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Our Xamarin app development services include app architecture, UI/UX design, app upgrades & migration along with support & maintenance.

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Develop Feature-Rich Cross Platform Mobile Apps with Xamarin

We build functional applications to meet your needs

We develop purpose-driven Xamarin apps that provide a native-like experience with efficient time-to-market. We can help you implement mobile strategies for creating and integrating cross-platform applications.

Our team utilizes Xamarin’s scalable tech stack with full access to Android and iOS APIs while leveraging native data structures. Whether you are looking to integrate Xamarin apps with Cloud, IoT, or wish to build other relevant technology-centric custom solutions – we can help!

Our experienced Xamarin developers have an understanding of utilizing Xamarin’s libraries & third-party Software Development Kit (SDKs), .NET frameworks (Xamarin Studio) & Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (Visual Studio) to leverage cross-platform compatibility.

Our methodology revolves around the best practices, as implemented by Microsoft. We are well versed with the latest in .NET 6, Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) & Xamarin Forms. Our development team utilizes the best practices of the Xamarin SDKs into .NET.

Build Custom Mobile Solutions with Xamarin Technology

Services We Offer

We provide end-to-end solutions that cater to the changing needs of your evolving business. We offer full-cycle Xamarin App development services ranging from Xamarin consulting, cross-platform code reusability, iOS & Android app development, Xamarin forms app development to migrations & upgrades and app support & maintenance. Our cross-platform apps are flawlessly designed and seamlessly adaptive because of the integrated approach to application testing. We conduct UI and UX tests on numerous devices and cloud configurations which drives improved visibility into our Xamarin mobile app development processes.

Xamarin Forms Development

Xamarin Forms Development

We utilize Xamarin.Forms to build high-performance cross-platform apps. Our team creates intuitive & user-friendly UI/UX by converting cross-platform UI elements into native controls on each platform.

  • Custom Progressive App Development to provide web functionality to a mobile or desktop app
  • Responsive Web App Design with flexible layouts, grids & images aligned to different platforms & screen sizes
  • Progressive Web Design that feels intuitive for users and brings out powerful functionality
  • Application Shell Architecture allows you to set standards that focus on providing a fast-loading experience to users

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin App Development

As an experienced Xamarin development company, we offer service support from conceptualization to designing and development to go live. Our team leverages code reusability best practices to launch apps across platforms. We leverage Xamarin.Forms to provide native app UI and portable class libraries (PCL) for faster app development. We meet your specific requirements while reducing production time & cost with cross-platform compatibility.

  • iOS App Development with Xamarin.iOS for offering the same UI controls
  • Android App Development using Xamarin.Android that is distinctive from other Kotlin/Java-built apps
  • Cross-platform App Development to create native apps by reducing the code complexity in multiple languages

Migration & Upgradation

Migration & Upgradation

We help migrate any mobile app from its native platform (React Native, Flutter & more) to Xamarin. If your app is built on a platform that uses Xamarin PCL or a shared framework, either Android or iOS then we can assist you to migrate the same app to another platform respectively. We can even upgrade them to the latest Xamarin version.

  • App Migration between computing environments or data centers to meet your technology goals
  • Database Migration to unify disparate data & utilize it with the help of the latest tech
  • Feature Enhancements to improve the performance & functionality of your existing IT system
  • Updates & Integrations to provide the latest features & speed up business processes

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

We provide post-release support by maintaining glitch-free apps, providing timely updates & optimizing them to help your business operations run smoothly. Our SLA-based support mechanism resolves issues and provides the latest features. We can fine-tune your B2B, B2C, and B2E Xamarin app performance through result-oriented quality checks.

  • Code Review & Audit to ensure the proper functioning of your app while meeting compliance & standard criteria
  • Analysis & Monitoring to turn specifications into implementations & keep the software running smoothly

Xamarin App Testing

Xamarin App Testing

Our diligent QA & testing processes ensure you get a smoothly performing app that has passed a full array of code assessments, performance testing, load testing, functionality testing, and more. We ensure that you get best-in-class & smoothly running cross-platform Xamarin apps. Our team has hands-on exposure to utilizing App Center Test (formerly Xamarin Test Cloud) – a test automation service for native and hybrid tests. This helps test code written using supported frameworks (Appium, Xamarin.UITest  & more) to run seamlessly on hundreds of unique devise models and OS.

