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Node.js Development Services

We can help you leverage Node.js - a powerful run-time environment to develop backend solutions and server-side apps as per your business needs.

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Node.js app development company

We’re your Node.js development partner with full-cycle services

We build high-performance Node.js server-side, large-scale applications & backend solutions. Our extensive services cover technology consulting, application & product development with migration & maintenance support.

Our developers have an in-depth understanding of the Node.JS runtime environment. We utilize this server-side framework because of its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that runs across distributed devices to create large-scale data-intensive real-time apps for your business. With our up-to-date knowledge and advanced skill set in Node.js development, we can migrate your existing backend system to Node.js or develop a powerful Node.js API.

We’re a Node.js development company with expertise in launching cloud-based and serverless applications that require asynchronous programming, scalability & high performance. We utilize Node.js technology to build REST (Representational State Transfer) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) APIs for streaming data & services to enable better security support, lightweight process & seamless UX.

With over a decade of experience in Node.js web development, we specialize in working on popular frameworks – MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js) & MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) stack(s). This helps us to ensure you get tailored high-quality apps that meet your business requirements.  We follow agile development best practices to accelerate your project implementation.

Custom Node.js web & mobile app development

Services We Offer

We’re a one-stop solution for you to develop high-performance web and mobile applications. Ranging from social networking & collaboration software to eCommerce solutions. With our extensive experience, we develop apps that accurately serve your business goals!

Node.js Application Development

Node.js Application Development

Our developers utilize the Node.js full-stack development ecosystem with reusable components to customize the features and functionalities to align them with your business needs. Leverage our Node.js web application development services experience to develop custom applications (client & server side) in line with your requirements.

  • Node.js Web App Development
  • SPAs (Single Page Applications) Development
  • Node.js Enterprise Application Development
  • Cloud Application Development (AWS & Azure)

Node.js Product Development

Node.js Product Development

We’re well versed with key principles of Node.js software development architecture to ensure your software products are extensible, modular and customizable. Our developers can help build & integrate custom Node.js plugins to enhance the functionalities of your website by utilizing the Node Package Manager (NPM). We develop server-side web applications with Node.js by utilizing JSON storage Object DB such as MongoDB.

  • Node.js SaaS Application Development
  • Node.js Plugin/Module Development
  • Node.js API Development and Integration
  • Node.js Microservices Development
  • Feature Enhancement & Upgrades

Node.js Migration

Node.js Migration

We can help migrate your complex software solutions developed on different platforms & existing backend systems to Node.js. Our team provides complete assistance in moving your application data, setting it up, and configuring it while ensuring perfect functionality. Further, we provide seamless support for frontend/backend maintenance, app updates & new releases, along with constant monitoring & debugging support.

  • Migration to Node.js
  • Version Upgrade
  • Product & Data Migration
  • Performance Optimization

Tools & Technologies

Runtime Environment



Front End

Cloud Platform




Ready to build dynamic Node.js applications from SPA to IoT?


Why choose Rishabh Software for Node.js software development?

As a Node.js Application Development Company, we serve your business needs by utilizing this runtime environment. Our team helps you reduce the waiting time for product delivery by reusing codes and making effective use of library class. With over two decades of software development experience, our Node.JS coding skills are combined with intuitive UI, and extensive QA & Testing.

Build enterprise-grade solutions with our Node.js development services
Diverse Project Experience

Diverse Project Experience

As a Node.js application development services company, we manage all types of development projects from long-term to small-scale as per your time & budget.
Idea Validation

Idea Validation

We help you to validate that winning solution idea by leveraging Node.js web development services, or you can build your MVP with a quick turnaround to enable you to test it in real-time to deliver your business outcomes.
Right Technical Acumen

Right Technical Acumen

Our skilled & experienced Node.js developers utilize the right architecture to offer web and mobile app solutions while assessing your business and technology ecosystem.
Application Development

Application Development

With Node.js, our team delivers robust client- & server-side applications by utilizing the wide range of libraries & frameworks from JavaScript development expertise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Choose Node.js for Web Development?

    Node.js is the user-friendly, single-threaded runtime environment for writing server-side applications using JavaScript. Today it is one of the best solutions if you’re aiming to build full-stack applications.

    • It’s fast: The event-driven architecture of Node.js enables initiating & managing many simultaneous requests instead of creating multiple threads for each request and waiting for one request to finish before starting another.
    • Offers a large library repository: The NPM reports (Node Package Manager) have over 836,000 libraries, and new ones add to the repo each week. The open-source nature of the repository promotes the emergence of solution innovativeness that leads to reduced development costs and deployment time.
    • Industry backing: The JS foundation includes the likes of IBM, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and Intel. Such a strong industry backing, paired with long-term support, ensures that the technology will continue to develop. And it will transition seamlessly into new releases while offering plenty of time for companies to use Node.js. This will further accelerate the time-to-market for all development projects.
    Which Leading Brands are Using Node.js?

    Many internationally renowned brands have already implemented Node.js into their technology stacks to leverage its speed and smaller developer footprint.

    Here’s a brief list of some of the major companies that have put their trust in Node.js:

    • Netflix
    • NASA
    • PayPal
    • LinkedIn
    • Walmart
    • GoDaddy

    And more.

    What Can I Develop with Node.js?

    The Node.js platform is a server-side runtime environment based on JavaScript. It enables development teams to;

    • Generates dynamic page content on the fly
    • Create, access, read, write, delete, and close files on the server machine
    • Collect form data

    Some of the popular application types that you can develop by leveraging Node.js include;

    • Gaming
    • Live-stream video & app
    • Social media
    • Project management
    • Live-chat
    • eCommerce business
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Single Page Applications (SPAs)
    • Apps with Microservices Architecture
    Is Node.js Recommended for Prototyping and MVPs?

    Node.js development can build MVPs and prototypes much faster using the vast repository of modules in the NPM (Node Package Manager). High performance and scalability are additional benefits working great for apps that need ongoing feature enhancements for fast-growing businesses.

    Though relying on third-party modules from the NPM might bring certain drawbacks (such as the inability to assess module quality or a large number of modules to choose from). To resolve this, you need an experienced node.js development services company like Rishabh Software, with the right experience in leveraging Node.js.

    Is There a Way to Scale Up Node.js Applications?

    The Node.js application can be scaled both – horizontally and vertically. It would imply that you’ll have to run multiple occurrences of your app inside one machine and spread the traffic across various CPU threads. Further, for vertical scaling up – Node.js has a module called a cluster, which is extremely helpful though horizontal scaling works similar to any other routine back-end application.

    What is Rishabh’s Node.js Development Process?

    By choosing Rishabh Software as your technology partner, you get the benefits of a dedicated Node.js development team, best industry practices, an agile development approach, a client-centric engagement model, end-to-end development services, and reliable post-development support.

    As a seasoned Node.js development company, we adopt an agile approach with considerations listed below;

    • Need Assessment
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Design, Development & Integration
    • QA & Testing
    • Migration & Optimization
    • Support and Maintenance