Key Features

To address the client’s need for custom digital payment app development, we designed a feature-rich digital payment solution that efficiently bridged the gap between banks and individuals. To ensure financial inclusion and optimized mobile money adoption, this user-friendly payment solution was further enhanced with the following key features:

Digital Wallet

The app offers the convenience of a secure digital wallet through which users can store and manage funds. It allows users to conveniently make quick and secure payments with an extra layer of security.

Payment Enablement

The app helps businesses enable payments for their customers who can send and receive funds directly through P2P payments, QR code scans, bank transfers, in-app payments, and contactless transactions.

ISO 20022 Messaging Standard Support

Ensures seamless integration and communication across the global financial ecosystem.

Account information screen in mobile payment app

Virtual Cards

The digital payment app offers virtual cards for one-time or recurring subscription payments with customizable schedules and spending limits.

Cross-Border Payments

The app helps businesses send and receive cross-border payments with competitive FX rates and offers flexible fee configurations.

Mobile payment transfer app screenshots

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