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Microsoft Power Apps Development Services

Leverage our PowerApps development and consulting services to rapidly build low-code apps to digitize workflows, solve complex business challenges, and drive agility across the organization.

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Power Apps Development Company

Power Apps consulting services to bring efficiency and automation to your business applications

We specialize in developing low-code device-agnostic apps that drive effortless growth.

Connect with our Microsoft Power Apps consultants to get strategic guidance on integrating PowerApps with Power BI dashboards, Dynamics 365, MS SharePoint, Power Automate, and other Microsoft solutions to stay on top of your data management game.

We’re a Microsoft PowerApps development company with Gold Partner status for a wide range of MS tools, technologies, products & solutions. This gives us a strong foothold in end-to-end development, integration, deployment, testing, support & maintenance with Microsoft’s no-code/low-code suite of tools.

Whether you want to leverage PowerApps to customize basic service request forms or build a feature-rich business application or full-fledged portal for external users, we can help you quickly create the required solution that runs on any device for the best reach.

Things don’t end here! Having established a Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence in-house, we can also enable you to take advantage of BI capabilities and analytics by integrating your business apps with Power BI reports & dashboards. This enables you to gain insights much faster, make informed decisions & uncover profitable trends in real-time.

Power Apps Development Services

Power Apps Development Services We Offer

We have been offering end-to-end Microsoft PowerApps services since its release in 2016 to help enterprises automate complex workflows. Our certified team of Microsoft PowerApps developers is known for building Canvas-driven, portal-powered, and model-driven Power Apps. Leverage our end-to-end Power Apps development offering that covers everything from Power Apps application development to integration and deployment to testing, & support.

Microsoft PowerApps Consulting

Microsoft PowerApps Consulting

From assessing your unique business needs to identify process gaps, our PowerApps consultants empower you to unlock the full value of digitalization with our personalized strategy, execution capability & industry best practices. We have a strong track record of success in creating value for our clients across verticals and business sizes.

  • Strategic planning to identify the gaps in the current business processes and enable digitization to take the first step confidently.
  • Identify integration requirements to connect a large amount of data with third-party apps and existing MS suite
  • Understanding customization needs while incorporating business and industry specifics into the application to meet end users’ needs.

Canvas and Model-Driven Apps Development

Canvas and Model-Driven Apps Development

At Rishabh Software, we help you utilize all the benefits of Canvas Apps to offer an intuitive user experience that is easy to navigate for task-based or role-based applications. If you rely on complex data, we can help assist you with end-to-end custom Model-Driven app solutions for Android and iOS devices. Get started right away to turn your resources and business knowledge into something brilliant by integrating company data and workflows that need automation.

  • Identify the best-suited app type to meet your specific business and technology challenges and expectations.
  • Canvas app development for task-specific scenarios like field sales enablement, supervision, integrated marketing views
  • Model-driven app development to quickly create views, charts, forms, and dashboards.
  • Embedded Power Apps creation by inserting Canvas apps in Model-driven apps to explore use cases of both app types.

AI Integrated Power Apps

AI Integrated Power Apps

We leverage the power of the AI Copilot in PowerApps to use natural language for querying and refined analysis. Our Microsoft Power Apps experts leverage the expertise of AI Builder to build well-integrated, innovative, and secure app solutions to automate your processes rapidly. Interested in Copilot and ready to make it work for you? Our services include:

  • AI model development for processing forms, classifying categories, detecting objects, and predicting & extracting entities.
  • Azure API integration allows your PowerApps-built application to scale easily and quickly.
  • AI scenarios like consumer sentiment analysis, detecting and recognizing objects and text in images, etc.
  • Combining AI with data sources to accurately predict the output and start considering the best priorities from each source.

PowerApps Integration

PowerApps Integration

We help businesses implement Power Apps integration for quick data transfer between any external application (Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow) or Microsoft product (Excel /SharePoint/OneDrive). Leverage our expertise in data integration, Microsoft Dataverse, and data architecture to integrate your existing systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Power BI, Office 365, Azure, Salesforce, Web APIs, Teams, or any other external sources. Our services include:

  • Custom API connection to create a new connection and build new apps in PowerApps.
  • External Data Sources and Third-party App Integration using standard, premium, and custom connectors available with PowerApps
  • Power Pages Integration with Canvas PowerApps to extend the Capabilities of your existing Power Pages
  • Integrating Power Apps with Microsoft Teams to embed canvas and model-driven apps in Teams

Power Apps Dataverse Development

Power Apps Dataverse Development

PowerApps Dataverse is a free cloud-based storage space to store and retrieve data to build scalable business applications. We utilize Microsoft Dataverse to build rich applications in Power Apps with the help of data sources. Dataverse not only eases storing and retrieving data but also allows data to be integrated from multiple sources into a single store.

  • Build intelligent bots and apps for Teams using Dataverse and PowerApps to provide a more collaborative and productive experience.
  • Structured data platform with semantic meanings, common data model, tables, extended attributes, etc., for smooth workflows.
  • AzureDevOps utilization to build, test, validate, and deploy your business apps quickly to boost productivity and reduce costs
  • Secured data platform providing vital compliance and security capabilities and advanced access control.

