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Cloud-based B2B Chemical Marketplace Portal Development [Case Study]

27 Jan 2021

Technology, business practices and customer expectations raise the bar for the chemical industry’s B2B practices. The companies in this sector must adapt to a broader range of digitally enabled processes to be more effective in customer outreach. A dedicated eCommerce marketplace would help them list products, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and offer access to a large customer base.

Learn how we helped a US-based technology partner with our eCommerce store development focus to support their end customer from the chemical industry.

Project Overview

The end client wanted to drive the digitization of commerce processes for the chemical sector. Our online portal development for the chemical industry would offer the users create custom eCommerce platforms to engage with global chemical producers, distributors and chemical suppliers.

Rishabh Software as an eCommerce web development company developed an online cloud-based marketplace to help suppliers create their custom commerce portals while opening up new digital sales channels. It would enable them to showcase their products & service better while supporting the unique workflows.


  • Chemical product search optimization
  • Manual intervention to streamline operations
  • Lack of visibility and request in terms of relevant product delivery
  • Inadequate security and privacy for managing data & sensitive information


The developed cloud-based online chemical marketplace enables suppliers to create their commerce portals by opening digital sales channels to support unique workflows. The platform helps companies to promote their brand better with suppliers. Today, the web application facilitates the selling and buying of chemical products. We built easy-to-use dashboards that cater to a variety of stakeholders. It comes with a range of useful features that help manage products, leads, quotes, transactions, and requests all in one place.

Order Details Invoices of eCommerce Marketplace

Our team performed regression testing for the platform. It provided traceability between the requirements and reduced the manual efforts for each release.

  • Secure and transparent mode that manages end-to-end business processes
  • Easy registration and robust authentication process
  • Customizable dashboard showcases status of what’s going on with data in-line with past transactions and market insights
  • Implementation of the deep search algorithm to enable smart product searches in the platform
Online Web Portal - Search & Display Order Dashboard


  • A single, convenient interface to sell/buy products
  • Reduction in the manual efforts by 60%
  • Streamlined business process of purchasing chemicals with utmost transparency and efficiency
  • Improvement in application quality and impact analysis
  • Effective e-commerce analytics tracking

Customer Profile

North American Technology Company


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