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Third-Party SDKs

Looking to build custom cross-platform & best-in-class apps for your business?


Why choose our Xamarin mobile app development services?

We’re a Xamarin application development company that caters to the changing needs of your evolving business. Our team helps build custom, adaptive & scalable cross-platform apps.

Why Choose Us For Creating Apps with Xamarin
Strong Technical Competency

Strong Technical Competency

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have diverse exposure to developing applications by utilizing Microsoft .NET’s single shared .NET codebase. We are adept at utilizing corresponding languages like C#, Java, C++, Objective-C, etc.
High-performance Apps

High-performance Apps

We apply emerging industry standards and agile principles to build high-performance apps with consistent cross-platform experience.
Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

We’re a reputed & reliable technology partner who offers Xamarin consulting services to review your app code for streamlining the development process, fixing bugs & overall providing the best mobile solutions.
Native-like Experience

Native-like Experience

Our team delivers targeted apps with focused features including, multithreading & data encryption to synergize mobility & UX in any development environment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need cross-platform application development?

    Cross-platform app development is suitable in cases where you need your products to reach a wide range of audiences/devices. It enables code reusability, which in turn reduces development time and cost. Through, Xamarin development solutions, we ensure maximum flexibility and scalability of the application without affecting its security and performance.

    Why should I choose Xamarin cross-platform development?

    Xamarin is a multi-platform app development framework backed by Microsoft. This tech is a part of the .NET platform with a community of 100,000+ developers and 3,700+ companies who regularly update it, making it reliable. Our pool of talented developers rapidly creates dynamic, top-quality cross-platform applications.

    Additionally, Xamarin provides many benefits, including:

    • Native performance & design across platforms
    • High code reuse, leading to reduced development time & cost
    • Robustness & stability of Microsoft products
    • Shared code enables faster time to market
    • Used for the development of applications for wearables, TVs, and IoT devices
    • Easy update & maintenance
    • Code is in C# language for high performance
    • A comprehensive range of security to the applications
    How would Xamarin help my business?

    Creating apps for different platforms with Xamarin is easy and cost-effective. Visual Studio tools make the development process faster. It offers a native user experience, code sharing capability, customization options, high performance, and complete API coverage. Further, Xamarin apps run on almost all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

    How do I choose a Xamarin app development company?

    You need a company having proficiency in using the entire Microsoft tool suite to build customized, dynamic IT solutions. Check their experience & reputation. Our company, Rishabh Software, is a Microsoft Gold Partner with an array of clients who swear on the quality of our services.

    Can you help me with a strategy to develop a Xamarin app?

    Our Xamarin development services include everything from inception to maintenance. Our highly experienced team will design an effective strategy after thoroughly analyzing your technology & business needs, objectives, and expectations.

    What is unique about Rishabh’s Xamarin app development process?

    Our agile approach helps track the evolution of your app to the completion phase. We track the progress incrementally to enable you to monitor development efforts over time, test out your assumptions (if any) before launch & continue modernizing the app’s functionalities as your taste & needs change. This is coupled with a cross-platform team of developers, UI/UX designers & specialists, and software engineers to ensure your app idea is a success.

    Is there an average cost and timeframe for time-to-market Xamarin Apps?

    You would agree every Xamarin application is unique with its specification requirements – right from features and functionalities to its varying complexities. The average cost of development would depend on the project’s scope and other related factors. And, based on our experience, the time-to-market though not fixed would be slightly lower than that of other mobile applications. This is because Xamarin helps build apps with shared codebases that eliminate the time otherwise spent rewriting, translating, and recompiling code so that it can work on other platforms as well. Interestingly, Xamarin development helps organizations to save months and possibly years off the development cycle.

    Which industries do you serve?

    We serve many industries, including Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Fintech, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Logistics & SCM, Travel & Hospitality, and EdTech.

    Which companies are using Xamarin?

    Top companies like The World Bank, Pinterest, Coca-Cola, Insightly, Aviva, and Siemens use Xamarin.

    Which new features make .NET 6 so popular for cross-platform development?

    Released in November 2021, the long-term stable version .NET 6 simplifies development & enhances performance with an array of new features. They include:

    • Native support to Apple Silicon (mac OS Arm64) operating system
    • Improved support for Windows Arm64 operating system
    • Viewing code changes in real-time
    • Support for .NET Monitor & Open Telemetry
    • Read on for more features of .NET 6 here