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Recruitment App Development To Streamline Hiring Process [Case Study]

Finding the right candidate is critical to business success. And, technology helps HR function to look into hiring strategies to get the best applicants. A mobile app can streamline almost everything for the recruitment process within an organization, from locating, screening, interviewing, and hiring the perfect candidates.

Ecommerce Portal Development For Chemical Industry [Case Study]

Technology, business practices and customer expectations raise the bar for the chemical industry’s B2B practices. The companies in this sector must adapt to a broader range of digitally enabled processes to be more effective in customer outreach. A dedicated eCommerce marketplace would help them list products, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and offer access to a large customer base.

Magento Online Store Upgradation For A Healthcare Supply Business [Case Study]

Globally, there is a huge demand for healthcare products and services. An online store is a strong platform for global expansion. It helps expand the reach while creating new niches and revenue streams. Needless to say, the onset of the pandemic has accelerated the need for online distribution of medical supplies for the treatment. From caregivers to patients, everyone wants to have easy access to these benefits with the simple click of a button.

Online Construction Material Ordering System [Case Study]

Unexpected material shortage can be a huge challenge in the construction industry. It results in waste of time and resources that lead to increased expenses and delivery delays. An online construction material order and delivery system serves as a one-stop platform for every requirement.

VR-Based Language Learning App Development [Case Study]

Technology is constantly changing the way we learn. With scope for advancements, apps are redefining the meaning of practical learning. Learn how we helped an NZ-based EdTech company create new growth openings to reach a wider audience.

HERS Testing Software Development For A Real Estate Company [Case Study]

Organizations need a streamlined approach to handle permit management requirements with a dedicated Home Energy Rating System (HERS). It helps improve communication between schedulers, individuals, permitting agencies and more.

On-Demand Food Order Management System [Case Study]

Food is an essential component of a productive workforce. An efficient online food ordering and delivery software help improve the workplace experience with a mix of convenience and customization to simplify the day-to-day operations.

Driving License Process Management Solution [Case Study]

Littering is a serious threat to the environment. It is now a bigger concern across many countries. As part of the local authority support, officers are responsible to collect fines from offenders.

Ready-to-use Custom Application Development Solution for A Digital Enterprise [Case Study]

In today’s competitive world, solutions that are unique help your business grow. Also, a one-size-fits-all solution might not solve all technology problems. That is where custom software plays an important role. It can offer great flexibility for better growth.

Legacy App Modernization for Littering Offense Ticketing System [Case Study]

Littering is a serious threat to the environment. It is now a bigger concern across many countries. As part of the local authority support, officers are responsible to collect fines from offenders.

CRM System Development For Real Estate Company [Case Study]

The conversion of sales leads plays a vital role for the success of any business. Detailed campaign planning backed with proper execution is crucial to achieve this. However, most companies fail to build the link between creation of marketing campaign plans and sales execution. For real estate companies, a dedicated CRM system coupled with intuitive marketing & sales modules help bridge this gap and stay atop of the game.

Multiple Event Management Portal Using SharePoint [Case Study]

Planning and organization are important for successful event management. A unified platform for events can help simplify & automate operational processes.

Modernizing Legal Document Management System For A Law Firm [Case Study]

In today’s fast-paced digital world, almost every industry leverages technology to streamline its workflows. For the legal sector, documentation of various forms is the lifeline. An all-inclusive document management system (DMS) offers multiple benefits while managing compliance.