ML-Based Solution for Fleet Management System
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ML-based Fleet Management Solution For Transportation Business

17 Mar 2020

Machine learning in fleet management helps increase business productivity & efficiency while reducing operational costs. Besides, it enables drivers to keep track of their performance and improve long-term outcomes. Rishabh Software offers smart fleet management solutions to automate business operations.

Machine Learning (ML) – a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming almost every business domain today. And, the fleet management business is no exception.


For fleet managers, data & analytics are vital sources of information. It enables them to track all the fleet operations and make timely decisions.


Rishabh Software develops fleet monitoring solutions that help manage assets, fuel, employees, and more efficiently.

ML-Based Solution for Fleet Management System

Though, Why Should Businesses Adopt ML-Driven Solutions for Fleet Management?

The use of Machine Learning, along with other AI capabilities, helps you leverage the data to impact bottom-line results significantly.

Benefits of ML-Driven Fleet Management

A holistic suite of machine learning fleet management system covers:

  • Custom Map Visualization
  • Fleet Management Predictive Analytics
  • Real-time Reports
  • Alerts & Monitoring

Wish To Manage Fleets Flawlessly?

From orders to driver & vehicle management, operate all the business functions efficiently with our powerful, cloud-based solutions

Custom Fleet Management Solutions To Address Your Business Needs

We solve the most complex transportation and safety challenges. And, it is by combining all the aspects of your business, including vehicle tracking insights, driver behavior, fleet safety & maintenance policies, and more.


Let us look at the essential facets of our fleet management app development focus:

Admin Panel

Fleet Management System Admin Panel Modules


  • Provides a 360° view of the fleet operations with actionable business intelligence to the authenticated users


Map Visualization:

  • Full-screen maps with auto-refresh functionality to allow users whole fleet or even a single vehicle visualization
  • Real-time traffic mapping, landmarks, and worksites options to customize the fleet presence


Vehicle Management:

  • Our fleet management data analytics tool helps track vehicle status, maintenance history, and more
  • It includes timely alert with possible part failures, vehicle breakdown, and more


Employee Management:

  • The multi-faceted workforce management module offers a time clock, inspection process, accountability tool, and more
  • It helps assess driver’s efficiency, travel time, the distance between stops, the average length of stops, and more


Fleet Analytics:

  • The ML-powered platform helps analyze routes, vehicle speed, idling, driver behavior, job completion time, revenue, and more



  • Data visualization in fleet management through reports enable an easy download of maintenance & operations reports in various formats like a chart, map, excel, pdf, and more

Driver Panel

Driver Panel of Fleet Management Software

Job Board:

  • Allows drivers to keep track of their assigned/commissioned jobs
  • Admin can further segregate the tasks among the drivers and vehicles based on their availability & condition


Route Tracking:

  • Fleet monitoring solutions help analyze past data and set quickest, accessible routes for the entire fleet or a single unit
  • Real-time tracking helps save time & fuel, along with delivering assignments



  • Easy access and management of driver profiles
  • Includes, quantitative measure of driver’s performance, their rankings and areas of improvement


Timing & Messaging:

  • The in-app vehicle-tracking module offers transparency by enabling the drivers to map the start and end time of the trip
  • Allows sending the text or voice messages directly from the app in case of an emergency


Alerts & Notifications:

  • Offers automated alerts while managing pick-up & drop-off schedules
  • Both admin and drivers get notifications for speed-zone, vehicle status, rash driving, route deviation, and more

Learn how we helped a US-based enterprise in fleet management to minimize data redundancy for generating accurate business reports. And, how our predictive reporting system enabled them to asses & streamline seven-billion of data generated per week.

Apart from this, we provide a range of services to deliver a comprehensive package of fleet management solutions.


It includes:

  • KPIs and Data Security Management Module
  • Insurance & Compliance Management System
  • Third-party API Integration
  • Fleet Tracking Mobile App Development & Support
  • Testing & QA, and More


Fleet management is a vital aspect of running a successful business. A right solution can help to manage assets easily and add substantial profits to the organization.


Rishabh Software provides Machine Learning-based fleet management solutions to enable businesses to increase profits and achieve high ROI on investments.

Track Your Fleet Anytime, Anywhere

Rishabh Software provides advanced enterprise-level solutions to optimize vehicle, employee, and other asset management