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As a Flutter app development partner, we can help you build platform-independent digital experiences in record time.

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Developing scalable multi-platform apps with Flutter

Stand out in the dynamic realm of cross platform with our Flutter expertise

Leverage our Flutter application development services to build highly functional applications with natively compiled experiences for web and mobile apps.

From feature-rich mobile apps to dynamic web solutions, our experts can fulfill your business requirements tailored to your specific needs using a single codebase. Our best-in-class Flutter experts will take care of your app’s design, layout, and interactivity, leveraging the latest tech stack to enable quick programming and native performance. From prototype to MVP creation, we can help you leverage the power of this leading cross-platform mobile app development framework to deliver exceptional multi-platform experience.

Our Flutter team utilizes high-performing cross-platform technology to develop apps from a single codebase and support varied industry segments from eCommerce and FinTech to mHealth or even Flutter app development for IoT devices.

Our dedicated and skilled Flutter experts combine Dart with other front-end and back-end technologies like NodeJS, SQL Light database, PHP, Real M database, Laravel and ROR. Backed by a track record of successful projects and experience in Flutter development, our team has the know-how to leverage Flutter’s Human Interface Design (iOS) and Material Design Specification (Android) to obtain a native-like feel.

Build custom Flutter apps for your business

Flutter App Development Services We Offer

We’re a top-rated Flutter development company that works with you from conceptualization to completion and beyond with post-development support and maintenance. With expertise in the Flutter app development stack, We can help you make the most of Flutter components, libraries, and widgets to create apps with a native touch and feel across diverse platforms.

Custom Flutter App Development

Custom Flutter App Development

Be it a startup development or a complex enterprise mobile and web app, our Flutter mobile app development services harness Flutter’s architecture design and the SDK library to build and deploy high-performing cross-platform apps from a single code base. Our Flutter developers are proficient in offering compelling UX and UI (by considering the right navigation, icons, scrolling & fonts) that reflect your vision and cater to the growth requirements of your business.

  • iOS apps developed using customizable widgets and rich libraries without sacrificing features, quality and performance.
  • Android apps are developed by considering syntaxes and frameworks to function seamlessly across all devices.

Flutter UI/UX Design Services

Flutter UI/UX Design Services

Our Flutter experts understand the significant importance of a user-friendly and intuitive design. We harness Flutter’s expressive UI toolkit alongside industry-leading tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision to craft visually stunning interfaces and intuitive UX that resonate deeply with your end users. Our comprehensive Flutter app design services prioritize seamless interactions, pixel-perfect precision, and effortless navigation, resulting in exceptional usability and user satisfaction.

  • Mobile app UI/UX design to achieve a native-like feel, intuitive navigation and seamless UX for your iOS and Android app
  • Web app UI/UX design to create responsive, high-performance web apps that deliver stunning user experience across all devices
  • UI/UX consulting to unlock the full potential of your app with data-driven UI/UX consulting focused on Flutter development.

App Migration & Upgradation

App Migration & Upgradation

We can help you migrate your native applications to Flutter-based cross-platform apps. Our team can further upgrade your current Flutter app to its latest version to enhance scale, speed and agility. Leverage our team’s in-depth knowledge and years of experience to develop advanced features for your application by ensuring minimal downtime.

  • App integration to expand your app’s capabilities and keep all your applications up to date
  • App hosting & multi-tenancy to address app maintenance, data management and security pain points
  • Application, data & database migration to help applications remain fully operational with a wide range of features
  • App re-architecture, re-engineering & re-platforming to revamp and upgrade your app with new functionality

App Maintenance & Support

App Maintenance & Support

As a Flutter app development company, we provide ongoing support for Flutter apps even after the completion of the development phase. And, for some reason, if your team gets stuck with technical difficulties or requires routine maintenance, we’re ready to offer specialist assistance. Our developers implement app maintenance and monitoring tools to detect any errors and crashes and plan for app enhancements.

  • Feature extension to add new functionality to your application
  • Security updates to address possible vulnerabilities with your Flutter-based app
  • App monitoring to identify & report performance issues of your application
  • Performance optimization to ensure optimal resource utilization

Testing & QA

Testing & QA

We ensure optimal app quality, uptime, and reduced errors with our quality assurance & testing services. From development to deployment, our software testers ensure your app runs at peak efficiency across platforms. We leverage Flutter’s inspection and debugging feature to address the issues for all developed applications. You can rely on us to maintain and improve your Flutter app.

  • Security & performance testing to ensure data & resources are protected and your app performs well under all critical conditions
  • Regression testing to validate that no recent updates or modifications are adversely impacting app functionality
  • Cross-platform testing to make sure that the app works properly on every platform
  • Device-based testing to check & validate the defined device-centric parameters before the app launch

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Looking to develop a fully functional cross-platform mobile app with Flutter?


Why choose Rishabh Software for Flutter development services?

As a top-rated custom Flutter app development company, we cover essential parameters of timeliness, cost, and quality. Our team is well-equipped to assist you throughout the app development journey – from initial planning to post-deployment maintenance and tech support.

