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iOS Development Services

Our services range from consulting & development to maintenance & modernization to help you make the most of Apple’s comprehensive technology ecosystem.

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iPhone application development company

Helping you manage the Apple device lifecycle with our iOS app development services

From idea inception to post-release support, our process ticks every box for your project across Apple mobile device types. As an experienced iOS app development company, we offer app concept consultation, UI/UX design, development with any required integration, testing & app store launch.

With our rich expertise in custom iOS application development, we build engaging, & consistent apps for your industry. Our iOS app developers work with you at every step of the way, from solution design to delivery and maintenance. Regardless of its complexity, we ensure that your app is compatible with every iOS device while focusing on scalability, codebase performance, functional design & seamless navigation.

Our team is well-versed with specific design and development guidelines for all iPhone device versions. Our team has a strong background in full-stack iOS development, iOS SDK frameworks, Objective C, Xcode IDE, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and Cocoa Touch libraries. We are familiar with utilizing localization & location API, database API, Safari Web Kit Extensions, and other tools for iPhone development, and multi-threading on mobile and tablet devices. We support your existing iOS apps through software integrations, personalized modules, and custom features to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and the overall user experience.

Our QA specialists make sure that your application is thoroughly tested at every stage of the development process. We also support performance optimization & maintenance post-deployment.

iPhone app development services

iOS App Development Services We Offer

We follow trends, keep up with emerging tech and yet stick to our tried-and-tested approach to building custom apps. Counting on our iOS application development services, you can be confident that your product is built on the best tech stack that assures consistent functionality, data security, and excellent performance.

iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development

We help you conceptualize, strategize, design, build and deliver iPhone applications that are ready for Apple’s App Store requirements. Our iPhone app developers deliver interactive & responsive applications. We leverage our years of experience with a comprehensive approach to app development while taking into account the analysis of the business requirements, functionality, design look and feel, user experience & app functionality. Once your app is ready-to-go, we make sure it complies with app store guidelines and meets your specifications for design, user experience, and security before you release it. Whether you require an Uber-like app that includes geolocation functionality, or a Snapchat-like app with photo editing capability, we got you covered.

  • Requirement assessment to suggest the right tech stack in line with your needs
  • UI/UX designing for an interactive user experience & a visually appealing interface
  • Prototyping to offer quick and easy visibility of the final product
  • App development & optimization to ensure it aligns with your expectations

iPad App Development

iPad App Development

We build bespoke feature-rich applications exclusive to all iPad device versions while incorporating the latest iOS features. Our iPad app developers take advantage of the iPad’s exclusive features & capabilities like the pop-over interface elements and the 3-axis accelerometer and more. Our development team comprises professional iOS designers and coders who are committed to developing the best possible iPad apps as per your requirement. We’re familiar with iPad User Interface Guidelines – from using the judicious use of UIPopoverControllers and UISplitViewControllers, our developers understand what sets an iPad app apart. As an experienced iOS development company, we stay abreast of advancements and trends in the iOS platform.

  • Development consultation to transform your business idea into a practical solution
  • Plug-in development & integration to extend your app’s functionality dynamically
  • Custom app development to ensure optimum simplicity & security while using the iOS SDK

iOS Integration

iOS Integration

As per your business need & priorities, we help enhance the capability of your existing apps, data & third-party solutions. We have the know-how of the existing iOS app’s functionality to provide the right integrations. Our team can help securely integrate your custom apps with your existing systems, payment gateways, or social platforms for coordinated business operations.

  • Integration with back-end systems to enable synchronized, bi-directional communication in real-time
  • Integration with ad networks for driving campaigns based on user needs
  • Integration with analytics tools to analyze user behavior & activities

App Testing

App Testing

Our QA testers perform comprehensive user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and device & platform testing. We enable you to meet the demands of fast delivery cycles with flawless iOS applications. This ensures your custom iOS application is stable, secure, and usable. Our testing team ensures that your application performs well under peak load using the right execution of a testing strategy that adheres to ISO/IEC 29119 standards.

