team to learn more about this.

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • User Computing Services
  • IT Application Management
  • Tech Support

Server & Data Center Management

Server & Data Center Management

Elevate application performance, data management, and customer experience through Rishabh’s DevOps & infrastructure management services for secure servers and data centers. These are specially curated to redefine traditional server architectures and equip them to support optimized security, connectivity & availability.

  • Data Center Administration
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Data Center Hosting

Tools & Technologies

OS & Platforms


Rely on us for your DevOps infrastructure management needs and to build, test & release quality product.


Re-Engineering Agile Processes to Equalize Software Quality and Deployment Speed

Through continuous delivery and competitive DevOps service management, Rishabh keeps the ball rolling for the safe and reliable release of software updates. Reduce your deployment risks during instant deployments with accurate changes.

Achieve Business Agility
Achieve Business Agility
Our inherent focus on delivering range of impeccable services provides best-in-class customer experience. We provide end-to-end DevOps services consisting of consulting, implementation, automation and management. This showcase our aim to help you achieve business agility with DevOps.
Improved Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Improved Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Rishabh promotes continuous improvement and unparalleled software quality. We ensure that prolonged business continuity and disaster recovery through the support of a virtualized cloud become inherent in your enterprise’s strategy
Increased Speed to Market
Increased Speed to Market
We are one of the leading DevOps services company that proactively applies the DevOps framework to open doors to rapid application releases, new feature implementations, and application upgrades. What you can achieve is increased speed-to-market with the help of continuous feedback, enhanced product quality, reduced bugs & incidents, and improved adaptability.
Integrated Approach
Integrated Approach
Our integrated approach to DevOps infrastructure management employs the de facto standard of CI/CD to detect anomalies in the early stages of software development and release high-quality software that can maximize market share. Continuous integration helps us with early problem detection, productive software development, minimized last-minute issues, etc.

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