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How Chatbots In Healthcare Are Helping Patients Chat Their Way To Holistic Health!

Healthcare organizations are leveraging chatbots to provide accurate and up-to-date information to patients without needing them to set foot in a hospital!

Potential Of Wearable Technology In Healthcare – Why To Invest?

Wearable technology is helping shape the healthcare industry. It has evolved from the old school days of wristwatches into an ever-growing technological phenomenon that helps both healthcare professionals and patients to make informed health decisions.

Veterinary Practice Management Software Development

Technology evolution is transforming the future of practice management for various departments of the healthcare industry. Veterinarians are increasingly looking to digitally innovate for streamlining their day-to-day operations and automate tedious, repetitive tasks.

Fleet Management Software Development

Fleet Management Software is primarily utilized by organizations offering services in travel, logistics, and supply chain. With the advancements in geo-location technology that enable tracking of vehicles through GPS, developing a transport software for managing fleet has been made possible.

Pharmacy Management Software Development: Benefits, Features & Cost

Cloud has emerged as a powerful technology disruptor that is constantly changing and challenging the IT landscape. It is compelling companies to adapt to the innovative paradigm or run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Digital Transformation In The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has dramatically evolved over the past several years. Today it is embracing digital transformation in various ways to address complex challenges from consumers, regulatory and digital ecosystem.

Digital Transformation In Retail: All You Need To Know

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a huge uptake of digital solutions for commercial and personal purposes. Also, there is a steady shift from traditional buying habits to digital ones.

Medical Practice Management Software Development

The pandemic situation drives the healthcare system to its limit. The recent COVID-19 pandemic witnessed a rapid rise in the demand for healthcare facilities. And, while providers were burdened to offer services, it took a toll on their operating efficiency.

How Machine Learning Helps To Improve Fleet Operations

Machine learning in fleet management helps increase business productivity & efficiency while reducing operational costs. Besides, it enables drivers to keep track of their performance and improve long-term outcomes.

OHS Management Software Development: All You Need to Know

Today’s evolving workplace is pushing the demand for an accurate health and safety management mechanism in place. Every organization has a moral obligation to ensure safe working conditions for its workforce, subcontractors and visitors.

Property Management Software Development for Real Estate

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing verticals across the world. And, as part of the mix, property owners manage the massive volume of records, including property listing – for current and forthcoming ones, buyer information, and more.

Role of Application Integration in EHR for Healthcare

Today, health-care organizations are looking for new means to increase their functional capabilities and reduce integration cost. Though for them, the integration of heterogeneous information systems has always been critical.

Essentials of Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Digitalization is the need of the hour. The ever-increasing customer expectations, stiff competition, complex regulatory precedence are factors pushing businesses to innovate with technology. For financial services, it has made a notable impact on business operations. Its adoption has led to opportunities to make operations faster and cost-effective.