Flutter Mobile App Development Company
Industry-wide Experience

Industry-wide Experience

As early adopters of Flutter’s reactive framework since its inception, we have deployed numerous apps across the app stores. We’re a trusted Flutter development partner delivering end-to-end Flutter app development services to create intuitive apps for diverse industries like Retail, Healthcare, and Media & Entertainment verticals.
Agile Methodologies

Agile Methodologies

Our Flutter developers adopt an agile approach to build Flutter apps that perform consistently in the fast-paced industry. We support you with future upgrades, UI changes, and feature enhancements that are compatible with the latest OS versions.
Flutter Development Consulting

Flutter Development Consulting

Our seasoned Flutter consultants can validate your Flutter project idea, define and execute project roadmaps, and evaluate existing set up to address technical challenges using Flutter. Whether you need an entire team or want to go lean, we have specialists to support your business needs.
Flutter Specialists

Flutter Specialists

Our seasoned Flutter Specialists are known for staying ahead of the curve. They combine domain expertise with knowledge of the latest trends and best practices to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We thoroughly assess your project’s requirements to come up with the best solution that requires an optimum number of Flutter resources to develop the app in a fast turnaround time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of applications can be built using Flutter?

    Flutter is a full-blown SDK that can be used to develop any type of mobile app for different industries ranging from eCommerce and gaming to healthcare and fitness. Its versatility makes it a great choice for developing a wide range of apps:

    • Cross-platform Apps: Build native-quality apps for Android, iOS, web, and desktop from a single codebase.
    • High-Performance Desktop Apps: Create smooth and responsive apps that work even on desktops.
    • Visually Appealing Apps: Flutter’s focus on UI lets you craft beautiful, customized interfaces.
    • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Build web apps that offer an app-like experience.
    • Embedded and IoT Apps: Flutter is increasingly used for apps on smart devices and other embedded systems.
    Flutter or React Native; which one should I choose and why?

    Just like React Native, Flutter too has several benefits and is widely popular and preferred for developing high-quality and feature-rich mobile apps. While both are highly favored for developing cross-platform apps, here is a quick yet in-depth comparison of React Native vs Flutter to help you make an informed choice.

    Which companies should consider Flutter mobile app development services

    Companies that need rapid and reliable mobile app development should consider Flutter because it integrates various features that enable developers to build high-performance, cross-platform apps with a seamless user experience. This framework is ideally fit for building healthcare fitness, retail, education, finance, and travel apps.

    What are some famous apps developed using Flutter?

    Google Ads, KlasterMe, YouTube, Xianyu by Alibaba, Hamilton, Reflectly, Watermaniac, and other big brands have used Flutter to enhance their mobile apps.

    What are the benefits of engaging with a Flutter application development company?

    Partnering with an experienced software development agency ensures that the mobile and web app development is designed to your unique business needs and delivers excellence across platforms. The pros of Flutter expertise include;

    • Excellent app performance
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Reduced development cost
    • On-time project delivery
    • User-friendly UI
    • Quality Assurance
    • A better understanding of different platforms
    • Access to expert developers
    • Latest technology stack
    • Work according to your time-zone preference
    How long does it take to build a fully functional Flutter app?

    With quick and easy coding using Flutter, it takes around 3-4 weeks to develop an average app that works seamlessly on both iOS & Android. However, depending on the complexity and features, it usually takes a little longer.

    What’s New In Flutter 3.16?

    Here are highlights of the latest version of Flutter 3.16:

    • Material 3 is the New Default: Flutter apps now automatically adopt Material 3 design, delivering a more modern, adaptable, and visually rich user experience.
    • Impeller Preview for Android: Impeller, Flutter’s new rendering engine, is available in preview on Android, promising significant performance improvements for complex graphics and animations.
    • Enhanced Text Handling: Improved support for selectable text regions, rich text editing, and better control over the soft keyboard across platforms.
    • iOS Editing Improvements: Expanded text selection options within Flutter apps bring iOS users a more native-like experience.
    • DevTools Extensions: Developers can now create custom extensions for the powerful Flutter DevTools to streamline debugging and tailor them to specific projects.
    What is Rishabh’s Flutter mobile app development process like?

    Mobile app development is an iterative cycle and so, our team follows the Agile Methodology. We break down the entire app development lifecycle into smaller milestones of 3 steps that are as follows:

    1. Research & requirement gathering

    • Idea validation
    • Planning & product roadmap
    • App design sprint
    • Finalizing the tech stack
    • Competitors analysis

    2. Designing

    • User research
    • Design thinking
    • Rapid prototyping

    3. Development

    • Backend
    • API
    • Front-end
    • Usability testing
    • Release
    • Support & Maintenance
    What are your different engagement models?

    Our client engagement models are tailored to cater to the needs of all types and sizes of projects across industries.

    • Agile Pods – A small multi-skilled team of analysts, developers & testing specialists
    • Captive Unit Model – A team of long-term & full-time resources to help you scale-up quickly at your budget
    • Hire & Go – A short-term & flexible collaboration where you can decide the size of your team
    • Product Development – A full-fledged team with cross-domain expertise to quickly build an MVP
    • Idea Incubation Model – A team of skilled professionals to support start-ups & non-tech enterprises

    For more details on our engagement models, please visit – https://www.rishabhsoft.com/how-we-engage