Category : Case Studies

Front-End Modernization For Legacy Enterprise Application [Case Study]

User experience is the most significant focus for organizations in the present day and age. And, it has been improving exponentially with the emergence of new devices and technologies.

Homecare Portal Development Using Drupal For The Elderly [Case Study]

Elderly citizens are particularly vulnerable during such testing times, like the recent coronavirus outbreak. Special care needs to be taken for their well-being.

Sales Process Reengineering using Dynamics 365 for Food Industry [Case Study]

Learn how Rishabh Software helped a US-based food business by integrating their sales process with Dynamics 365. Also, how the solution enabled the customer to leverage new opportunities while boosting profits.

Mobile And Web Application Modernization With Social Integration For Retail

Social media integration helps boost the user engagement in the target market, and subsequently improve bottom-line results. It is an integral component of app modernization exercise for modern retail businesses.

WordPress Maintenance And Support Services For A Digital Enterprise [Case Study]

Many global enterprises today have multiple brands and websites that cater to varied customer needs. The end goal of every such website is to achieve business outcomes faster and more reliably.

Cloud-Based Tutor Student Portal For Education Sector [Case Study]

Developments in technology are revolutionizing the learning paradigms. Today, eLearning is a preferred choice for both students and teachers over the traditional classroom approach.

Drupal Based Therapy Practice Management System For Healthcare Domain [Case Study]

Healthcare professionals today rely on modern-day technology solutions that help them streamline their clinical processes such as scheduling, billing, and more with automation to some of the mundane tasks.

Web Store Migration From OpenCart To Magento [Case Study]

Ecommerce is an ever-evolving phenomenon. And, for companies to stay on top amid the fierce competition, a robust and next-gen web store is the ultimate solution. It will help attract potential buyers and retain existing customers while keeping user data secure.

ML Based Health Tracking Solution For Healthcare Industry [Case Study]

Health monitoring systems continue to evolve in this digital age. AI-powered health-tracking wearable devices today continuously monitor vital signs of a patient’s health and basis that generate a large number of observations per second.

Cloud-Based Digital Learning Solution For Education Industry [Case Study]

E-learning today is undergoing a significant transformation. The new-age cloud-based learning platforms offer edge over traditional education methodologies. They provide greater convenience to students and teachers.

Cloud-Based Magento Store Development Solution [Case Study]

Ecommerce is booming because of evolving customers. And, companies have witnessed skyrocketing growth in their businesses by utilizing eCommerce store development services.

Fraud Prevention Solution For Banking & Finance Industry [Case Study]

The financial services industry, especially the financial institutions deal with multiple channels that handle millions of transactions per day. Amidst the growing number of online payments, fraudsters today apply sophisticated and advanced technologies.

Product Re-engineering Of Survey Software For Healthcare Industry [Case Study]

Healthcare industry today is facing the challenges of rising costs amid uneven quality of care & treatment. Moreover, for businesses, an efficient online survey application supports them to map the patient-provider communication by providing feedback — both from patients and employees.