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Angular Development Services

We integrate Angular capabilities to create a broad range of solutions that improve user experience.

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Angular web development company

Angular development company to create digital products in line with your requirements

We leverage Angular to offer custom front-end development along with migration, upgrade & modernization services.

We offer Angular web development services that are at par with a wide range of business domains from retail to healthcare and media & entertainment to Edtech at different scales. Our experienced developers have helped varied customers, whether start-ups or established enterprises, with successful Angular implementation.

Our Angular experts utilize the MEAN stack to deliver web applications quickly and easily. It comprises MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. We’ve extensive experience in utilizing Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns to develop advanced web & mobile applications. And we leverage Angular for its pre-configured functionalities like routing, two-way data binding, and dependency injections.

Our experienced developers take advantage of Angular’s built-in directives & components to seamlessly manage forms, lists, styles & what your application user can see. Since Angular is greatly extensible and works seamlessly with other libraries, our team can customize every application feature that meets your specific requirements.

Custom Angular Development

Angular Development Services We Offer

Angular has emerged as the perfect choice for developing complex web applications. Being an experienced Angular development company, we leverage this framework to offer web development services that are scalable, test-driven, cost-efficient, reusable, secure, versatile & visually attractive with responsive designs.

Angular Front-End Development

Angular Front-End Development

Our seasoned Angular developers utilize this web framework to develop single-page applications along with dynamic web & mobile applications. Our architects take into consideration balance, form, and function while incorporating design best practices. It is across every stage of development – right from wireframing to the final product for a rich user experience. We leverage Angular’s in-built templates & modules for easy adaptability.

  • Web application development for a well-structured, scalable & sustainable business app
  • Progressive web apps (PWAs) to deliver a mobile app-like experience with native features
  • Plugin development to add new functionality to an app
  • Single-page application development to load a single web document & make it easy to add advanced features to a web application

Migration & Upgradation

Migration & Upgradation

We can help you migrate your current code to Angular or upgrade to the latest stable version. This helps increase your app’s performance, speed, scalability, and user accessibility. Whether you want to make the move from AngularJS to Angular, or from another framework such as Vue or React to Angular, we can help.

  • Migration from another platform to Angular for enhanced scalability & agility for your growing business
  • Migration from AngularJS to Angular for better support across mobile devices & browsers

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

We help you seamlessly modernize your legacy applications for a consistent user experience. Our Angular experts strategically plan enhancements related to data, business logic, UI layer & other relevant areas before moving the legacy code to a new solution. Leverage our app modernization services to achieve your business goals with enhanced app agility, advanced features, and improved UI.

  • Legacy assessment of operational, technology & architectural constraints
  • Technology modernization to ensure your app is in sync with current business needs
  • Cloud transformation to move to a highly available & scalable infrastructure
  • Architectural modernization for a flexible, resilient, responsive app

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

As your Angular web development company, we ensure prompt and ongoing support across all stages. Be it for feature & quality improvements, or optimizing business workflows with seamless Angular app upgrades, we can help. Our periodic maintenance covers everything from backup to speed optimization, security patch update, theme & plug-in updates, deletion of broken links & bugs, and more. With enhanced architectural operational support we ensure your Angular website or web application stays afresh, up-to-date, fast & running smoothly which improves your end-user experience.

  • Application support for upgrades and technical enhancements
  • Continuous application maintenance for existing & ongoing projects
  • Application security & performance for improved efficiency & better usability.

Tools & Technologies

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Enhance the performance of your digital product with our Angular development services?


Why choose us for Angular development services

Our Angular experts know why this typescript-based open-source web application framework is a perfect choice for long-term projects. As an experienced angular development company, we can support any of your custom development requirements.

Angular web development solution
Dedicated Development Focus

Dedicated Development Focus

Our proficiency in Angular web design and development enables us to support clients with developing custom solutions to serve their varied features and functionality needs.
Angular Specialists

Angular Specialists

Our full-stack developers are well-versed in the latest Angular versions (1.5+) to ensure you get comprehensive, feature-packed & efficient applications.
Advanced Security & Scalability

Advanced Security & Scalability

The security of your applications is our utmost concern, and we prioritize security best practices like avoiding risky Angular APIs and preventing XSS instances, HTTP vulnerabilities & server-side attacks.
Transparent Approach

Transparent Approach

Working with us includes complete visibility into the project and perfect collaboration with modern communication methods like Microsoft Teams, email, phone & other collaboration platforms to keep you posted on the progress.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the custom angular development process you follow?

    As an established Angular software development company, we have an effective & quality-driven process in place to accomplish your business objectives on time:

    • Need Assessment – Documenting your product vision & business needs to ensure both sides are on the same page
    • Wireframes & Mockups – Creating interactive UI designs that define the user-friendly flow of your proposed application or platform
    • Prototype – After freezing the scope, we create a prototype, so you have an idea of the look & feel of the mobile or web app
    • Feedback & Changes – Making necessary modifications to the existing platform based on your feedback and proceeding after your approval on the same
    • Development – Developing the solution using suitable technologies and delivering the project on time
    • Deployment – Conducting user acceptance testing, training, deploying the source code, and launching the app on your platform
    What are the best practices followed by Rishabh for Angular mobile app development?

    We meticulously enforce the best coding practices for all our projects. As an Angular mobile app development company, we ensure proper document structuring, markup specifications, standard naming conventions, and breaking down of the elements into small reusable components to reduce code duplication. We perform actions like lazy loading to reduce the size of the initial load time and hence improve the application boot time along with adherence to other proven coding methodologies.

    What tips should I keep in mind while selecting an Angular development company?

    Here are some aspects you must consider before selecting your Angular development partner:

    • Company’s value delivery model
    • Standard operating procedure & security compliance
    • Technological proficiency
    • Reliability and customer support
    Why should I prefer Angular over other frameworks?

    Here are some reasons why should you prefer Angular over other frameworks:

    • Simple architecture for faster processing
    • Helps exhibit the data without refreshing the page
    • Routing, dependency injection, animation, and more. for a better user experience
    • Code reusability means faster development