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Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

As an experienced Power BI development company, we assist you with data management, reporting & visualization.

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Power BI development services

Your Power BI consulting company for making confident data-driven decisions

We offer comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solutions using Power BI. This includes custom dashboards for data visualization & reporting.

Our Power BI consulting services cover defining BI strategy while architecting & implementing the needed infrastructure. Since our inception, we have been helping startups, SMBs & enterprises with business intelligence solutions. We’re a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an experienced Power BI development company enabling you to utilize the full potential of Microsoft Power BI.

As an experienced Power BI implementation partner, we can help you discover insights & forecast business trends. We support you with data preparation, identifying the right KPIs, helping develop personalization options with dashboards, integrating third-party solutions and embed scalable data models.

With our Power BI development services, you can access, model, and analyze your data from anywhere – cloud, on-premises, streaming data sources, Excel spreadsheets and more.  We help extend the capability of Microsoft’s comprehensive business intelligence suite with SQL Server (SS) BI Tools [for data integration (SSIS), reporting (SSRS), and analysis (SSAS)] and Power BI. Our specialists offer streaming in Power BI to display and update real-time data.

Power BI implementation services

Power BI Services We Offer

We’re a BI solution provider who excels in transforming raw information into marginal data. Irrespective of your organization’s size, we support the custom development of data visualization platforms/solutions for your varied business needs. Our team supports the creation of self-service business intelligence for users across every level to utilize real-time analytics.

Power BI Consulting services

Power BI Consulting services

At the crux of every thriving business lies data-driven decision-making and analytics objectives. That’s where our Power BI consultants make the difference – they know how to translate your data into actionable intelligence. Our consultants excel at Power BI strategy development, roadmap creation, integration consulting, performance optimization consulting, and change management. Tap into our experience to integrate high-impact analytics and BI solutions that offer a 360-degree view of your business and make data-driven decisions with confidence. So, uncover the insights hidden in your business-critical data and make quick business decisions with our robust implementation strategy and Power BI consulting services.

  • Identifying Gaps and Inefficiencies by evaluating your existing systems and pinpointing areas for improvement
  • Evaluation to implement modern BI platform with new featuresdata sources, and reports

Power BI Development Services

Power BI Development Services

Our team of experienced Power BI developers offers visualization from multiple datasets. We offer custom design and interactive report creation to succinctly view all crucial metrics. Our developers support you in customizing dashboards and fetching interactive reports. As part of the custom development process, we apply ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) with cubes and dimension tables to monitor data load.

  • BI strategy & road map that aligns with your business goals, processes & people
  • Power BI Implementation after thorough planning to ensure success & increase work efficiency
  • Implementing a data warehouse so that everyone in the organization uses the same data foundation
  • SSIS to utilize a large amount of data for visualization & reporting

Power BI Data Modeling & Analytics

Power BI Data Modeling & Analytics

We understand that proper data modeling lays the foundation for accurate self-service analytics & reliable report generation. We create a data architecture roadmap that is fundamentally based on best practices, industry standards and the latest proven techniques. This helps improve the performance of your reports, delivering  insights from anywhere – on-premise, cloud, excel spreadsheets, streaming data sources & so on. Our team works with you to develop conceptual data models based on the analysis of data objects and their relationships.

  • Schema design for data models that help develop custom reports with Power BI
  • OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes, tailored to create the optimal user experience by leveraging KPIs

Power BI Integration & Customization

Power BI Integration & Customization

We help integrate multiple data resources like text files, CSV, 3rd party APIs, My SQL, NoSQL, Oracle and more for your BI solutions. This would allow you to get access to disparate data sources & enhance data exploration to discover insights.

  • ETL design helps extract & transform large data sets
  • Data lake/Data warehouse integration to utilize the data for reporting & visualization
  • 3rd party platform integration to increase data consistency

Power BI Visualization & Reporting

Power BI Visualization & Reporting

Our developers are well versed with Power BI tools to create custom dashboards personalized to individual roles & departments. We utilize the PowerViz community to develop complex graphs, charts & plots to offer interactive reporting by assessing your business drivers. Our BI specialists perform periodic health checks on implemented dashboards & provide recommendations to optimize performance and ensure better reporting.

