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Fastest Way to Carry Out Application Performance Testing

This article introduces you to an efficient way of conducting application performance testing that reduces your testing efforts. Imagine this situation: You are about to launch a Web Application. The application’s performance is crucial but you have very limited time to meet deadlines? How will you optimally execute the performance test?

Building an Effective Automated QA Testing Team

In order to compete in the IT industry, any big fish or a small IT Service provider needs Automated QA Testing expertize. Why Automation Automation as a tool makes a productive team more effective than that same set of people would be without it. It is a capability that, when added to and employed by a skilled force, increases the potential of that unit manifold, thereby enhancing the probability of successful project submission.

Application Performance Testing : It’s Goals and How to Achieve Them

Most of the applications developed in current times are deployed on the internet with multiple integrations to other business systems which have millions of user base accessing those integrated systems. A good example to take is an email service provider integrated with known choice of social connectors and business applications.

Qualities of a Good Tester

Being a tester, I am sure you might have encountered situations where, after a successful release you walk into the office, only to find that email from your client mentioning an issue! It is marked to your project manager and all the developers. An urgent meeting is called for, in order to catch the culprit!