Key Features

The developed fleet management mobile app allows fleet owners & operators to monitor, manage driver logs and conduct vehicle inspections. The key features of this ELD fleet app include:

Real-time tracking

Helps record & track the vehicle’s exact duty status, load records, and data points (in-motion, at rest, speed ratio) to send updates on vehicle inspection for necessary maintenance

Driver’s daily logs

Allows the drivers to log work hours on an electronic logbook and allows fleet managers to view & download reports

Fuel cost screen in fleet management mobile app

Driver scheduling

Facilitates accurate planning of driver schedules & loads for fleet managers to assign loads to drivers, and change the pickup and delivery dates & times with a single tap

Automated alerts

Sends instant notifications to both drivers and dispatchers when the driver approaches 8 consecutive hours of non-stop driving, 11 hours of driving in 14 hours & 60 hours of on-duty status in a 7-day cycle

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