Occupational Health And Safety Management Software Development [CASE STUDY]

A Java based OHS management system software developed to manage risk & compliance at the workplace. The solution works on a cloud model (SaaS) to support small and medium size organizations.


The client wanted a solution that would specifically manage risk and compliance at the workplace. They also needed a solution that was easily scalable, user friendly and addressed the need for notifying and alerting authorities for occupational health and safety along with extensive reporting. The occupational health and safety software solution would work as a cloud based platform for supporting small and medium size organizations.


  • Electronic document management for handling various reports and events
  • Detailed data analysis and workflow management for health and safety practices
  • Delivering easy and intuitive interface for safety professionals, compliance officer
  • Integrate occupational health and safety responsibilities into business management
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Rishabh software’s Java development team architected a SaaS based occupational health and safety risk management solution by matching health & safety compliance standards like AS/NZS 4801, AS/NZS ISO 14001, AS/NZS ISO 31000, AS/NZS ISO 9000 and AS 1885. Implementation and usage of the solution became quick and easy through various automated workflows, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and transparency among the authorities. The OHS software solution also interfaces as a cloud platform helping small and medium organizations to manage occupational health and safety risks and compliance.

Java based Health & Safety Software Solution
SaaS based OHS Risk Management System developed using Java

Business Benefits

  • Easy scalability of safety management software solution with SaaS based approach
  • Achieved better profitability by eliminating health and safety risks
  • Hassle free configuration of training modules as per the requirement
  • Streamlined audit compliance management, risk management, training management and document management

Industry Segment

  • Healthcare & Safety

Customer Profile

  • An Australia based WHS management solution provider, supporting small & medium size organizations to manage occupational risk and compliance. Client delivers a unique integrated solution facilitating organizations with tools and resources for developing, implementing and reviewing OHS management systems, training records and legal requirements in health and environment safety.

Technology and Tools

  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL
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