  • Device testing to assess the app’s UI, UX, behavior, appearance & load time across Apple devices
  • App performance, usability & functional testing to validate if the product works as specified
  • Cloud-based app testing to ensure flawless user experience even with a surge in logins.

iOS App Porting

iOS App Porting

We help port the existing codebase of your application from Android to iOS while matching the standards of the ever-evolving iOS ecosystem. Our comprehensive porting services cover tools identification, design adaptation, fragmentation & button settings. We also do a feature requirement understanding and plan the porting while ensuring compatible integrations, high-performing functionality & a seamless interface.

  • Cross-platform porting to ensure flawless interaction and integration across platforms
  • Data archiving & migration for seamless data transfer across on-premises setups & cloud platforms
  • Intra-porting to improve code features according to customer needs

IoT App Development

IoT App Development

We can help you develop scalable applications on iOS while ensuring they are compatible with IoT devices & smart gadgets. Our IoT app development team has experience in utilizing technologies like WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon, Zigbee & NFC. We can assist you with data interpretation, roadmap creation, and selecting the right IoT platform.

  • IoT app development for wearable devices that work with microcomputers & sensors
  • IoT architecture for connected systems to efficiently manage a massive influx of data from disparate sources
  • IoT Platform Integration to ensure seamless integration across connected devices
  • API integration with a wide range of software systems and subsystems to maximize agility

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Leverage our iOS development services to build a feature-rich app that is compatible with the latest version of iOS


Why choose us as your iOS app development company?

We offer custom iPhone app development services to design & develop custom apps with design memorable experiences and code apps. Our team has a specialist focus on iOS app design and development that spans the entire Apple ecosystem. We build custom solutions that encompass the entire range of iOS device types for iPhone.

iOS app development solution
Accelerated Delivery

Accelerated Delivery

As an experienced custom iPhone app development company, we spearhead the application development landscape without compromising functionality or quality to create mobile solutions in the fastest time possible.
Scalable Apps

Scalable Apps

Our developers design & build iOS mobile applications that are scalable in line with your business growth & can be upgraded with any feature.
App Store Deployment

App Store Deployment

We have a successful track record of building native apps with the entire deployment process to the App Store. Our team supports you with the App Store submission process including assets, descriptions, listing, and more is handled by our iOS team.
iOS Development Consulting

iOS Development Consulting

Tell us your rough app idea and we will give you the right guidance on how it can be transformed into a custom app that is in sync with the latest iOS trends and updates. We will assess your business concept, key feature list, and budget to create a blueprint complete with the tech stack and timeline.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is your iOS app development process?

    Our developers follow an agile methodology right from ideation and development to testing and maintenance. The process entails the following steps:

    • Analyze app requirements & prepare a document with detailed specifications
    • Create wireframes and design user flow
    • UI/UX designing
    • Code the app and server-side components
    • Test the app and fix issues
    • Deploy the app to the app store
    • Provide support and maintenance as & when needed
    Can you help migrate the Android/Web application to the iOS application?

    Yes, we can migrate your android/web application into an iOS app by leveraging the native APIs functionality. Our UI team helps maintain the brand identity and color schemas across both platforms. We ensure the applications are in deep synergy with each other. We can assure you of the quality of the iOS app development provided by our team.

    What are the capabilities to look for in a software development partner to manage the entire iOS lifecycle?

    While most software development companies work with a conventional SDLC process, an ideal partner for you should have a dedicated project manager who can establish and monitor control objectives across each phase during project execution. They must be proficient with the incorporation of proven methodologies that help them outstand the competition. Further, the development team must be able to plan, monitor, and develop a mobile app in real-time to ensure seamless application performance.

    Why is Rishabh your trusted iOS app development services company?

    We, at Rishabh Software, are adept at iPad & iPhone application development with the creation of high-end native and cross-platform applications. Our developers have years of experience with in-depth knowledge of iOS technologies. Further, with security best practices, agile processes, and specialized development teams, we offer the best of UI/UX for high-performing scalable apps. It is along with support for app store deployment, enterprise integration, and timely upgrades & maintenance.