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Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

Rishabh is a competent Power BI development company with experienced team to assist you with the integration & implementation of business analytics, data management & reporting.

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Microsoft Power BI Solutions

Go from disparate data to actionable insights in real-time!

Leverage our Power BI development services to transform the way you analyze & act on your pivotal data.

Having worked on Microsoft technologies for over 20 years, our in-house Power BI pros excel at developing custom business intelligence solutions for data storage, processing, and analysis. We can help with transforming full-scale enterprise datasets into rich visualizations, interactive dashboards & custom reports that drive business with faster, smarter & informed decisions. Startups, SMBs & large-scale businesses can now access such intuitive business intelligence solutions on mobile apps & make decisions on the go.

Developing & deploying Microsoft Power BI solutions is our core competency. Regardless of your business model, we will assist you at every step of the way. Rely on us for data preparation, identification of the right KPIs, integration of third-party solutions, embedding scalable data models, prototyping, and development of customized reports. We cover a broad spectrum of technologies including Power BI dashboard development, mobile app development, on-premise Power BI Gateways & Power BI service setups.

Power BI Development & Implementation Partner

Services We Offer

When clients engage us as their Power BI consulting company, they get a dedicated team of specialists with hands-on experience in extracting specific insights based on user choice, embedding analytical reports & syncing dashboards from different internal & external data sources. This enables businesses like yours to derive data-driven insights that clear clog communication pipelines, boost production outputs & take your decision-making process to a whole new level.

Power BI Development Services

Power BI Development Services

Our team leverages APIs & SDK libraries to embed BI ecosystems and custom data models in enterprise apps. Having delivered several projects in different Power BI-based platforms & their corresponding frameworks across industries; we have everything to deliver optimal Power BI solutions that efficiently address the unique needs of even the most hard-to-please clients.

  • BI strategy & road map
  • Architecture design for analytics
  • Implementing data warehouse
  • SQL Server integration services
  • Support, upgrade & maintenance

Power BI Data Modeling & Analytics

Power BI Data Modeling & Analytics

Proper data modeling lays the foundation of accurate data analysis & reliable report generation. With our partnership, you get access to a comprehensive toolbox of data extracting, cleaning, organizing, and loading techniques that are applied to your existing data lakes. Using hierarchies and quick measures, we write DAX to fully customize your analytics model. This helps improve the performance of your reports, delivering transformative insights from anywhere – on-premise, cloud, excel spreadsheets, streaming data sources & so on.

  • Schema design
  • OLAP
  • Data relationship management
  • Self-service analytics

Power BI Integration & Customization

Power BI Integration & Customization

Our Power BI implementation services are tailored to ensure the platform is seamlessly placed into your environment. To make the analytics accessible to all stakeholders, we ensure smooth integration of Power BI solutions with multiple data resources such as Excel, MySQL, Text files and other spreadsheets using custom data connectors. Our team executes full-spectrum dashboards and custom reporting services to help you gain a 360-degree view of your business data. We can also create custom elements and visuals for individual roles and departments within your enterprise ecosystem.

  • ETL design
  • Integration of structured & semi-structured data
  • Data pipeline and streaming
  • Data lake/Data warehouse
  • 3rd party platform integration

Power BI Visualization & Reporting

Power BI Visualization & Reporting

In any comprehensive data analytics implementation, analysis is a vital step to understand the data at hand. We enable you to visualize such enormous data sets using graphs, charts & plots. Our Power BI services also include creating design custom data visualization & dashboards. We specialize in defining assumptions before developing statistics models even for complex data. You can harness the reporting capabilities of Power BI to generate crucial insights in real-time. Whether you’re looking to leverage customized charts or dashboards, we help you make better data-driven decisions faster while you stay focused on implementing strategies based on reliable data. This is actionable intelligence!

  • Custom visualization
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Embedded analytics

Migrate to Power BI

Migrate to Power BI

Whether you’re using a legacy solution for data visualization or relying on excel spreadsheets or another BI  tool, we can help you migrate all your data & reports to Power BI. As your Microsoft Power BI consultant, we customize a Power BI architecture that caters to your business goals and fits the way you work. Our team can also help you cut down on hosting costs with cloud computing, using AWS or Azure. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner with two decades of experience, we can get our clients to gain optimum value with Power BI.

  • Tableau to PowerBI
  • Excel to PowerBI
  • Other reporting tools to PowerBI

Extract intelligent insights & make the right decisions faster with our Power BI implementation services


Power BI consulting services that empower enterprises to transform their data into dollars

With Rishabh, clients can leverage the full potential of Power BI capabilities to gain actionable insights across the business ecosystem. Our team will rapidly restructure custom data visualizations using the best practices to ensure seamless & speedy Power BI implementations.

MS Power BI Services
Seasoned Power BI Team
Seasoned Power BI Team
We have the best-of-breed consultants & developers with an impressive record of delivering great results. They architect & implement exceptional analytics & Power BI business solutions with a client and result-oriented approach. You can count on them to guide you from start to finish with our wide range of end-to-end services inclusive of consulting, development, reporting, analytics, integrations, support & much more.
Agility & Scalability
Agility & Scalability
With an in-house Microsoft CoE, we’re your one-stop service provider for all your Power BI development needs. Whether you want to build a custom dashboard, a sophisticated multi-tier reporting solution, or want us to manage your data migration and data warehousing tasks – Rishabh has the required experience and proficiency to do it all, on time.
Long-term Partnership Approach
Long-term Partnership Approach
We have always formed & forged lasting partnerships that aim to earn your confidence and trust. When you engage us as your dedicated Power BI implementation partner, we go above & beyond to meet your current and future business needs. We have multiple engagement models that allow you to expand or downsize the team from different domains as per your dynamic business needs.
Data Integration Development
Data Integration Development
We also provide ETL services and develop custom apps that seamlessly integrate with Power BI and other third-party systems in real-time. We leverage the latest Power BI framework enhancements and employ the best tools & technologies to consolidate data from disparate sources for uninterrupted information access across all business processes and apps.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose Power BI?

    Power BI has a user-friendly interface which gives it an edge over other tools. The report generation, data viz and data integration capabilities are pretty fast when it comes to extracting accurate and reliable insights. Also, it is a comprehensive tool, can handle a large volume of data, has better formatting options, keeps your entire team on the same page.

    Which industries can benefit from Power BI implementation?

    Power BI development is beneficial across industries ranging from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and hospitality. It generates real-time insights that can help optimize operations, boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

    Can Power BI store my business data securely?

    The Power BI service is built on Microsoft Azure. This secure cloud platform stores data between BLOB storage and SQL database, depending on where your BI tenant is located.

    Does Power BI generate real-time reports?

    Your reports can be generated in real-time using DirectQuery or streaming datasets. However, the most common application is either scheduling a refresh a few times every day or planning it overnight.

    With so many Power BI consulting firms in the market, why should I hire you?

    There are several benefits of hiring a technology partner that has been working on Microsoft technologies for the past 20 years. With us clients get:

    • Microsoft-certified development team
    • A dedicated team of seasoned Azure developers
    • Complete control on the development process
    • Quality assurance and prompt support
    • A Scrum Master to manage your project
    • Data support services for ongoing performance improvements
    • An ultimate service pack that includes consultation, development, implementation, and integration
    • Diversified experience & technical competence
    • Complete visibility into the project and perfect collaboration