At Rishabh Software, we have built high performance, scalable, extensible and manageable Java applications in various domains. We help customers realize the benefits of JEE and related technologies through structured architecting, design and development and a proven implementation methodology.

Java provides three main flavours

  • Java SE: A Standard Edition targeted at developing console, desktop client, and server applications.
  • Java EE: An Enterprise Edition targeted at developing large-scale industry enterprise applications.
  • Java ME: A Micro Edition targeted at developing mobile, hand-held device applications.

Areas of Expertise

Web Technologies and FrameworksJava Server Faces, Spring, Struts, EJB, Servlet, JSP, XML, XSL, Web Services and WS-* Standards, Tapestry, Tiles, Velocity, CSS3, HTML 5, AJAX, JavaBean, Javascript, XML Binding API, Angular Js, Websockets
Presentation LayerStruts, HTML 5, Servlet, JSP, JSF, JBOSS SEAM, Spring MVC, JQuery, ExtJS, Google Web Toolkit, Dojo, DWR, YUI, Rich Faces, Prime Faces, Adobe Flex, Vaadin, ZK, Swings, Applet
DatabaseMSSQL 2000/2005, Oracle 9i, 10, 11i, MySQL 5.0, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Derby, Berkley DB
Build ToolsANT, Cruise Control, Maven, Hudson, Jenkins
IDEsEclipse IDE, Net beans, myEclipse, IntelliJ
Object Relation MappingHibernate, Java Data Objects
Testing and DebuggingJunit, Jmeter, Cactus, PMD, Check Style, CPD, JMock
Other ProductsJasper Reports, Eclipse BIRT, Log4j, LogBack, Lucene, POI, Quartz, Xdoclet, Jakarta Commons, Together Control Center, Eclipse, MyEclipse, JUnit, FindBugs, Style Check, CPD, Storm, Magnolia CMS,
Software EngineeringCore Design patterns, J2EE Design patterns, Enterprise Integration patterns, UML, SCRUM, OOAD
Application ServersTomcat, BEA WebLogic Server, WebSphere Application Server, Jboss Application Server, Glassfish
SecurityJAAS, JSSE, Spring Acegi, SAML, SSO
ProfilingJprofiler, Netbeans Profiler
Integration LayerJCA, JMS, Apache Camel, Apache ServiceMix, MQSeries, Rabbit MQ, Active MQ, Drools, SOAP, REST, XFire, Metro
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