  • Power BI dashboard development to provide visually immersive, interactive & actionable insights
  • Embedded analytics to provide reports, dashboards & analytics into your web & mobile applications
  • Custom visualization to help you explore, display & share complex data in intuitive ways

Migrate to Power BI

Migrate to Power BI

Whether you’re using legacy software, excel spreadsheets, or other BI tools for data visualization, we can help you migrate them to Power BI. While doing so we ensure minimal downtime, accurate transfer of your data & related customizations and platform optimization. As your Microsoft Power BI consultant, our team works with you to plan & manage the entire migration process – right from pre-migration planning, requirements gathering & development planning to proof of concept (POC), solution validation & finally Power BI deployment.

  • Tableau to Power BI migration to enable greater flexibility
  • Excel to Power BI to view, analyze and visualize huge quantities of data
  • Other reporting tools to Power BI to help prepare and migrate reports

Leverage our Power BI capabilities to meet your data analytics objectives & improve decision making


Why choose our Power BI development services?

We help you leverage the full potential of Power BI capabilities by developing solutions that are customized to your needs, budget, and goals. Our team supports you with the migration, enhancement & development of self-service dashboards & embedded analytics.

Microsoft Power BI consultant
Microsoft Expertise

Microsoft Expertise

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 2 decades of IT experience, our proficient developer team has experience working across the Microsoft ecosystem. We combine Power BI with other Power Platform tools (Power Automate, Power Apps) to deliver custom solutions.
Seasoned Power BI Team

Seasoned Power BI Team

Our team of highly skilled & experienced Power BI developers provides full-cycle development & deployment of BI solutions across industries. Our BI consultants have vast experience with the adoption and customization of Power BI.
Flexible & Scalable Solutions

Flexible & Scalable Solutions

We’re your one-stop service provider for all your Power BI development & deployment needs. Whether you need Power BI dashboard development or complex multi-tier reporting system or custom Power BI dashboards using the latest Power BI frameworks, we can help.
Engagement Model

Engagement Model

We offer flexible models that enable you to increase or decrease the team size or involve specialists from different domains as per your changing business needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose Power BI?

    Power BI has a user-friendly interface which gives it an edge over other tools. Its report generation, data visualization & integration capabilities are fast, and it helps extract accurate and reliable insights. Also, this comprehensive tool can handle a large volume of data, provides better formatting options, and keeps your team on the same page.

    Which industries can benefit from Power BI implementation?

    Power BI development is beneficial across industries ranging from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and hospitality. It generates real-time insights that can help optimize operations, boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

    Can Power BI store my business data securely?

    The Power BI tool utilizes Microsoft Azure. This secure cloud platform stores data between BLOB storage and SQL database, depending on the location of your BI tenant.

    Does Power BI generate real-time reports?

    Your reports can be generated in real-time using DirectQuery or streaming datasets. However, the most common application is either scheduling a refresh a few times daily or planning it overnight.

    With so many Power BI consulting firms in the market, why should I hire you?

    Hiring a technology partner having over 20 years of experience working on Microsoft technologies provides several benefits:

    • Microsoft-certified development team
    • A dedicated team of seasoned Azure developers
    • Complete control of the development process
    • Quality assurance and prompt support
    • A Scrum Master to manage your project
    • Data support services for ongoing performance improvements
    • An ultimate service pack that includes consultation, development, implementation, and integration
    • Diversified experience & technical competence
    • Complete visibility into the project and perfect collaboration
    What is your Power BI development process?

    As an experienced Power BI development company, our proficient team follows proven & streamlined processes coupled with an innovative approach. Here are the critical steps:

    Analysis & Planning – Our team serves as your Microsoft Power BI consultant & carries out a thorough feasibility check. The test results help them understand your existing IT infrastructure, and technical needs, which in turn, facilitates the creation of the roadmap to utilize your Power BI investments optimally.

    Design & Development – We design the architecture of your custom Power BI solution. Our skilled programmers build data models & compelling visuals to meet your reporting & visualization needs.

    Implementation, Integration & Migration – Our team integrates relevant APIs, platforms, etc., to your custom solution. We conduct essential upgrades or migrations while accurately implementing the BI solutions with your existing technology ecosystem.

    Testing & Maintenance – We ensure you get a high-performance, secure & scalable IT solution with relevant quality standards. Our post-deployment maintenance & support services ensure the smooth & accurate functioning of your IT system.

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