Power Apps Support and Maintenance

Power Apps Support and Maintenance

We offer regular assessments and systematic optimization for smooth Microsoft PowerApps implementation. Our team provides PowerApps management services, including monitoring, analyzing, and reporting your apps’ performance concerning reliability, security, usage, etc. Our PowerApps developers are available 24×7 to eliminate any issues or errors. We use root-cause analysis to recognize the problem at the source and prevent it from occurring again. Our expertise includes:

  • Utilizing the Power Platform admin center to effectively manage your PowerApps with our Microsoft expertise.
  • Granular Security Control by providing role-specific permission to share Canvas apps and conditional access to individual apps.
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements by managing the quarantine state of your apps with limiting access to specific resources.
  • Issue Resolution to ensure you get the most out of your business apps and continue to use them effortlessly.

Tools & Technologies

Modernize business processes and digitize workflows with our result-oriented Power Apps development Services.


Partner with leading Microsoft PowerApps development company

Our Power Apps development services enable enterprises to take the technological lead with robust apps, automated workflows, and actionable insights. Our team facilitates platform-wide modernization, integration of PowerApps, deployment of modern intranet, and seamless adoption of powerful and secure low-code technologies.

Microsoft Power Apps Consulting Services
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Our Power Apps consulting services include end-to-end assistance for your project. From determining the feasibility and value of your project plan to selecting the suitable technology stack and development approach, we will have your back. Our team will identify and define every step of your app’s successful development, deployment, and maintenance.
Skilled PowerApps Developers

Skilled PowerApps Developers

Our Microsoft-certified developers keep learning and updating their skill sets to keep up with the latest industry trends, evolving business needs, and advanced MS technologies. Hence, you get the best solution for your business needs – on time and within budget!
An Attentive Approach

An Attentive Approach

The satisfaction of our clients determines our success, so throughout the project, we will meet your evolving business needs and keep you involved and up to date with every development that affects your Power Platform experience. With an unwavering focus on your wider business strategy, we will consider every aspect – your culture, people, processes, and technology to boost the benefits obtained.
Industry-specific Experience

Industry-specific Experience

In our over 20 years of collaboration with Microsoft, our developers have worked for almost every industry, including construction, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, supply chain, and more. With this level of service focus and cross-industry experience, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better technology partner.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if Power Apps are the right choice for my business needs?

    The steep cost of traditional software development methods makes it challenging for enterprises to achieve high business value. Low code shortens the development cycle, increases application delivery speed, and provides seamless business operations. Power Apps also help businesses remove data silos and boost productivity by enabling reliable access to data. Broadly. It depends on the type of business application you want to build. For instance, you may want to:

    • Automate some manual, repetitive tasks, such as an inventory management app
    • If your business processes are siloed, and you want to build apps that connect every system for real-time and reliable access to data.
    • Optimize the flow of information between internal and external stakeholders, or
    • Connect to your business data for further analysis of sales prospects.
    • For department-specific business applications such as an employee helpdesk app, employee onboarding app, etc

    Consulting an experienced Power Apps development company like ours can help you determine how to leverage Microsoft tools and low-code technologies to address your needs and challenges.

    Do I need a separate license for using Microsoft Power Apps?

    No! PowerApps is licensed in your Office 365 environment and includes the capabilities to create apps for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365.

    How can a Microsoft Power Apps consulting & development company help my business?

    An experienced company with a Microsoft partnership and certified developers can help you in the following ways:

    • Quickly build and deploy custom apps that are secure, scalable, and robust.
    • Handpicked vetted team of certified experts who have expertise in PowerApps customization.
    • Helps to integrate Power apps capabilities in existing data and systems with proper mapping of fields.
    • You can export the developed app to your production environment and launch it on AppSource.
    • 3D model Apps with Mixed Reality features in Power Apps leverage the power of mixed reality to digitize workflows in physical space in innovative ways.
    What are the major benefits of PowerApps?

    The key business benefits of leveraging the low-code application development platform PowerApps with a trusted technology partner include the following:

    • Reduced Costs
    • Centralized data
    • No coding needed
    • Business process automation
    • Seamless integrations
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Secure, scalable & reliable apps
    • Improve business agility.
    • Connects multiple data sources, apps, and processes through data connectors.

    Availing of reliable Microsoft PowerApps consulting services will help you leverage these benefits for your business.

    Where can I use PowerApps for my business?
    • Marketing Intelligence: Automating tasks like customer follow-ups, feedback surveys, and collecting data based on their activities and responses.
    • Workflow Management: Create scalable Power Apps to automate and streamline multi-step business workflows. For instance, the onboarding process of new employees, inspection and audit management, etc.
    • Inventory Management: Creating an inventory tracker to aid warehouse and inventory management. It helps raise the efficiency of tracking incoming orders.
    Do apps developed using PowerApps work offline?

    Yes, if you have built PowerApps offline apps. PowerApps provides a mobile offline-first experience, which you can configure with model-driven apps. So, you can use the apps even without internet connectivity. When the app works offline, it saves the data and changes you make to the mobile device and automatically syncs the changes to the server when the internet network is back. These types of apps are highly useful for companies situated in remote areas or whose employees need to visit areas with unreliable or no internet connection.

    Can I use PowerApps on a desktop?

    You can use PowerApps on the desktop by downloading PowerApps Studio from Windows Store. PowerApps Studio for Windows ensures a consistent experience in both features and performance, and it is the recommended way to build apps.